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  • ISEAS Perspective

    ISEAS Perspective provides analysis of specific current events and their significance for the Southeast Asian region. This will be published occasionally, and is aimed at keeping decision-makers in both the public and private sectors informed; as well as scholars, laymen and the interested public.

2019 No. 45

2019/45 "New Dynamics in Sarawak-Federal Government Relations” by Lee Poh Onn

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_45.pdf
2019 No. 44

2019/44 “Thailand’s Puzzling 2019 Election: How the NCPO Junta has Embedded itself in Thai Politics” by Punchada Sirivunnabood

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_44.pdf
2019 No. 43

2019/43 "Thailand’s Military Relations with China: Moving from Strength to Strength" by Ian Storey

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_43.pdf
2019 No. 42

2019/42 "The Indonesian Economy under Jokowi’s Second Term" by Siwage Dharma Negara

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_42.pdf
2019 No. 41

2019/41 "Vietnam and the CPTPP: Achievements and Challenges" by Nguyen Huy Hoang and Truong Quang Hoan

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_41.pdf
2019 No. 40

2019/40 "A Complicated Political Reality Awaits the Malays" by Norshahril Saat

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_40.pdf
2019 No. 39

2019/39 "Young Muslim Women as Digital Citizens in Indonesia – Advocating Conservative Religious Outlook" by Annisa R. Beta

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_39.pdf
2019 No. 38

2019/38 "China-Malaysia Relations Back on Track?" by Lye Liang Fook

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_38.pdf
2019 No. 37

2019/37 "Education; A Micro-theatre of Ethnic Politics and the Peace Process in Myanmar" by Su-Ann Oh, Melanie Walker and Hayso Thako

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_37.pdf
2019 no. 36

2019/36 "Facebooking in Myanmar: From Hate Speech to Fake News to Partisan Political Communication" by Nyi Nyi Kyaw

Download - ISEAS_Perspective_2019_36.pdf