Webinar on “The New ‘New Society’? Analysing the 2022 Philippine Elections”


In this webinar, Dr Ronald Holmes, Dr Maria Ela Atienza, and Dr Imelda Deinla unpacked the recently concluded May 2022 Philippine elections. Using survey data and qualitative observations, the panel identified significant trends and developments in Philippine electoral politics, campaign strategies, and the future of the country’s democracy.



Webinar on “Polarised and Mobilised? Examining 2022 Electoral Campaigns in the Philippines”


In this webinar, Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco, Dr. Cleo Calimbahin, and Dr. Carmel Abao discussed the nature of presidential campaigns for the May 2022 Philippine elections and mapped out the causes and consequences of electoral strategies on the Philippine political landscape. The discussion centered on the state-of-play of electoral campaigns and touched on issues such as gender in politics, populism, social mobilization, and the future of democratic politics in the country.



Webinar on “Unpacking Pro-Russian Narratives in Southeast Asia”


In this webinar, Ms Munira Mustaffa, Dr Aries Arugay, Ms Hoang Thi Ha and Ms Lee Sue-Ann explored the roots of pro-Russian sentiments and narratives in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Southeast Asia in general.



Webinar on “Structural change, inequality and poverty reduction in Thailand: Were Kuznets and Krugman right?”


In this webinar, Professor Peter Warr considered the relationships between economic growth, structural change, poverty incidence and income inequality, using data for Thailand covering the period since 1981.



Webinar on “China’s Expanded Perceptions of the Indo-Pacific: Global and Regional Implications”


In this webinar, Professor Baogang He highlighted China’s evolving, complex and multifaceted approaches to the Indo-Pacific.



Webinar on “The (Geo)Politics of the Biden Administration’s Trade Policy”


In this webinar, Prof Soo Yeon Kim and Mr Marc Mealy explored the nexus between US domestic politics and trade policy, the prospects of the Biden administration’s Asia-Pacific trade strategy, and its possible implications for Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “The Philippines-US Alliance after Duterte: Strategic Agenda and Directions”


In this webinar, Dr Charmaine Misalucha-Willoughby, Mr Julio S. Amador III, and Mr Gregory B. Poling unpacked the current state of the Philippines-US alliance and examined the legacies of Duterte’s foreign and security policy, candidate platforms for the 2022 presidential elections, and the prospects of the alliance in the post-Duterte political dispensation.



Webinar on “The Courteous Power: Japan and Southeast Asia in an Evolving Indo-Pacific Order”


In this webinar, Dr John Ciorciari and Prof Kiyoteru Tsutsui discussed Japan’s engagement and Southeast Asian responses in the past and present, especially in infrastructure investment, multilateral diplomacy, and maritime security assistance. 



Webinar on “ASEAN and the New Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific”


In this webinar, Professor Amitav Acharya examined how the “new geopolitics” differs from previous escalations of great power rivalry, especially during the Cold War period.



Webinar on “Remodelling Indonesia’s Maritime Governance: Comparative Lessons from the Region”


In this webinar, Dr Evan A. Laksmana elaborates on various policy options that Indonesia could pursue to transform its maritime governance system into a “dual authority” model backed by the Indonesian Navy and Indonesian Coast Guard.