Webinar on “Is the US Competing Effectively with China in Asia?”


In this webinar, Dr Evan Feigenbaum unpacked the U.S.’s challenges when competing against China’s favourable strategic and economic position in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Dealing with China’s Gray-Zone Strategy in the South China Sea”


In this webinar, Dr Collin Koh, Dr Evan A. Laksmana, Dr Nguyen Thi Lan Anh and Rear Admiral Rommel Jude Ong (Ret) examined China’s gray-zone operations in the South China Sea.



Webinar on “China’s BRI in Southeast Asia: A Tale of Two Railways”


In this webinar, Dr Nick Freeman and Mr Nguyen Xuan Thanh discussed two China-financed railway projects in Southeast Asia, namely the Boten-Vientiane (Laos-China) railway and the Cat Linh-Ha Dong metro line in Hanoi. They examined how the political-institutional contexts and levels of bilateral trust in the recipient countries influenced the outcomes of these two projects.



Webinar on “Stuck in the Middle? Southeast Asian Choices in an Increasingly Multipolar World”


In this webinar, Dr Zack Cooper examines the evolution of global competition.



Seminar on “Australia and Southeast Asia: ASEAN vs. Minilateralism?”


In this hybrid seminar, Prof Nick Bisley examined Australia’s approach to Southeast Asia and the tensions that exist between its traditional multilateralism and more recent embrace of competitive minilateralism.



Seminar on “Portuguese Influence in Southeast Asia: The Past and the Future by João Cravinho”


In this hybrid seminar, Portugal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, João Gomes Cravinho, presented on the diplomatic relationship between Portugal and Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “Outlook for China’s Foreign Policy and Decision-Making in Xi Jinping’s China after the 20th Party Congress”


In this webinar, Prof Suisheng Zhao discussed how Xi Jinping’s third term as the Chinese Communist Party’s General Secretary is expected to have an impact on China’s external relations globally and in Southeast Asia through its foreign policy and decision-making.



Webinar on “‘Community of Shared Destiny for Mankind’: Remaking the World in China’s Image”


In this hybrid seminar, Dr David Arase looked into the origins and purposes of President Xi Jinping’s signature initiative to build a ‘Community of Shared Destiny’.



Seminar on “The UK’s Indo-Pacific ‘Tilt’: Progress, Challenges and Prospects”


In this hybrid seminar, Sir Mark Sedwill discussed Britain’s plans to play a more active role in the Indo-Pacific region following the 2016 Brexit referendum.



Webinar on “Tell China’s Story Well”: How China Projects Its Discourse Power in Southeast Asia


In this webinar, Mr Wang Zheng shared on the efforts adopted by China for its discourse outreach in Southeast Asia.