Webinar on “Southeast Asia, the United States and China: Stumbling into the New World Order”


In this webinar, Dr Shaun Narine examines the impact of political, social and economic instability in the US on Washington’s ability to manage and fulfill its various security obligations in the Asia Pacific region.



Webinar on “The Present and Future of Japan-China Relations: How Will They Affect Southeast Asia?”


In this webinar, Professor Akio Takahara discussed Japan and China’s relationship and how will they balance their competition and cooperation.



Webinar on “Revisiting the Belt and Road Initiative: Progress, Challenges and Prospects”


In this webinar, Dr Yu Hong sheds light on the issues and problems associated with BRI implementation, and its prospects going forward.



Webinar on “Coercion and Resistance: How Australia Awoke from its China Dream”


In this webinar, Professor Rory Medcalf talked about the deterioration in Australia-China relations.



Webinar on “Autonomy and Agency in Southeast Asia: Rethinking “Don’t Make Us Choose” and Resolving the Deer-Dragon Dilemma”


In this webinar, Dr Donald Emmerson, editor of The Deer and the Dragon: Southeast Asia and China in the 21st Century, discussed the “Don’t Make Us Choose”, a popular Southeast Asian plea to the United States and China in light of their rivalry in the region.



Webinar on “How to Understand China: Civilization or Socialism?”


In this webinar, Professor William A. Callahan examines how Socialism guides policy-making in China, and considers how it impacts China’s view of Southeast Asia,



Webinar on “China’s Vision of a Digital Order”


In this webinar, Professor Gerald Chan spoke on China’s vision of a digital order, how do countries respond to this China challenge and how to live with an increasingly confident and assertive China in a digital world.



Webinar on “Worsening European Public Opinion on China and Implications for Asia”


In this webinar, Dr Richard Q. Turcsanyi sheds light on the findings of  The Sinophone Borderlands survey – comparing how the public in 13 European countries perceive China and various China-related issues, what foreign policy alignments they favour, and what policy on China they support.



Webinar on “China’s COVID Vaccine Diplomacy and Its Implications for Southeast Asia”


In this webinar, Professor Yanzhong Huang examines China’s COVID vaccine diplomacy effort.



Webinar on: “Incoming Biden Administration: More Turbulence or More Predictability in US-China Relations?”


In this webinar, Prof Shen Dingli assessed how US-China ties have changed and where it is headed, highlighting the challenges in the relationship and areas where he thinks the two countries can still work together. Prof Shen also discussed the implications of the evolving US-China relationship on Asia in general and Southeast Asia in particular, including China’s vision of a regional order and how it differs from the one envisioned by the US.