Webinar on “The (Geo)Politics of the Biden Administration’s Trade Policy”


In this webinar, Prof Soo Yeon Kim and Mr Marc Mealy explored the nexus between US domestic politics and trade policy, the prospects of the Biden administration’s Asia-Pacific trade strategy, and its possible implications for Southeast Asia.



Webinar on “COVID-19, Vaccination and Reopening in Southeast Asia: Country-level and ASEAN responses”


In this webinar, Dr Tham Siew Yean and Sara Abdullah explored responses in the region to the vaccination and reopening challenge, investigating country-level approaches and ASEAN’s initiatives.



Webinar on “The Growth of Indonesia’s E-commerce and Fintech sector amidst the COVID-19 pandemic”


In this webinar, Ms Puput Hidayat and Mr Manggi Taruna Habir discussed recent e-commerce and fintech trends as well as their impacts on changing consumer spending patterns and the rise of borrowings from market segments not usually touched by the traditional banking sector in Indonesia.



Webinar on “Medium-Term Economic Planning in Thailand and Malaysia – A Comparative Analysis”


In this webinar, Dr Patcharawan shared her research on the effectiveness of five-year development plan formulation and implementation in Thailand and Malaysia using insights from organization theory.



Webinar on “Managing and Mismanaging the Pandemic in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam: Approaches and Consequences”


In this webinar, Dr Arief Ramayandi, Dr Siwage Dharma Negara, Ms Sheena Valenzuela, Prof Ronald U. Mendoza and Dr Nguyen Thang examines the pandemic responses in countries around the region, with a spotlight on Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, three of the most populous countries in ASEAN.



Webinar on “COVID-19 Horizontal and Vertical Policy Coordination: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand”


In this webinar,  Dr Yanuar Nugroho, Ms Sofie Syarief, Ms Tricia Yeoh and Dr Punchada Sirivunnabood surveyed and analysed the coordination aspects of COVID-19 responses.



Webinar on “COVID-19 Economic Stimulus in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand: Country Experiences and Lessons Learned”


In this webinar, Dr Melati Nungsari, Mr Terence Ho and Dr Archanun Kohpaiboon explored Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand’s economic policy responses to COVID-19.



Webinar on “Nikkei – ISEAS Forum Part 1: Exploring Digital Trade and Initiatives in Southeast Asia”


The first webinar of the Nikkei – ISEAS Forum on August 24 explored the conceptual framework for understanding and measuring digital trade as well as characterizing the impact of digital technologies on cross border trade.



Webinar on “The Impacts of Financial Inclusion: From a global review of reviews, what can we know about Southeast Asia?”


In this webinar, Dr Philip Mader presents his findings in a first-of-its-kind study in international development, a systematic Review of Reviews of the impacts of financial inclusion in low- and middle-income countries.



Webinar on “Consumer Finance and Credit Risk in Vietnam: Shifting Uncertainty to Family and Social Networks”


In the last webinar of the series, Dr Nicolas Lainez, Mr Trinh Phan Khanh and Ms Bui Thi Thu Doai discuss how consumer finance draws on family and social networks to reduce the uncertainty inherent to credit transactions in Vietnam, a country where 60 per cent of the population is un(der)banked and lacks credit history.