Webinar on “Thailand-Myanmar Relations in Regional Perspective: Issues and Challenges”


The webinar discussed the political dynamics of Thailand’s new government, which had assumed office in early September 2023, with a view to analyze Thailand’s future policy and approach to the ongoing Myanmar crisis. The Myanmar issue affects Thailand’s foreign policy including its role and position in ASEAN.



Webinar on “Education Disrupted? Legacies and Prospective Transformations in Myanmar’s Education Landscape”


The 2021 coup in Myanmar disrupted both trajectory and choices for K-12 and higher education in Myanmar.  Pro-democracy stakeholders have been working on alternative education options in the post-coup environment, while structural inequalities continue to exist in Myanmar. Three speakers shared their research, policy, and practitioner insights, discussing past, present, and future challenges, and the importance of an inclusive education system that can meet the needs of the youth in a conflict-prone society.



Webinar on “Myanmar’s Humanitarian Challenges in 2023”


Myanmar continues to face daunting humanitarian challenges in 2023. The military coup in 2021 compounded humanitarian needs which arose prior to and during the pandemic. Cyclone Mocha in May 2023 added to mounting humanitarian needs. In this webinar, four speakers with policy and/or research experience shared their assessments of Myanmar’s humanitarian challenges and responses in 2023.



Webinar on “What Does Responsible Investment Mean in Myanmar?”


In this webinar, Ms Vicky Bowman, the Director of the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB), shared her insights on the challenges and dilemmas faced by businesses operating in and sourcing from Myanmar after the 2021 coup.



Webinar on “The State of Myanmar’s Economy”


In this webinar, Professor Turnell discussed the challenges Myanmar’s economy faces, the overall economic trajectory for the foreseeable future, lessons learnt during the NLD administration, and the broader impact of the military coup on the Myanmar people.



Webinar on “Two Years and Counting: What’s Next for Myanmar in 2023?”


In this webinar, five experts offer their thoughts on the broader impacts of the ongoing crisis, and the consequences of the continuing conflict to watch out for in 2023 including domestic sentiments and regional and international interests.



Webinar on “Myanmar Twenty-Two Months After The Coup”


In this webinar, four experts offered their thoughts on the challenges of Myanmar’s multidimensional crisis, and prevailing sentiments towards those challenges. One of the four experts, serving as discussant, also contributed her assessment of the rapidly changing political landscape within Myanmar, access to humanitarian aid and responses from the regional partners to the Myanmar crisis.



Webinar on “The United States and the Myanmar Crisis: Perceptions, Expectations, Options”


In this webinar, Ms Erin Murphy, Ambassador Scot Marciel and Dr Kyaw Moe Tun discussed US policy past and present on Myanmar, commenting on policy stances adopted towards different political stakeholders in the country. The discussions also shared their views and perspectives on the factors impinging on an effective US policy, available options to assist the Myanmar people, and expectations of the Myanmar stakeholders and communities.



Webinar on “The Realities of Humanitarian Assistance for Myanmar”


The webinar discussed the post-coup realities of humanitarian assistance in Myanmar from in-country realities, and bilateral and regional viewpoints. The webinar also addressed basic social service needs multiplying country-wide related to the coup and further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.



Webinar on “The International Community’s Response to the Myanmar Crisis: What Comes Next?”


In this virtual event held under Chatham House Rule, Ambassador Derek Mitchell discussed the international community’s response to the 2021 military coup In Myanmar, including possible options for and potential constraints to further moves by the international community on the Myanmar crisis. He also shared his thoughts on the actions and objectives of various Myanmar stakeholders to date, and possible next steps.