[POSTPONED] Myanmar’s Post-2020 Outlook – Where History Meets Destiny?


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the above webinar (scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, 2 February 2021 at 3.30 pm) has been postponed until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and look forward to your participation at other events organised by ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute.


About the Webinar

Myanmar today is a product of the various lessons and experiences throughout its history. Colonial legacies have created and compounded decades of strife in ethnic regions, dictatorship and economic mismanagement. The Covid-19 pandemic and the NLD’s second landslide win in November 2020 present an opportunity for “game-changer” moves in shaping Myanmar’s post-2020 destiny.

In this webinar, Dr Thant Myint-U will discuss issues and options for Myanmar in 2021 and beyond, and explore the outlook for the immediate, medium- and longer-term, with special focus on the economy and Myanmar’s future development.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted several issues underpinning and requiring urgent attention in Myanmar’s ongoing economic transformation: climate change, urbanisation, industrialisation, and socio-economic inequalities. The need to reconcile reforms with Covid-19 recovery thus involves a range of options for Myanmar’s development towards a more equal and resilient future. This future will also entail navigating the regional and global landscape – with shifting geopolitics and economics in a post-Covid world.

About the Speaker

Thant Myint-U is the Chairman of U Thant House, Founder and Chairman of the Yangon Heritage Trust, and a Founding Partner of Ava Advisory Group. He is also an Affiliated Scholar of the Centre for South Asian Studies at Cambridge University. Over 2013-15, he served as a member of the Myanmar President’s National Economic and Social Advisory Council and a special advisor at the Myanmar Peace Center. Prior to his work and focus on Myanmar’s transition, Dr Thant Myint-U served many years in the United Nations, with duty stations including Cambodia, the former Yugoslavia and New York. Dr Thant Myint-U has penned many book chapters, monographs and articles, as well as several books, the most recent being the “Hidden History of Burma: Race, Capitalism, and the Crisis of Democracy in the 21st Century” (2019).


Feb 02 2021


3:30 pm - 4:45 pm