Moderating the Global Social Media Information Ecosystem (Session 1)

Balancing the Free Speech Tightrope: Moderating Social Media in Southeast Asia

About the Webinar Series

Digital news consumers are increasingly relying on social media platforms as the main source of information despite the pervasive circulation of misinformation and disinformation as well as harmful content such as hate speech and terrorism. Given the influential role that social media plays in shaping public discourse, there is an urgent need to address the role of content moderation on such platforms. Exchanges on social media platforms can have an outsized influence in shaping the worldview of netizens as they can affect how the public processes and discerns news especially on pressing global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Each content sharing and social media platform has its own community policies and standards on how it manages user-generated content internationally across the globe; it also has systems, processes, and teams to execute those guidelines. This webinar series explores the issue of content moderation on social media platforms, and how policies are formulated and implemented in order to moderate sensitive and controversial topics while balancing different moral, ethical, and cultural standards.

About the Speakers

Mr Jean-Jacques Sahel is Google’s Head of Information Policy, Asia-Pacific. He oversees Google’s public policy approach in the region on issues including misinformation, online safety, and intermediary liability. Mr Sahel serves on the Board of the International Institute of Communications (IIC) as Chair of the Strategy Committee. He has authored articles and research in both mainstream media and academic publications, particularly on Internet policy and governance.

Ms Melissa Chin is one of the leaders in Meta’s APAC Content Policy team. In this role, she engages with external advocacy partners, safety experts, and human rights organizations across the region, and with diverse teams within Meta to create fair and transparent global policies. Prior to joining Meta, Melissa spent almost a decade as a lawyer and consultant to the Australian government, NGOs and private enterprises on legislative reform, regulatory inquiries and service delivery strategy.

Ms Monrawee Ampolpittayanant (Lynn) is Twitter’s Head of Public Policy, Government and Philanthropy, Southeast Asia. She is a Thai-American qualified lawyer and public policy professional with over 12 years of experience where she has spent the last 6 years leading public policy and public affairs efforts in the technology industry. She has served policy makers, governments, private companies and non-profit organizations in Southeast Asia with her expertise in solving complex laws and navigating difficult policy issues at the intersection of business, technology, and human rights so that her stakeholders can overcome their challenges and make a positive impact on society.


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Mar 29 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am