Moderating Social Media Communities – Issues and Challenges (Session 2)

Balancing the Free Speech Tightrope: Moderating Social Media in Southeast Asia

About the Webinar Series

Digital news consumers are increasingly relying on social media platforms as the main source of information despite the pervasive circulation of misinformation and disinformation as well as harmful content such as hate speech and terrorism. Given the influential role that social media plays in shaping public discourse, there is an urgent need to address the role of content moderation on such platforms. Exchanges on social media platforms can have an outsized influence in shaping the worldview of netizens as they can affect how the public processes and discerns news especially on pressing global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Each content sharing and social media platform has its own community policies and standards on how it manages user-generated content internationally across the globe; it also has systems, processes, and teams to execute those guidelines. This webinar series explores the issue of content moderation on social media platforms, and how policies are formulated and implemented in order to moderate sensitive and controversial topics while balancing different moral, ethical, and cultural standards.

About the Speakers

Mr Phát Lê is the Multimedia Editor of Zing News in Vietnam. He has been responsible for managing and building Zing News’ YouTube channel over the past five years and is also experienced in managing other social media platforms. He was among 50 media professionals selected for the Elevate Scholarship by the International News Media Association and Google News Initiative.

Mr Wahyu Dhyatmika is the Chief Executive Officer for Info Media Digital, the digital arm of Tempo Media Group in Indonesia. He is a member at the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) which promotes independent journalism and free press. He is also the Secretary General for the Association for Indonesian Media Cyber (AMSI).

Mr Noppatjak Attanon is the Editor-in-Chief for workpointTODAY, an online news publisher with more than 10 million followers in Bangkok, Thailand. A former Chevening scholar, he has worked with BBC Thai in London. Currently, he is leading a team of more than 20 journalists, covering issues on politics, economics, business, world affairs and human rights.


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Mar 30 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am