Lao PDR’s Vision 2030: The Income Quadruple Plan



About the Seminar

The 10th Congress of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party adopted the Vision 2030 in 2016. The ultimate goal of the Vision 2030 is to transform Lao PDR into an upper middle-income country by 2030 by quadrupling the country’s per capital GDP and GNI. Since the 1990s, the economy of Lao PDR has grown rapidly by transitioning into a market economy. Its growth has further accelerated since the 2000s, brought about by the commercialization of export-oriented large-scale mines, installation of hydro-electric dams, and deeper regional integration with neighboring countries. Nevertheless, Lao PDR will need to overcome the middle-income trap, a task most ASEAN Member States are still struggling with. This seminar explores Lao PDR’s Vision 2030 – its contents, prospects and challenges.

About the Speaker

Souknilanh Keola is a research fellow at IDE-JETRO, presently assigned to Bangkok Research Center in Thailand. His current research interest is regional development, and the application of remote sensing data in economic research. He received MA in Economics from Nagoya University in 1999.

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Apr 25 2018


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm