Call for Papers – Cities and Climate Challenge in Southeast Asia Workshop and Compendium


Over the past years, concerns over climate risks and vulnerabilities have been gaining ground in many Southeast Asian cities. Policymakers and communities have increasingly factored climate risk consideration in their urban planning policies. Yet, Southeast Asian cities, with their diverse development trajectories, local capacities, and their growth aspirations, face a unique challenge in addressing the climate crisis.

Among the many challenges, the dynamic interplay of urbanisation, climate vulnerabilities, and poverty in Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok, for instance, has put many vulnerable groups on the brink of danger. In most cases, local governments, despite their ambitious aspirations to balance economic growth and environmental protection, rely almost exclusively on state budgets to increase their capital needs for green infrastructure and capacity building for human development. Whereas other challenges such as building a robust green economy, accelerating renewable energy transitions, fostering more liveable and safe communities become much more complex and require creative solutions and deep-seated institutional reforms.

Against this backdrop of climate challenges and the need for transformative solutions, this workshop and the resulting compendium aims to bring together policymakers, practitioners, and scholars to discuss the interconnected challenges of climate risks and urban development in Southeast Asian cities. This workshop recognises the need to understand climate hazards in a local context, employing holistic and cross-cutting analysis on climate change and infrastructure provision, the importance of the involvement of non-state actors in building local climate resilience, and the process of climate advocacy and policy dialogues in Southeast Asian cities.

We are specifically interested in:

  1. Understanding climate risks in the context of Southeast Asian cities’ development, the interactions between national and city-level priorities and policies, and potentially discuss the calculation of economic damages from climate change.
  2. Critically analysing the entanglement of climate crises and the imperative of inclusive urban development, good governance, and leadership
  3. Best practices and practical projects in assisting cities to meet their climate mitigation and adaptive capacity goals. Unconventional projects and case studies such as community-led initiatives, gender sensitive, water and food related security, inclusive urban planning, nature-based solutions, and renewable energy localisation are strongly welcomed
  4. Innovative and technological breakthroughs, e.g. engineering and smart technology-led inventions, creative financing, and institutional interventions.


We would like to invite policymakers/scholars/practitioners to:

  1. Write a 2,000-3,000 word article for Cities and the Climate Challenge Compendium in Southeast Asia (planned publication in last quarter of 2021)
  2. Present his/her paper at an online workshop (scheduled between September – October 2021)


Submit an abstract of 300-500 words to <> with a short bio-data by 25 June 2021.

Following a selection process, contributors will be invited to submit their first draft and attend the online workshop. The deadline for the completed article is one month after the workshop.

Download this in PDF – Cities and Climate Change_call for contributors (final)


Jun 25 2021


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