Archaeology in Singapore: 30 Years of Uncovering the Past 1984-2014

Archaeology in Singapore is one of the six feature sections highlighted in the National Museum of Singapore’s new exhibition “Singapura: 700 Years”

“Experience Singapore’s transformation through the ages as it went from a humble fishing village to the pride of an empire, before finally achieving the status of being an independent nation-state as it is today. This immersive exhibition brings you through a riveting exploration of Singapore’s history as you will find yourself placed right in the midst of the nation’s defining moments. The exhibition consists of six sections, Archaeology in Singapore, Ancient Singapore (1300–1818), Colonial Singapore (1819–1942), Syonan-To (1942–1945), Road to Merdeka (1946–1965) and Independent Singapore (1965–1975).” (Description from National Museum of Singapore’s website).

Admission is free for Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents. Admission charges apply for international visitors.


Oct 28 2014 - Aug 10 2015


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


ISEAS Seminar Room 2