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1. Cambodia’s ruling party sweeps most votes in local council elections
Star, 27 May 2024

2. Cambodia’s waterway project will deliver prosperity
Sun Chanthol is deputy prime minister of Cambodia and first vice-chairman of the Council for the Development of Cambodia.
Nikkei Asia, 25 May 2024

3. Pentagon chief seeks to woo Cambodia from China with Phnom Penh visit
Demetri Sevastopulo
Financial Times, 24 May 2024

4. CDC official: Funan Techo Canal will curb Vietnam floods
Ry Sochan
Phnom Penh Post, 24 May 2024


5. Analysis: House to pass key draft laws as succession looms
Tenggara Strategics
Jakarta Post, 27 May 2024

6. Indonesia’s unnecessary bid for nickel cartel crumbles
Rafi Adis Subarna
Jakarta Post, 27 May 2024

7. Megawati’s party stays mum on supporting incoming Indonesian President Prabowo
Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja
Straits Times, 27 May 2024

8. 印尼候任总统普拉博沃其人其事 [Indonesian President-elect Prabowo’s life and career]
联合早报, 27 May 2024

9. Megawati suggests she and heir apparent Puan ‘switch roles’
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 26 May 2024

10. Indonesia pushing bill to restrict investigative journalism and increase censorship ‘by any means necessary’: critics
Johannes Nugroho
South China Morning Post, 26 May 2024

11. Jokowi’s political future still open to possibilities
Alifia Sekar and Nur Janti
Jakarta Post, 25 May 2024

12. Megawati signals joining opposition, says safeguarding democracy important
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 25 May 2024

13. Target penurunan kemiskinan Jokowi tak terpenuhi. Apa yang harus dilakukan pemerintahan berikutnya? [Jokowi’s poverty reduction target was not met. What should the next government do?]
Eka Afrina Djamhari, Peneliti Kebijakan Sosial, The Prakarsa; Bintang Aulia Lutfi, Researcher, The Prakarsa
The Conversation, 25 May 2024

14. With 10 million jobless youths, Indonesia’s demographic dividend is at risk
Tria Dianti
Benar News, 24 May 2024

15. Jokowi asks comptroller not to raise too many red flags on govt projects
Aditya Hadi
Jakarta Post, 24 May 2024


16. Lao official: Gov’t can’t afford to address rise in human trafficking
Radio Free Asia, 24 May 2024


17. ‘War on talent’: Malaysia’s semiconductor industry plagued by lack of skilled workers
Melissa Goh & Louisa Tang
CNA, 27 May 2024

18. NST Leader: Degrees? No, thanks
New Straits Times, 27 May 2024

19. Be cautious when fixing subsidies
Tarrence Tan
Star, 27 May 2024

20. Govt ‘testing the market’ with diesel plan, says economist
Ainin Wan Salleh
Free Malaysia Today, 26 May 2024

21. Reformasi won’t win the next general election
Murray Hunter
Free Malaysia Today, 26 May 2024

22. PKR reshuffles state leadership amid talk of prominent leader’s axing
Malaysiakini, 26 May 2024

23. Khazanah, EPF bosses say MAHB takeover will boost competitiveness
Malaysiakini, 26 May 2024

24. Sarawak’s green goals
Tan Ai Leng
Business Times, 25 May 2024

25. Malaysia’s bid to revamp hiring of foreign workers faces pushback; activists say country’s reputation at stake
Leslie Lopez
CNA, 25 May 2024

26. Pembangunan Malaysia tidak lagi tertumpu di negeri tertentu [Malaysia’s development is no longer concentrated in certain states]
Hadi Ab. Manap
Utusan Malaysia, 25 May 2024

27. Political backlash or lack of cash? Delicate balance confronting Malaysia PM Anwar in cutting diesel subsidies
Rashvinjeet S Bedi
CNA, 24 May 2024

28. Malaysia anti-graft chief’s 2nd term extension draws flak and questions over Anwar reforms
Shannon Teoh
Straits Times, 24 May 2024

29. Why tinker with the seat allocations, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu asks
Desmond Davidson
The Malaysian Insight, 24 May 2024


30. Myanmar’s Rohingya youths abducted and forced to fight as ‘human shields’ by junta and insurgents
Shaikh Azizur Rahman
South China Morning Post, 25 May 2024

31. Myanmar junta soldiers surrender in Thailand after border clash
Pimuk Rakkanam
Benar News, 24 May 2024

32. Is Myanmar’s Junta About to Revive a Controversial Dam Project?
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 24 May 2024

33. Surveillance upgrade: Junta rolls out e-IDs
Frontier Myanmar, 24 May 2024

34. China awaits junta approval to resume border trade with Myanmar’s Shan state
Radio Free Asia, 24 May 2024

35. The Myanmar Crisis: Altering Realities for Regional Actors
Nazia Hussain
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 23 May 2024


36. What the Senate Coup Reveals About Philippine Politics
Mong Palatino
Diplomat, 27 May 2024

37. Philippines’ Marcos Jnr forges alliances, hands out cash aid as he gears up for midterm elections
Raissa Robles
South China Morning Post, 27 May 2024

38. Philippine Senate probes mayor linked to couple in Singapore’s $3b money laundering case
Christine Tan
Straits Times, 27 May 2024

39. Cracks in Senate ‘supermajority’ showing after Zubiri ouster
Marlon Ramos
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 26 May 2024

40. 菲律宾靠向美日应对中国 [The Philippines relies on the United States and Japan to deal with China]
联合早报, 25 May 2024

41. China’s bullying of the Philippines is self-defeating
Richard Heydarian
Nikkei Asia, 24 May 2024


42. PM ouster was a warning to Thaksin
Nattaya Chetchotiros
Bangkok Post, 27 May 2024

43. Analysis: Thailand’s “New Conservatives”
Ken Mathis Lohatepanont
Thai Enquirer, 27 May 2024

44. Thais are still waiting for PM Srettha to rescue economy from doldrums
Jitsiree Thongnoi
Benar News, 26 May 2024

45. Move Forward, Pita still most popular, survey finds
The Nation, 26 May 2024

46. Thaksin invites Suwat to merge his Chart Pattana with Pheu Thai
The Nation, 26 May 2024

47. Divided on the economy
Bangkok Post, 25 May 2024

48. ‘Thailand needs to shift to high-tech industries’ as FDI lowest in ASEAN
The Nation, 25 May 2024

49. Thaksin says he wants Srettha to be PM for ‘as long as possible’
The Nation, 25 May 2024

50. Ethics probe into Thai PM Srettha ‘show of force’ by country’s old powers: analysts
Aidan Jones
South China Morning Post, 24 May 2024

51. Analysis – Constitutional Court’s ruling could hamper Srettha’s grand plan of economic growth
Thanaphum Charoensombatpanich
Thai Enquirer, 24 May 2024


52. Will Vietnam face another power crisis this year?
Toru Takahashi
Nikkei Asia, 25 May 2024

53. Dien Bien Phu, 70 Years after the Battle
Paco Milhiet
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 24 May 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

54. US remains a ‘true believer’ in Asean, say top Biden diplomats
Bhagyashree Garekar
Straits Times, 26 May 2024

55. Malaysia urges Thailand to revive Pan-Asia rail links instead of chasing land bridge dream
Hadi Azmi
South China Morning Post, 25 May 2024

56. 马印为何不在中美选边站 [Why doesn’t Malaysia and Indonesia choose sides with China and the United States?]
联合早报, 25 May 2024

Asia Pacific

57. US-China Tensions Flare-Up Over Submarine Cables; Beijing Accuses Its ‘Key Adversary’ Of Subsea Espionage In Indo Pacific
Shubhangi Palve
Eurasian Times, 26 May 2024

58. From India To Mongolia — Six Wars That China Will Fight To Regain “Lost Glory” By 2060: Chinese State Media
Ashish Dangwal
Eurasian Times, 25 May 2024

59. Squad and the rise of minilateralism in the Indo-Pacific
Sayantan Haldar & Abhishek Sharma
Observer Research Foundation, 24 May 2024

60. Why war ‘by design’ over Taiwan is unlikely: Bilahari Kausikan
[Link to 17-minute podcast interview]
[Link to State of Southeast Asia 2024 Survey Report]
Nirmal Ghosh
Straits Times, 24 May 2024

61. 哈萨克总统:中小国家须更积极推动和平 以防世界走向新冷战 [Kazakh President: Small and medium-sized countries must be more active in promoting peace to prevent the world from heading towards a new Cold War]
联合早报, 24 May 2024

East/South China Sea

62. China holds ‘intrusive patrol’ at PH ecozone
Franco Jose C. Baroña & Javier Joe Ismael
Manila Times, 26 May 2024

63. How Will the Lai Government Handle Taiwan’s Maritime Disputes?
Brandon Tran
Diplomat, 25 May 2024

64. China ‘Monster’ ship deeper into PH waters
Nestor Corrales
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 25 May 2024

65. Jakarta’s ties with Beijing could be tested by South China Sea clashes, think tank warns
Cyril Ip
South China Morning Post, 24 May 2024

Climate Change/Environment

66. The China-US clean energy subsidy race
EAF editors, The Australian National University
East Asia Forum, 27 May 2024

67. The path to nuclear energy
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 27 May 2024

68. WTO struggles with US–China clean energy competition
Mandy Meng Fang, City University of Hong Kong
East Asia Forum, 26 May 2024

69. Renewables – key to green development in Mekong Delta
Voice of Vietnam, 26 May 2024

70. Decarbonising Southeast Asia through solar and pumped hydro
Timothy Weber & Andrew Blakers ,The Australian National University
East Asia Forum, 25 May 2024

71. Problematic Clean Energy Transitions in Indonesia in Changing International Order
Takahiro Kamisuna, Ph.D. Candidate, Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Indonesia), 24 May 2024

72. Europe’s Carbon Border Tax Advances the Fight Against Climate Change
Jeffrey Frankel
Project Syndicate, 24 May 2024

Media, Technology & Society

73. AI in Southeast Asia: ‘Algorithm hallucinations’ and ethical risks as e-commerce firms adopt new technologies
Kiki Siregar
CNA, 26 May 2024

74. Will Philippines’ proposed TikTok ban address concerns over China or curb free speech?
Raissa Robles
South China Morning Post, 24 May 2024


Future of Asia Forum

75. Mahathir says Beijing ‘can claim’ South China Sea, no need for war
Mitsuru Obe and Risa Sato
Nikkei Asia, 24 May 2024

76. Indonesia to apply for CPTPP membership this year: minister
Ismi Damayanti, Maki Sagami & Iyo Senga
Nikkei Asia, 24 May 2024

77. Free trade deals should be a ‘top priority’ for Asia: Thai PM Srettha
Akane Okutsu
Nikkei Asia, 24 May 2024

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