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1. Strategic partnership boosts Indonesia-China economic cooperation: FM
Antara, 18 April 2024

2. Jokowi-Megawati rift may hinder Prabowo’s efforts to include PDI-P in his government
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 18 April 2024

3. Indonesia awards Jakarta MRT extension project to Japan’s Sojitz
Akane Okutsu
Nikkei Asia, 18 April 2024

4. Prabowo bites off more than he can chew with free lunch promise
Muhammad Rafi Bakri, Audit Board of Indonesia
East Asia Forum, 17 April 2024

5. Govt to undo latest curbs on personal imports
Yohana Belinda
Jakarta Post, 17 April 2024

6. Apple to ‘look at’ Indonesia manufacturing, Tim Cook tells Jokowi
Nana Shibata, Ismi Damayanti & Yifan Yu
Nikkei Asia, 17 April 2024

7. Hikayat beras nusantara dan mengapa Indonesia amat tergantung dengan nasi [The story of Indonesian rice and why Indonesia is so dependent on rice]
Riska Ayu Purnamasari, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN)
The Conversation, 17 April 2024

8. Indonesia’s Prabowo solidifying domestic legitimacy with visits to China, Japan and Malaysia
[Originally published here on Fulcrum]
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Leo Suryadinata & Siwage Dharma Negara
ThinkChina, 17 April 2024


9. Lack of government experts sinking Lao energy and mines sector
Radio Free Asia, 17 April 2024


10. No decision on undersea tunnel yet, says Kon Yeow
Opalyn Mok
Malay Mail Online, 18 April 2024

11. Joseph Kurup: An icon of Sabah politics
Malay Mail Online, 18 April 2024

12. Survey: M’sia heading in wrong direction, graft key concern
[Link to press release “What Worries Malaysia?“]
Malaysiakini, 18 April 2024

13. PM’s ex-aide Farhash is the new political crony
P Gunasegaram
Malaysiakini, 18 April 2024

14. PRK KKB: ‘Bukan Melayu bukan lagi deposit DAP’ [KKB by-election: ‘Non-Malays are no longer DAP deposits’]
Utusan Malaysia, 18 April 2024

15. 大马如何在半导体生产链中站稳脚步?[How can Malaysia gain a foothold in the semiconductor production chain?]
星洲网, 18 April 2024

16. 马国主流政治运作似曾相识 [Malaysia’s mainstream political operations evoking a sense of déjà vu]
联合早报, 18 April 2024

17. New twist in Najib’s bid to serve jail term at home as two ministers dispute claims over supposed royal order
Aqil Haziq Mahmud
CNA, 17 April 2024

18. CM: Sabah to lower age limit for Malaysia My Second Home applicants
Julia Chan
Malay Mail Online, 17 April 2024

19. Royals step into the void as government struggles with a divided Malaysia
Shannon Teoh
Straits Times, 17 April 2024


20. In a rebel-held Myanmar town, fragile unity pushes junta to the brink
CNA, 18 April 2024

21. Will Myanmar’s military junta collapse?
Simone Galimberti
Jakarta Post, 18 April 2024

22. PLA Southern Theater Command conducts live-fire air defense exercises on China-Myanmar border
Global Times, 17 April 2024

23. Bishop’s Opening for a New UN Approach to Myanmar?
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
David Scott Mathieson
Irrawaddy, 17 April 2024

24. Ethnic Mon groups announce anti-junta alliance in southern Myanmar
Radio Free Asia, 17 April 2024


25. Survey: Support for Duterte in senatorial race dips
Catherine S. Valente
Manila Times, 18 April 2024

26. Philippines plans development of SEZ, with Singapore-inspired housing and aviation hub
Mara Cepeda
Straits Times, 18 April 2024


27. Singapore’s Incoming Prime Minister Brings a Fresh Face to an Old Regime
Rane Worldview, 17 April 2024


28. Cabinet reshuffle looms
Chairith Yonpiam & Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 18 April 2024

29. Handout difficult without BoT’s help
Chartchai Parasuk
Bangkok Post, 18 April 2024

30. Red Shirt Leader’s Return Sparks Hope for Democratic Renewal in Thailand
Thanapat Pekanan
Diplomat, 18 April 2024

31. Sino-Thai cooperation on fast track
The Nation, 18 April 2024

32. Yingluck to follow in Thaksin’s legal footsteps on return: lawyer
The Nation, 18 April 2024

33. Court rejects parliament petition on charter change process
Bangkok Post, 17 April 2024

34. 数码钱包与陆桥计划不顺 社德他政途坎坷 [Digital wallet and land bridge plans not going well, bumpy road ahead for social ethics and other policies]
联合早报, 17 April 2024


35. More damage control than deterrence in death sentence for Vietnam’s $12 billion fraudster
David Hutt
Radio Free Asia, 17 April 2024

36. Vietnam has opportunities to attract, develop the offshoring market
[Link to the report “Asia-Pacific Horizon: Harnessing the Potential of Offshoring“]
VietNamNet, 17 April 2024

37. China-South Korea competition grows in Vietnam
Peh Hong Lim
VOA, 17 April 2024

38. Is Vietnam’s corruption fight going too far?
David Hutt
DW, 16 April 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

39. India wants strategic engagement with Southeast Asia-but how?
Premesha Saha
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 18 April 2024

40. When titans clash, can Asean gain?
Kok Ping Soon
Business Times, 18 April 2024

41. Some Southeast Asians Are Turning Against America Over Gaza. It Likely Won’t Last.
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
David Hutt
Diplomat, 17 April 2024

42. Middle East Conflict Top Geopolitical Concern in ASEAN Region: Report
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Jayanty Nada Shofa
Jakarta Globe, 17 April 2024

43. Opinion: Strategic challenge for Thailand’s Myanmar policy
Pridi Thakur
Thai Enquirer, 17 April 2024

Asia Pacific

44. Trilateral pushback against China
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 18 April 2024

45. US strategy for Indo-Pacific region must promote economic development, not just defence: Senate panel
Igor Patrick
South China Morning Post, 18 April 2024

46. The art of Trump-proofing US relations
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Joseph Chinyong Liow
Straits Times, 18 April 2024

47. Asian Currencies Can’t Fight the Dollar on a Rampage
Daniel Moss
Bloomberg, 17 April 2024

48. World’s factory’ status threatened as supply chain shifts away from China
Jin Jian Guo
ThinkChina, 17 April 2024

East/South China Sea

49. China sounds warning after Philippines and US announce most expansive military drills yet
Guardian, 18 April 2024

50. Will US and China change course in South China Sea after defence ministers’ call?
Hayley Wong & Seong Hyeon Choi
South China Morning Post, 17 April 2024

51. Call in the Coast Guard: How Maritime Law Enforcement Can Combat China’s Gray-Zone Aggression
Eric Cooper
War on the Rocks, 16 April 2024

Climate Change/Environment

52. What Can ‘Green Islam’ Achieve in the World’s Largest Muslim Country?
Sui-Lee Wee
New York Times, 17 April 2024

53. Carbon financing could retire dozens of coal plants in S-E Asia by 2030: Rockefeller Foundation
David Fogarty
Straits Times, 17 April 2024

Media, Technology & Society

54. Report: China is exporting digital control methods
[Link to the report “The Digital Silk Road: China & the Rise of Digital Repression in the Indo-Pacific“]
Alex Willemyns
Radio Free Asia, 17 April 2024

55. Exclusive: Tech Companies Are Failing to Keep Elections Safe, Rights Groups Say
Yasmeen Serhan
Time, 16 April 2024

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