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1. Indonesia’s Democratic Decline: Implications for Future Relations with Australia
Hangga Fathana
Australian Institute of International Affairs, 17 April 2024

2. Nusantara can unlock Indonesia’s maritime potential
East Asia Forum, 17 April 2024

3. 2024 election dispute in final phase as court accepts parties’ conclusions
Nur Janti
Jakarta Post, 17 April 2024

4. The Prabowo presidency must tackle these four necessary agendas
Dino Patti Djalal
Jakarta Post, 17 April 2024

5. Navigating EU green wave: Indonesian exporters brace for EUDR impact
Olivia Maryatmo
Jakarta Post, 17 April 2024

6. After Starbucks and McDonald’s, Asia’s anti-Israel boycotts find a new target: Western beauty products
Aisyah Llewellyn
South China Morning Post, 17 April 2024

7. My Say: Challenges for Indonesia’s president-elect Prabowo to overcome
Manu Bhaskaran
Edge Markets, 16 April 2024

8. Mideast escalation could pose major economic risk to RI
Deni Ghifari
Jakarta Post, 16 April 2024

9. Indonesia-Israel relations: why normalising ties for an OECD seat would be ‘political suicide’ for Jakarta
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Resty Woro Yuniar
South China Morning Post, 16 April 2024


10. UMNO berpeluang menang jika PRK diadakan’ – Ketua Penerangan PAS [‘UMNO has chance of winning if by-election is held’ – PAS Information Chief]
Nor Fazlina Abdul Rahim
Berita Harian, 17 April 2024

11. Malaysia to push ahead with long-awaited subsidy cuts in 2024
Business Times, 17 April 2024

12. Malaysia’s falling birthrates, ageing population to strain the economy
Tan Ai Leng
Business Times, 17 April 2024

13. DAP to field Malay candidate for Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election?
Elill Easwaran
Free Malaysia Today, 17 April 2024

14. Loke’s proposed ECRL extension into Thailand has merit
Rosli Khan
Free Malaysia Today, 17 April 2024

15. DPM Zahid backs existence of previous Agong’s order for Najib to serve remaining sentence at home
Kenneth Tee
Malay Mail Online, 17 April 2024

16. Government hesitant on by-election risk for six Bersatu MPs, says KJ
[Link to podcast “7 ‘Katak’ BERSATU, Reformati 25 Tahun?, Zafrul Tikam UMNO Selangor?, Iran vs Rejim Zionis“]
Hakim Mahari
New Straits Times, 17 April 2024

17. Media barred from covering Najib’s judicial review bid related to house arrest
Nurbaiti Hamdan
Star, 17 April 2024

18. Are foreign Chinese spouses disadvantaged under Malaysia’s immigration policies?
Seoow Juin Yee
ThinkChina, 17 April 2024

19. Konvensyen PKR: Ekonomi, sentimen perkauman jadi fokus [PKR convention: Economy, racial sentiments become the focus]
Aslinda Nasir
Utusan Malaysia, 17 April 2024

20. Biggest renter group in Malaysia are millennials, study shows
Zaf Seraj
Malay Mail Online, 16 April 2024

21. 来回新马打工的“去”与“留” [Those who “go” and those who “stay”: travelling between Singapore and Malaysia to work]
陈默汎 & 卞和
联合早报, 16 April 2024


22. U Win Myint and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi relocated to safe location from prison, reports say
Eleven Myanmar, 16 April 2024

23. Survey shows that Myanmar people are worried about China’s influence
[Link to the report “Myanmar’s Key Stakeholders and Their Perceptions of Sino–Myanmar Relations – A Survey (2023)“]
Mizzima, 15 April 2024


24. Commit to trade, not just defense
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 17 April 2024

25. The Marcos–Duterte power struggle in the Philippines
Jenny Balboa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Hosei University
East Asia Forum, 16 April 2024


26. Port saga never ends
Bangkok Post, 17 April 2024

27. Thai-EU free trade deal on the horizon
Kavi Chongkittavorn
Bangkok Post, 17 April 2024

28. Digital wallet ‘super app’ to link with bank apps
Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 17 April 2024

29. Does Thailand’s Plan to Finance Its 500 Billion Baht Stimulus Make Sense?
James Guild
Diplomat, 17 April 2024

30. Will Move Forward join Thailand’s graveyard of political parties?
Marwaan Macan-Markar
Nikkei Asia, 17 April 2024

31. Pleas from ministers forcing Srettha to deny talk of Cabinet shakeup: source
The Nation, 16 April 2024


32. Vietnam mounts ‘unprecedented’ US$24 billion rescue for bank engulfed in giant fraud, documents show
Business Times, 17 April 2024

33. Van Thinh Phat case tests investor confidence in Vietnam
Radio Free Asia, 16 April 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

34. Silent struggles plague Cambodian refugees in Bangkok
Abby Seiff and Tha Vuthy
Radio Free Asia, 16 April 2024

35. Asean states may differ in approach to South China Sea spat, but all are seeking peace: Vivian
Mara Cepeda
Straits Times, 16 April 2024

Asia Pacific

36. Japan’s China Reckoning: Why Tokyo Must Strengthen Its Ties to Democratic Allies
Tomohiko Taniguchi
Foreign Affairs, 16 April 2024

37. China’s top diplomat Wang Yi to push belt and road during visits to Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea
Liu Zhen
South China Morning Post, 16 April 2024

38. Under Biden, US reimagines Asian alliances as ‘lattice’ fence
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
William Gallo
VOA, 16 April 2024

East/South China Sea

39. Philippines and US troops to sink ship, retake islands in drills
Star, 17 April 2024

40. In Cold War 2.0, the collective rise of middle powers could tip the balance
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Shi Jiangtao
South China Morning Post, 16 April 2024

41. 社论:南中国海暗流汹涌 [Editorial: Strong undercurrents in the South China Sea]
联合早报, 16 April 2024

Climate Change/Environment

42. Indonesia and the Philippines contributed bulk of US$6.3 billion green investment hike in Southeast Asia
Hannah Alcoseba Fernandez
Eco-Business, 17 April 2024

43. Half a million hectares of Indonesian forest under threat from nickel mining, study finds
Robin Hicks
Eco-Business, 17 April 2024

44. Southeast Asia’s plastic tidal wave: Imported trash swamps region
Dominic Faulder & Ismi Damayanti
Nikkei Asia, 17 April 2024

45. Great powers vs domestic politics: The clean energy trade-off
Trissia Wijaya, Jun Arima, Patrick Ryan & Miwa Hirono
Interpreter, 16 April 2024

46. Carbon credits can help finance scale-up of costly climate tech: Report
[Link to 71-page PDF document “The Role of Carbon Credits in Scaling Up Innovative Clean Energy Technologies”]
Straits Times, 16 April 2024

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