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1. China-backed canal in Cambodia could have military use: US, Vietnam
Bangkok Post, 15 April 2024

2. Chinese exodus leaves Cambodia boomtown with 500 ‘ghost buildings’
Yuji Nitta
Nikkei Asia, 14 April 2024


3. Strengthening new paradigm of regional taxes and retributions
Herman N. Suparman
Jakarta Post, 15 April 2024

4. The trade balance and why we can’t buy nice things
Krisna Gupta
Jakarta Post, 15 April 2024

5. Prabowo’s free lunch program must reach more toddlers
Kornelius Purba
Jakarta Post, 15 April 2024

6. Indonesia aims for tighter curbs on import practice known as ‘jastip’
Randy Mulyanto
Nikkei Asia, 14 April 2024

7. Indonesia denies reports about normalising ties with Israel to join the OECD
Linda Yulisman
Straits Times, 13 April 2024


8. Subsidi bersasar bukti kecekalan, tekad Anwar laksana reformasi [Targeted subsidies are proof of Anwar’s tenacity and determination to implement reforms]
Dr Nik Mawardi Mohamed adalah penganalisis sosiopolitik tempatan
Berita Harian, 15 April 2024

9. Sarawak coalition partners likely to oppose PDP-PRS merger, says analyst
Rex Tan
Free Malaysia Today, 15 April 2024

10. Little confidence in Zahid’s bid to resurrect Selangor Umno through Putrajaya’s appointments
Malaysia Now, 15 April 2024

11. As silver jubilee looms, questions arise of PKR’s post-Anwar future
Malaysiakini, 15 April 2024

12. Malaysia’s Sarawak seeks to turn itself into a chip design hub
Norman Goh
Nikkei Asia, 15 April 2024

13. Ringgit Oh Ringgit
Azmil Akil
Penang Institute, 15 April 2024

14. Hati sudah sakit, macam mana MCA mahu undi DAP? [With a broken heart, how will MCA vote for DAP?]
Utusan Malaysia, 15 April 2024

15. Govt to strengthen nation’s economic stability amid Middle East tensions
Malaysiakini, 14 April 2024

16. PM vows inclusivity for all Malaysians regardless of race
Isabelle Leong
Malaysiakini, 14 April 2024

17. Shades of Tanjung Piai?
Philip Golingai
Star, 14 April 2024

18. Worsening race relations can be arrested if Putrajaya gets act together, say analysts
Desmond Davidson
The Malaysian Insight, 14 April 2024

19. Spotlight on the DAP
Joceline Tan
Star, 13 April 2024

20. American F&B chains in Malaysia still face boycott over Gaza war
Hazlin Hassan
Straits Times, 13 April 2024

21. Court Victory Disturbs Malaysia’s Balancing Act on Islamic Law
Joseph Rachman
Foreign Policy, 12 April 2024

22. DAP’s Nga slams ‘instigators’ as fast food chains face anti-Israel boycott
Malaysia Now, 12 April 2024

23. Will DAP and MUDA work together again one day?
James Chai is a Think Tank Chief Researcher and Legal Advisor
MySinchew, 12 April 2024


24. Thai FM urges Myanmar military to avoid violent attack on border town
The Nation, 15 April 2024

25. ‘We have the momentum’: Myanmar’s youth take up arms against junta, fleeing conscription order
Khu Sam and Aidan Jones
South China Morning Post, 14 April 2024

26. Morale plunges amid setbacks as Myanmar’s junta looks for scapegoats
Zachary Abuza
Radio Free Asia, 13 April 2024

27. Rocky Start for New Bloc of Myanmar EAOs Formed to Join Junta Peace Talks
Irrawaddy, 12 April 2024

28. Biden, Kishida and Marcos Just Missed a Chance to Step Up on Myanmar
Carolyn Nash
World Politics Review, 12 April 2024


29. Sierra Madre repairs made despite Duterte deal
Frances Mangosing
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 15 April 2024


30. ‘A new era of slaves’: Thailand’s plan to loosen fisheries laws renews fears of illegal fishing, forced labour
Jack Board
CNA, 15 April 2024

31. Bank of Thailand ignores Srettha’s pressure to cut interest rate
Francesca Regalado
Nikkei Asia, 15 April 2024

32. Thai families no longer fit a mould
Bangkok Post, 14 April 2024

33. Voluntary enlistment in Thai army sees an increase over previous year
The Nation, 14 April 2024

34. Dying from debt
Bangkok Post, 13 April 2024

35. The Chinese émigrés leaving the pressures of home for laid back Chiang Mai
Amy Hawkins
Guardian, 13 April 2024

36. Thailand sees Philippines’ gambling billions, Singapore’s resorts – and rolls the dice on casinos in hopes of cashing in
Aidan Jones, Kimberly Lim and Joseph Sipalan
South China Morning Post, 13 April 2024

37. Myanmar resistance seizes border town; Thailand braces for refugees
Gwen Robinson
Nikkei Asia, 12 April 2024


38. Tycoon’s death penalty in $12.5 billion fraud case highlights Vietnam’s corruption crisis
Heather Chen
CNN, 12 April 2024

39. Vietnam Paints Billionaire’s Death Sentence as a Victory for Clean Governance. It’s Not
Charlie Campbell
Time, 12 April 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

40. If only’: ASEAN, China must resume talks over SCS code of conduct
Endy Bayuni
Jakarta Post, 15 April 2024

41. Visitors to ASEAN hit 100m in 2023, 70% of pre-COVID level
Atsushi Tomiyama and Apornrath Phoonphongphiphat
Nikkei Asia, 15 April 2024

42. To survive US-China rivalry, Asean must work to dial down tensions
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Chee Yik-wai
South China Morning Post, 14 April 2024

43. For Southeast Asians, Israel-Gaza war is more worrying than even South China Sea row – as extremism fears grow
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Joanne Lin
South China Morning Post, 14 April 2024

44. What makes a South-east Asian?
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Li Xueying
Straits Times, 14 April 2024

45. Thailand calls for dialogue to end Myanmar conflict peacefully
Nontarat Phaicharoen
Benar News, 12 April 2024

Asia Pacific

46. Japan-US alliance upgrade: When a spoke becomes a hub
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
William Choong
Straits Times, 15 April 2024

47. China to US, PH, Japan: Stop playing bloc politics
Javier Joe Ismael
Manila Bulletin, 14 April 2024

48. What Might the Future Hold for Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy?
Huynh Tam Sang
Diplomat, 13 April 2024

49. Pondering evolving form of trilateral PH-US-Japan partnership: Formal security alliance or loose security network?
Renato Cruz De Castro
Philstar Global, 13 April 2024

50. 美国的印太战略枕戈待旦 [The U.S.’s Indo-Pacific strategy is ready for action]
联合早报, 13 April 2024

51. The U.S.-Japan-Philippines Trilateral Was a Success, but Other Southeast Asian States Are Unlikely to Follow
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Joshua Kurlantzick
Council on Foreign Relations, 12 April 2024

52. PacNet #22 – Wither the Hub and Spokes System?
John Hemmings, Senior Associate Director at Pacific Forum
Pacific Forum, 12 April 2024

53. Biden, Kishida and Marcos make common cause against China in first trilateral summit
Bhagyashree Garekar, Walter Sim and Mara Cepeda
Straits Times, 12 April 2024

54. Oxford Debate: A New World Order Isn’t Top of the Wish List
[Link to 1 hour podcast]
Asia Society, 8 April 2024

East/South China Sea

55. Dealing with China’s rise
Randy David
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 14 April 2024

56. The ASEAN’s South China Sea conundrum
Premesha Saha
ORF, 13 April 2024

57. ‘Subdue the enemy without fighting’: how China’s powerful water cannon will change the game in South China Sea
Stephen Chen
South China Morning Post, 13 April 2024

58. Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte claims China threatened war over South China Sea if status quo not kept
Jeoffrey Maitem
South China Morning Post, 12 April 2024

59. South China Sea: Beijing to set up naval hotline with Vietnam as Philippine maritime tensions spike
Seong Hyeon Choi & Amber Wang
South China Morning Post, 12 April 2024

Climate Change/Environment

60. Why solar and wind energy aren’t winning
Bjorn Lomborg
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 15 April 2024

61. U.S. firm’s Vietnam coal deal ‘undermines’ climate goal: report
Lien Hoang
Nikkei Asia, 13 April 2024

62. Nuclear power debate heats up in South-east Asia
Sharanya Pillai
Business Times, 12 April 2024

Media, Technology & Society

63. From China to India, how deepfakes are reshaping Asian politics
[12-minute video]
Ayman Ragab
South China Morning Post, 15 April 2024

64. TSMC is the Taiwan DPP’s gift to the US that keeps on giving
Alex Lo
South China Morning Post, 14 April 2024

65. How Would China Weaponize Disinformation Against Taiwan in a Cross-Strait Conflict?
Scott W. Harold
Diplomat, 13 April 2024

66. Study finds voters skeptical about fairness of elections. Many favor a strong, undemocratic leader
[Link to the report “Perceptions of Democracy“]
Associated Press
Asahi Shimbun (AJW), 12 April 2024


Global Economy

67. From Indonesia to Japan, dollar’s rising strength raises global alarm
Juntaro Arai
Nikkei Asia, 14 April 2024

68. As supply chains shift away from China, others get their own economic miracles
Chris Pereira
South China Morning Post, 14 April 2024

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