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1. Cambodia’s Cyber-Slavery Trafficking Denials Reflect Official Complicity, Experts Say
David Whitehouse
Diplomat, 10 April 2024

2. The Threat Posed by Cambodia’s New Strongman
Mu Sochua
Project Syndicate, 10 April 2024

3. Hun Sen denies Cambodia canal project could facilitate Chinese military access
Tan Hui Yee
Straits Times, 9 April 2024


4. Prabowo in China: Indonesia’s president-elect on the world stage
Warief Djajanto Basorie
Interpreter, 10 April 2024

5. PDI-P to renominate Puan as House Speaker for second term
News Desk
Jakarta Post, 10 April 2024

6. What Can Be Done to Boost Indonesia-Central Asia Relations?
Jeniar Nelsus Mooy
Diplomat, 9 April 2024

7. Indonesia’s Scorpene Submarine Deal With France, Explained
James Guild
Diplomat, 9 April 2024

8. EU-Indonesia relations need a new dynamic
David McAllister and Daniel Caspary
Jakarta Post, 9 April 2024

9. Omnia’s BME lights fuse in booming Indonesia
David McKay
MiningMx, 9 April 2024

10. Will the Confucian religion develop further in Indonesia?
[Originally published here on Fulcrum, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute]
Leo Suryadinata
ThinkChina, 9 April 2024

11. Oposisi dalam Demokrasi Pancasila: Urgensi dan Relevansi [Opposition in the Pancasila Democracy: Urgency and Relevance]
Dr I Wayan Sudirta, SH, MH anggota Komisi III DPR RI Fraksi PDI-Perjuangan
Republika, 5 April 2024


12. Former West Java governor Ridwan Kamil could win major parties’ backing to run for Jakarta governor
CNA, 11 April 2024

13. Umno looks split on Akmal’s actions, says analyst
Nicholas Chung
Free Malaysia Today, 11 April 2024

14. Time is ripe for Malaysia to move upstream into designing chips
Wee Chian Koh, Marthe M. Hinojales and Hongyan Zhao
Nikkei Asia, 11 April 2024

15. Malaysia’s tax incentives attracting Japanese corporations to set up regional hubs, says report
Star, 11 April 2024

16. Sarawak premier says Putrajaya agrees to incorporate state carbon trading law as part of federal legislation
Sulok Tawie
Malay Mail Online, 10 April 2024

17. How East M’sia can lead in political transformation
Carolyn Khor, Murray Hunter & Lim Teck Ghee
Malaysiakini, 10 April 2024

18. Malaysia’s largest port to double capacity to chase Singapore
Norman Goh
Nikkei Asia, 10 April 2024

19. Banking on Padu can be ‘political disaster’ for govt, says analyst
Ravin Palanisamy
The Malaysian Insight, 10 April 2024

20. Pakatan should stick to moderate style of politics, say observers
Alfian Z.M. Tahir
The Vibes, 10 April 2024

21. 马国外籍配偶政策严苛 过埠妻子定居难 [Malaysia’s strict policy for foreign spouses makes it difficult for wives who cross the border to settle down]
联合早报, 10 April 2024

22. Malaysia’s revolving door of corruption, persecution hurts support for Anwar’s crackdown
Joseph Sipalan
South China Morning Post, 9 April 2024

23. MCA terus jadi semak, imbang kerajaan [MCA continues to be check and balance for the government]
Juani Munir Abu Bakar
Utusan Malaysia, 9 April 2024

24. Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim Faces the Demons He Helped Unleash
Imran Said
Diplomat, 8 April 2024

25. 马国挺巴背后的亲哈马斯涵义 [The pro-Hamas implications behind Malaysia’s support for Palestine]
联合早报, 8 April 2024

26. 少了伊党参与抵制也许是件好事 [Maybe it’s a good thing that PAS is not involved in the boycott]
星洲网, 6 April 2024


27. Ethnic Karen Rebels Complete Capture of Strategic Myanmar Border Crossing
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 11 April 2024

28. ‘A living death’: Camp conditions push Rohingya to the high seas
Frontier Myanmar, 10 April 2024

29. Rohingya ordered by Myanmar officer to ‘fight for our faith’
Kyaw Lwin Oo, Sann Maw Aung and Khet Mar
Radio Free Asia, 9 April 2024


30. 1st Time — China Threat Pushes Philippines To Send Its Warplanes To Australian War Games; PAF To Send FA-50 Jets
Ashish Dangwal
Eurasian Times, 10 April 2024

31. The Road to the First Japan-Philippines-US Trilateral Summit
Mico A. Galang
Diplomat, 9 April 2024

32. ‘The Philippines is ours, China out’: Filipino activists slam Sino-US rivalry in country’s maritime zone
Raissa Robles
South China Morning Post, 9 April 2024


33. Digital wallet handout date set
Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 11 April 2024

34. Implications of an ageing population
Daniel Moss
Bangkok Post, 11 April 2024

35. Thailand smiles at both Taiwan and China as it courts EV investment
Kenya Akama
Nikkei Asia, 11 April 2024

36. Legality of Thai-Cambodian maritime MoU challenged
Chairith Yonpiam
Bangkok Post, 10 April 2024

37. Thamanat outlines 9 policies to make Thailand a global agriculture, and food hub
The Nation, 10 April 2024

38. 10,000-baht digital wallet scheme will be funded by 2024-2025 budget: Thai govt
The Nation, 10 April 2024


39. Truong My Lan: Vietnamese billionaire accused in multi-billion dollar bank fraud
Jonathan Head & Thu Bui
BBC, 11 April 2024

40. Vietnam’s top three cities spark innovation race to bolster growth
Jamille Tran
Business Times, 10 April 2024

41. Vietnam aims to start work on high-speed rail lines to China by 2030
Reuters, 10 April 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

42. The Battery of Southeast Asia: Challenges to Building a Regional Transmission Grid
Jessica C. Teets, Anujin Byambasaikhan, Yui Sze Kam, Wei Liang & Lindsey Morrow
Foreign Policy Research Institute, 11 April 2024

43. 婆罗洲高铁的理想与现实 [The Borneo high speed rail: ideals and realities]
联合早报, 11 April 2024

44. Southeast Asia still doesn’t ‘know India’, survey shows, as New Delhi urged to boost engagement with region
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Maria Siow
South China Morning Post, 10 April 2024

45. CARI Asean: Asean needs to be at the table, not on the menu
Munir Majid
Edge Markets, 9 April 2024

46. How Southeast Asia can stay in the global trade sweet spot
Francois de Maricourt
Jakarta Post, 9 April 2024

47. What Asean really wants is to avoid a new cold war
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Alex Lo
South China Morning Post, 9 April 2024

48. ASEAN+3 think-tank eyes viability of digital wallet scheme
[Link to the ASEAN+3 Regional Economic Outlook 2024]
Stephanie Adair
The Nation, 9 April 2024

Asia Pacific

49. US and Japan announce ‘most significant’ upgrade to military alliance
Demetri Sevastopulo and Kana Inagaki
Financial Times, 11 April 2024

50. As the Quad loses steam, other security partnerships arise
Ravi Velloor
Straits Times, 11 April 2024

51. 美式“小多边”难避天然缺陷 [The American-style “minilateral” approach cannot avoid its natural flaws]
环球网, 11 April 2024

52. China labels U.S. comments on Taiwan and AUKUS ‘dangerous’
Asahi Shimbun (AJW), 10 April 2024

53. South-east Asia to drive growth in developing Asia, offset China’s slowdown: ADB
[Link to 310-page report “Asian Development Outlook“]
Goh Xue Ru
Business Times, 10 April 2024

54. America’s Best Friend in Asia: The Case for Elevating the U.S. Alliance With Japan
Jeffrey W. Hornung
Foreign Affairs, 10 April 2024

55. Kishida: Japan ready to step up as U.S. ‘global partner’ at Biden summit
Ken Moriyasu and Mitsuru Obe
Nikkei Asia, 10 April 2024

56. Can US-Philippine-Japanese military ties really protect regional security?
Richard Heydarian
South China Morning Post, 10 April 2024

East/South China Sea

57. GT exclusive: A close-up look at ASEAN’s discontent with external countries’ manipulation of S.China Sea issue
[Link to The State of Southeast Asia: 2024 Survey Report]
Hu Yuwei, Fan Wei, and Zou Zhidong
Global Times, 11 April 2024

58. Ahead of US summit, Philippine envoy’s South China Sea remarks on country’s inertia a ‘strategy’ to counter Beijing aggression
Jeoffrey Maitem
South China Morning Post, 11 April 2024

59. The rusting ship forcing Joe Biden and his Asia allies to focus on China
Demetri Sevastopulo Kana Inagaki and A. Anantha Lakshmi
Financial Times, 10 April 2024

Climate Change/Environment

60. Can China Replace JET-P Energy Financing in Indonesia?
Dr. Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat & Yeta Purnama
Australian Institute of International Affairs, 9 April 2024

61. Malaysia’s carbon credit conundrum: State governments hold key to unlocking its potential
[This article was first published on Fulcrum, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute]
Renard Siew
Eco-Business, 5 April 2024

Media, Technology & Society

62. Why is the government’s communication strategy failing?
K. Kabilan
The Malaysian Insight, 11 April 2024

63. Malaysia orders Meta, TikTok to counter harmful content amid religious controversies
Hazlin Hassan
Straits Times, 10 April 2024

64. Understanding Contested Norms on Indonesia’s Digital Technology
[Contains 51-page PDF report]
Fitriani, M. Habib Abiyan Dzakwan, Clarins Shieryl (Centre for Strategic and International Studies)
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Indonesia), 1 April 2024

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