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1. BREAKING: Jokowi promotes loyalist to senior ministry, brings Agus into cabinet
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 21 February 2024

Analysis: Retail stocks empty as Jokowi distributes rice to 22m families
Tenggara Strategics
Jakarta Post, 21 February 2024

Finance Ministry approves Greater Bandung LRT project
Jakarta Post, 20 February 2024

Our post-election homework: Consolidating civil society
Dwi Atmanta
Jakarta Post, 20 February 2024

Indonesia EV competition heats up with VinFast and BYD debuts
Nana Shibata and Ismi Damayanti
Nikkei Asia, 20 February 2024

Indonesian General Election 2024

The ‘Hunger Games’ election and intergenerational trauma
Julia Suryakusuma
Jakarta Post, 21 February 2024

Questions raised about Jokowi, Prabowo postelection dynamics
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 21 February 2024

Prabowo Pledges to Separate Tax DG and Finance Ministry, Economist: ‘Don’t be Hasty’
Annisa Febiola, Amelia Rahima Sari
Tempo, 21 February 2024

Prabowo’s challenge: Cabinet continuity
Andree Surianta
Interpreter, 20 February 2024

The PDI-P has a pivotal opposition role after the election
Virdika Rizky Utama
Jakarta Post, 20 February 2024

Sirekap data delayed for synchronization, KPU says
Jakarta Post, 20 February 2024


12. Let Umno do what it can to win over Malays, analyst tells DAP
Ameer Fakhri
Free Malaysia Today, 21 February 2024

Taib, the man and the legend
Yeoh Guan Jin
Free Malaysia Today, 21 February 2024

Bumi group wants Putrajaya to revive National Paddy and Rice Board, says better regulation
Malay Mail Online, 21 February 2024

‘Article 153 will be upheld’
Star, 21 February 2024

Malaysia govt’s new media ethics code raises questions about press freedom
Azril Annuar
Straits Times, 21 February 2024

‘Gelombang hijau’ tak mampu bertahan [The ‘green wave’ cannot survive]
Aslinda Nasir
Utusan Malaysia, 21 February 2024

Five ways to improve people’s economic livelihood
Ong Kian Ming
Malaysiakini, 20 February 2024

No danger of DAP becoming ‘MCA 2.0’, says ex-MP
Malaysiakini, 20 February 2024

Why Malaysia – once Silicon Valley of the East – is set to strike back
Chin Hsueh
South China Morning Post, 20 February 2024

Study warns of ‘brain drain’, finds three in four Malaysians living, working in Singapore skilled or semi-skilled
Justin Ong
Today, 20 February 2024


22. ‘People’s Charter’ Puts Federalism at The Heart of Myanmar’s Democratic Future
Saw Reh
Irrawaddy, 20 February 2024


23. Philippines arming up for D-Day with China
Richard Javad Heydarian
Asia Times, 21 February 2024

WPS economic sanctions to hurt PH, but China even more
[Link to the Fulcrum article]
Kurt Dela Peña
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 21 February 2024

Despite survey showing Filipinos back ICC probe, Marcos won’t support investigation
Benar News, 20 February 2024

Lawyers say gov’t obliged to enforce ICC warrant on Duterte
Dempsey Reyes
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 February 2024


27. Commentary: How ex-PM Thaksin uses his newfound freedom could shake up Thai politics
Harrison Cheng
Channel News Asia, 21 February 2024

Growing Thailand’s “Gross National Cool”
Ken Mathis Lohatepanont
Thai Enquirer, 21 February 2024

Thai Land Bridge bid straddles a delicate US-China line
Richard S Ehrlich And Shawn W. Crispin
Asia Times, 20 February 2024

Thailand’s 2043 security outlook
Kavi Chongkittavorn
Bangkok Post, 20 February 2024

Parole for Thailand’s Thaksin reflects rise of new threat to old guard
Business Times, 20 February 2024

Thailand military ‘spoilers’ step on peace prospects in troubled south
Marwaan Macan-markar
Nikkei Asia, 20 February 2024

Taking on the men in green
Wassana Nanuam
Bangkok Post, 18 February 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

34. Japan’s economic presence in Southeast Asia is not fading away
Guanie Lim
Nikkei Asia, 21 February 2024

Indonesia, Timor-Leste sign MoU to bolster cooperatives, MSMEs
Antara, 20 February 2024

Winning the China-US Narrative Competition in Southeast Asia
Prashanth Parameswaran
Diplomat, 20 February 2024

Tackling technology abuse and human trafficking in ASEAN
Melinda Martinus and Indira Zahra Aridati
East Asia Forum, 20 February 2024

My Say: Risks may not be so bad for Asean region
Manu Bhaskaran
Edge Markets, 20 February 2024

Chinese tourists flock to Southeast Asia as overseas travel bounces back
Sophie Yu and Orathai Sriring
Reuters, 20 February 2024

ASEAN Finance Sectoral Bodies Release ASEAN Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance Version 2
ASEAN Secretariat News, 19 February 2024

Asia Pacific

41. Australia Unveils Multi-Billion Dollar Navy Overhaul
Phil Mercer
VOA, 20 February 2024

East/South China Sea

42. B-52H bomber joins PH jets for WPS patrol, irks China
Frances Mangosing
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 21 February 2024

Philippines to Probe Claims of Chinese Cyanide Use at Scarborough Shoal
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 20 February 2024

Climate Change/Environment

44. Solar Energy In Indonesia: Potential and Outlook
Eric Koons
Energy Tracker Asia, 21 February 2024

Govt prepares to implement incentives for carbon capture projects
Divya Karyza
Jakarta Post, 21 February 2024

Indonesia’s new green investment rulebook includes coal power plants
[Link to the Indonesian Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance booklet and press conference materials]
Business Times, 20 February 2024

Emissions of planned Southeast Asia fossil fuels projects tracked by Malaysian watchdog
Bryan Yong
Eco-Business, 20 February 2024

Indonesia’s Energy Transition Stumbles
Fabby Tumiwa
Others, 20 February 2024

Setelah “gemoy” dan “oke gas”, saatnya kita serius mengawal aksi iklim presiden terpilih [After “gemoy” and “okay gas”, it’s time for us to get serious about monitoring the president-elect’s climate action]
Detta Rahmawan, Justito Adiprasetio,  Kunto Adi Wibowo
The Conversation, 20 February 2024

Media, Technology & Society

50. Jokowi signs regulation requiring Google, Meta to pay for news
Aditya Hadi
Jakarta Post, 20 February 2024

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