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1. PM okay with ‘dictator’ label so long as peace reigns
Soth Koemsoeun
Khmer Times, 1 December 2023

2. Building resilient growth: Cambodia’s key challenges and opportunities
ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
[Originally published on Fulcrum]
Khmer Times, 1 December 2023

3. Cambodia looking to dominate global cashew nut market
Star, 1 December 2023


4. Reviving the KPK
Jakarta Post, 1 December 2023

5. Presidential candidates to face off in debates ahead of polls
Yerica Lai & Nina A. Loasana
Jakarta Post, 1 December 2023

6. Prabowo to build 10 metaverse cities worth Rp 125 trillion, Budiman Sudjatmiko says
Jakarta Post, 30 November 2023

7. Analysing Indonesia’s 2024 food security policy
Sheena Suparman
Jakarta Post, 30 November 2023

8. ‘Don’t be too careful’: Jokowi urges banks to jack up loans for the economy
Deni Ghifari
Jakarta Post, 30 November 2023

9. Poorly performing city employees to be relocated to new capital: Heru Budi Hartono
Jakarta Post, 30 November 2023

10. Jokowi’s Dynasty-Building Overshadows Indonesia’s Presidential Election
Erin Cook
World Politics Review, 30 November 2023


11. Laos sees economic recovery but challenges remain: World Bank
The Nation, 1 December 2023


12. ‘Intellectual and spiritual’: PAS technocrat leader Ahmad Samsuri embodies Malaysian party’s plan to reinvent its image
Amir Yusof
Channel News Asia, 1 December 2023

13. Monsoon may dampen PAS’s chance of bigger majority in Kemaman, says think tank
Mohd Farhan Darwis
Free Malaysia Today, 1 December 2023

14. Retirees fret as uncertainty swirls over pension rate
K. Parkaran
Free Malaysia Today, 1 December 2023

15. Keep ‘golden share’ in DNB to prevent private duopoly of 5G, Kian Ming tells Finance and Digital Ministries
Anis Zalani
Malay Mail Online, 1 December 2023

16. NST Leader: Young, schooled and jobless
New Straits Times, 1 December 2023

17. Adjustments to pension system needed in light of rising life expectancy
New Straits Times, 1 December 2023

18. Malaysia’s telcos set to agree ‘compromise’ deal with govt, ending face-off over a second 5G operator
Leslie Lopez
Channel News Asia, 30 November 2023

19. Progressive wage: Company, staff must show proof of commitment
Hariz Mohd, Isabelle Leong & Haspaizi Zain
Malaysiakini, 30 November 2023

20. Kemaman by-election: Pas’ Dr Sam ‘prime minister’ material
New Straits Times, 30 November 2023


21. Myanmar Update with Lucas Myers
[contains 35-minute podcast]
Gregory B. Poling & Japhet Quitzon
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (United States), 30 November 2023

22. In rare admission, junta chief acknowledges military losses in Shan state
Radio Free Asia, 30 November 2023

23. Myanmar exile government seeks foothold by supporting overseas workers
Radio Free Asia, 30 November 2023


24. How US courted PH to thwart China
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1 December 2023

25. Philippines seeking partners to counter Beijing in South China Sea
Ramon Royandoyan
Nikkei Asia, 30 November 2023

26. Political shakedowns in the Philippines threaten Marcos-Duterte alliance
Mara Cepeda
Straits Times, 30 November 2023


27. Power rate hike plan shocks PM
Bangkok Post, 1 December 2023

28. Rethink debt servicing
Bangkok Post, 1 December 2023

29. Thailand’s semi-democracy returns
Thitinan Ponhsudhirak
Bangkok Post, 1 December 2023

30. Commentary: Thai PM’s first 100 days in office follow a populist path
Prem Singh Gill
Channel News Asia, 1 December 2023

31. More than 5 bn baht proposed as budget for soft power promotion
The Nation, 1 December 2023

32. Some facts about the Privy Council of Thailand
The Nation, 1 December 2023

33. Madam Dear launches Democrat leadership bid to ‘restore glory days’
The Nation, 29 November 2023


34. China’s low-cost brands flood Vietnam as younger consumers seek affordable options
Jamille Tran
Business Times, 30 November 2023

35. Vietnam’s Rare Earth Sector on the Rise
VOA, 30 November 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

36. ASEAN Holds the Key to Reducing US Dependence on Taiwan’s Chip Industry
Chin Hsueh
Diplomat, 1 December 2023

37. 10th ASEAN Economic Community Dialogue unpacks world’s first regionwide framework agreement on digital economy
ASEAN Secretariat News, 30 November 2023

38. Henry Kissinger’s mixed legacy in Southeast Asia: from ‘war criminal’ in Vietnam to ‘close friend’ of Singapore
Maria Siow, Kimberly Lim & Anand Mathai
South China Morning Post, 30 November 2023

39. China’s military exercises with Southeast Asian nations likely to rise in frequency and scale
Ian Storey
ThinkChina, 30 November 2023

40. Mixue, ChaGee, Luckin: F&B brands boosting China’s soft power in Southeast Asia?
Claudia Liao, Zhou Yifei
ThinkChina, 29 November 2023

Asia Pacific

41. Asia In The World Economy: China’s self-inflicted economic wounds
Takatoshi Ito
Edge Markets, 1 December 2023

42. China, Vietnam consider rail link through rare earths heartland
Free Malaysia Today, 1 December 2023

Climate Change/Environment

43. Some $340 bln of pledged climate cash did not go where needed–ONE Campaign
Asahi Shimbun (AJW), 30 November 2023

44. Indonesia’s waste opportunity: Could the new capital be a role model for trash management?
Sunny K.
Eco-Business, 30 November 2023

Media, Technology & Society

45. Bin Laden’s “Letter to America”: TikTok and Information Warfare
Professor Sascha-Dominik (Dov) Bachmann and Dr Mohiuddin Ahmed
Australian Institute of International Affairs, 1 December 2023

46. AI in Southeast Asia: As rules are drafted, workers share their worries and wishes
Aqil Haziq Mahmud
Channel News Asia, 1 December 2023

47. Meta removes thousands of fake Facebook accounts linked to China-based network
Channel News Asia, 1 December 2023


US Foreign Policy

48. Great statesman, modern Machiavelli: Henry Kissinger’s complex and conflicted legacy
Nirmal Ghosh
Straits Times, 1 December 2023

49. Judging Henry Kissinger: Did the Ends Justify the Means?
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
Foreign Affairs, 30 November 2023

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