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1. State partisanship ‘serious problem’, Ombudsman says
Dio Suhenda
Jakarta Post, 29 November 2023

2. Bridging the gap: Gender mainstreaming in tax policy
Sekti Widihartanto
Jakarta Post, 29 November 2023

3. U.S. and China loom in background of Indonesia’s presidential race
Virdika Rizky Utama
Nikkei Asia, 29 November 2023

4. Kapitalisme dan Pemilu 2024, Kini Mencuat Kabar Kelas Pekerja [Capitalism and the 2024 Election Making News among the Working Class]
The Papua Journal, 29 November 2023

5. Indonesia’s 2024 General Elections: Competing Defence Visions and Military Priorities
Iis Gindarsah, Adhi Priamarizki
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 28 November 2023


6. Lao assembly rejects SEZ bill
Radio Free Asia, 28 November 2023

7. Laos requires cell phone registration by mid-December
Radio Free Asia, 28 November 2023


8. Commentary: Malaysia opposition leader Muhyiddin pulls off shrewd political move with ’24-hour resignation’
James Chin
Channel News Asia, 29 November 2023

9. PAS’s ‘green wave’ surge a challenge for Bersatu, says analyst
Nora Mahpar
Free Malaysia Today, 29 November 2023

10. Govt U-turns on commission for gig economies
Free Malaysia Today, 29 November 2023

11. On hold: A year of Anwar – Part 2
[Link to Part 1]
Bridget Welsh
Malaysiakini, 29 November 2023

12. PKR has become like Umno – Khairy
Malaysiakini, 29 November 2023

13. Islam kekal terjaga, diperkukuh di bawah pimpinan Anwar [Islam remains protected, strengthened under Anwar’s leadership]
Muhammad Akmal Ikram ialah Penolong Pengarah (Protege) di Bahagian Khidmat Pengurusan, Institut Penyelidikan Sains dan Teknologi Pertahanan (STRIDE).
Utusan Malaysia, 29 November 2023

14. AMANAH perlu berani berubah corak generasi kedua gerakan Islam [AMANAH needs to be brave in changing the pattern of the second generation Islamic movement]
Dr Che Hamdan Che Mohd Razali
Berita Harian, 28 November 2023

15. Window opens for Zahid to ride off into the sunset – but at Anwar’s cost
Malaysia Now, 28 November 2023

16. Sarawak komited luaskan bekalan global ekonomi Islam – Abang Johari [Sarawak committed to expanding global supply for Islamic economy – Abang Johari
Cowen Linch
Utusan Malaysia, 28 November 2023


17. Fraudulent money lenders prey on the vulnerable
Frontier Myanmar, 28 November 2023

18. Illusion of Myanmar Military’s Indispensability Has Been Shattered
Wai Min Tun
Irrawaddy, 28 November 2023

19. Exodus: Tens of Thousands Flee as Myanmar Junta Troops Face Last Stand in Kokang
Hein Htoo Zan
Irrawaddy, 28 November 2023


20. A discomforting realization about democracy
Manuel L. Quezon III
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 29 November 2023

21. Singapore-based think tank raises red flags on Maharlika
[Link to AMRO’s 2023 Annual Consultation Report on the Philippines]
Ronnel W. Domingo
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 29 November 2023

22. Philippine govt agrees to restart peace talks with communists
Mara Cepeda
Straits Times, 29 November 2023

23. Manila authorizes Christmas convoy to cheer up troops in South China Sea
Camille Elemia and Jason Gutierrez
Benar News, 28 November 2023

24. Conducting Energy Consumption Survey and Establishing Energy Efficiency Indicators for the Industrial and Commercial Sectors of the Philippines
ERIA, 28 November 2023

25. An Overview of the Blue Economy of the Philippines – A Brief Assessment and Recommendations
Donah Baracol Pinhão
ERIA, 27 November 2023


26. Hostage release a important win for Srettha and his FM
Arun Saronchai
Thai Enquirer, 29 November 2023

27. Civilian succeeds general in Thai peace talks with southern rebels
Nontarat Phaicharoen, Mariyam Ahmad and Muzliza Mustafa
Benar News, 28 November 2023

28. Thailand Unveils Steps to Tackle Informal Debt Hurting Economy
Bloomberg, 28 November 2023


29. Vietnam parliament approves global minimum corporate tax, delays offsets
Khanh Vu and Francesco Guarascio
Reuters, 29 November 2023

30. Viet Nam 2045: Development Issues and Challenges
ERIA, 28 November 2023

31. Vietnam Relied on Environmentalists to Secure Billions. Then It Jailed Them.
Sui-Lee Wee
New York Times, 28 November 2023

32. Turning the tide: Vietnam’s war against plastic waste
Nguyen Khac Giang
Eco-Business, 27 November 2023

33. Vietnam Eyes Lifting of the EU ‘Yellow Card’
James Borton
Geopolitical Monitor, 27 November 2023

34. China, Vietnam hold joint patrols in the Gulf of Tonkin
Radio Free Asia, 27 November 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

35. Health Economic Alternatives for Future Pandemic Travel
A. Villanueva, N. Ohmagari, I. Septelia, A. Kamarulzaman, R. Berba,
P. Ubial, C. Kulkanya, A. Nagatani, and T. Kato
ERIA, 28 November 2023

36. Attracting Global Talents: Bringing Digital Nomads and the Highly Skilled into ASEAN
Amelia Litania and Giulia Ajmone Marsan
ERIA, 27 November 2023

Asia Pacific

37. Asia-Pacific’s bread and butter
Jong-Jin Kim
Bangkok Post, 29 November 2023

38. Japan’s push for anti-China security alliance hits rough waters in Southeast Asia
Richard Heydarian
South China Morning Post, 29 November 2023

39. Indo-Pacific to see huge missile buildup by 2030s, Carnegie analyst says
Ken Moriyasu
Nikkei Asia, 28 November 2023

40. Despite Headwinds, Xi Still Exudes Confidence About China’s Rise
Mary Gallagher
World Politics Review, 28 November 2023

East/South China Sea

41. Analysts: Vietnam’s Island Expansion Aims to Counter China
An Hai
VOA, 28 November 2023

Climate Change/Environment

42. COP28: Warming US-China ties to help avoid climate change ‘car crash’ at UN talks
Jack Board
Channel News Asia, 29 November 2023

43. Transport decarbonisation needed along journey to electrification
Yamin Vong
Free Malaysia Today, 29 November 2023

44. Melihat 20 tahun aksi iklim Indonesia: banyak langkah, minim dampak [Reviewing 20 years of climate action in Indonesia: many steps, minimum effect]
Ica Wulansari, Lecturer of International Relations, Paramadina University
The Conversation, 29 November 2023

45. Extinguishing a Point of Contention: Examining Transboundary Haze in Southeast Asia
Lauren Mai
Diplomat, 28 November 2023

46. Hard truths about green industrial policy
Ilias Alami, Jack Copley and Alexis Moraitis
Eco-Business, 28 November 2023

47. JETP could make or break energy transition in Indonesia
Adisti Sukma Sawitri
Jakarta Post, 28 November 2023

48. Climate Financing and Peacebuilding Go Hand in Hand
Erica Gaston, Marc Werner
World Politics Review, 28 November 2023

Media, Technology & Society

49. Ministry detects 96 election hoax-related issues
Antara, 28 November 2023

50. Philippines to Decide Whether to Ban TikTok in State Security
Andreo Calonzo and Manolo Serapio Jr
Bloomberg, 28 November 2023

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