Daily News on Southeast Asia – 7 Oct 2022

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1. ISEF 2022 business matching generates Rp9.43 trillion: BI
Antara, 7 October 2022

2. Widodo’s defence budget won’t give Indonesia the force it needs
David Engel
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 7 October 2022

3. Social media key battleground for 2024 election
Dio Suhenda
Jakarta Post, 6 October 2022


4. DAP man: PBK-PSB pact to help BN-PN-GPS win GE15
Borneo Post, 7 October 2022

5. Bersatu co-founder Rais Hussin exits party
Free Malaysia Today, 7 October 2022

6. Agong revokes emergency proclamation for three vacant constituencies
Malaysiakini, 7 October 2022

7. Muhyiddin indicates PAS will choose PN in GE15
Alyaa Alhadjri
Malaysiakini, 7 October 2022

8. Unfair matriculation, varsity admissions: From reaction to solution
Lee Hwok Aun
Malaysiakini, 7 October 2022

9. Will floodwaters flush away Umno-Baru in GE15?
Mariam Mokhtar
Malaysiakini, 7 October 2022

10. Pakatan could be kingmaker in Terengganu, says state leader
Diyana IbrahimMalaysian Insight, 7 October 2022

11. Women likely to choose family over political career, say groups
Khoo Gek San
Malaysian Insight, 7 October 2022

12. 国州分开选举是民主改革的一部分 [Separate federal and state elections are part of democratic reforms]
Sinchew 星洲网, 7 October 2022

13. Despite royal audience, Malaysia PM noncommittal on House dissolution
Shannon Teoh
Straits Times, 7 October 2022

14. Budget must pass with priority on tax reforms
Ng Miao Ling
Malaysian Insight, 6 October 2022

15. Dilema Belanjawan 2023: Lulus atau bubar Parlimen? [Budget 2023 Dilemma: Pass or dissolve Parliament?]
Fakhrurrazi Rashid
Malaysian Insight, 6 October 2022

16. Malaysia’s GE timing: What’s at stake?
Ariel Tan
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 6 October 2022

17. Resistance smolders as Sagaing burns
Radio Free Asia, 6 October 2022


18. Economic collapse will lead to political instability: SAC chair
Eleven Myanmar, 5 October 2022


19. Marcos Says Philippines Eyeing Purchases of Russian Oil, Fertilizer
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 6 October 2022

20. Pulse Asia: Marcos admin receives majority approval across 11 key issues
Ellalyn De Vera-Ruiz
Manila Bulletin, 6 October 2022

21. Philippines’ Imee Marcos unveils foreign policy, South China Sea stance at US forum
Raissa Robles
South China Morning Post, 6 October 2022


22. PPRP introduces 6 potential candidates
Bangkok Post, 6 October 2022

23. Anutin throws his hat into the ring for PM’s post, eyes 120 MP seats for Bhumjaithai
Nation, 6 October 2022

24. Thai youth cling to hope for change on massacre anniversary
Francesca Regalado
Nikkei Asia, 6 October 2022


25. Unfinished business: Vietnam’s long-awaited urban commuter rail
Tomoya Onishi
Nikkei Asia, 7 October 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

26. Can Mekong stingrays tell the Chinese dam story well?
Hoang Thi Ha
This article was first published in Fulcrum, the news analysis and commentary website of the institute. It’s also re-published by ThinkChina.
Straits Times, 7 October 2022

27. Thailand’s declining role in ASEAN’s Myanmar policy-making
Kornelius Purba
Jakarta Post, 6 October 2022

28. Sustainability and digitalisation new growth areas for Asean: Tan See Leng
Cheryl Tan
Straits Times, 6 October 2022

29. Essential Geopolitics: The State of Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia
[8-minute podcast]
Stratfor Worldview, 4 October 2022

Asia Pacific

30. Southeast Asia, Gulf nations draw closer as U.S.-China row deepens
Toru Takahashi
Nikkei Asia, 7 October 2022

31. Japanese academic: China’s superficial ‘moderate’ diplomacy will not work with developed countries
Shin Kawashima
ThinkChina, 6 October 2022

32. The Downside of Imperial Collapse: When Empires or Great Powers Fall, Chaos and War Rise
Robert D. Kaplan
Foreign Affairs, 4 October 2022

Climate Change/Environment

33. World Bank spent almost US$15b on fossil fuel projects since Paris deal: report
Business Times, 7 October 2022

34. Commentary: COP27 meeting in Egypt to tackle climate change — is it just a talkfest or will it actually matter?
Matt Mcdonald
Today, 6 October 2022

35. P20 and parliament’s role in addressing global issues
Antara, 5 October 2022

36. Editorial: South-east Asia must boost financing for climate adaptation
Kenneth Lim
Business Times, 4 October 2022


Media, Technology & Society

37. Singapore’s online safety bill may be a double-edged sword, analysts say
Dewey Sim and Kimberly Lim
South China Morning Post, 7 October 2022

US Foreign Policy

38. Is U.S. Foreign Policy Trying to Do Too Much?
[35-minute podcast]
Foreign Affairs, 6 October 2022

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