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1. What the Cambodian Naval Base Brouhaha Overlooks
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 8 June 2022


2. Talking Indonesia: Political candidates and ‘anti-corruptionism’ [38-minute podcast]
Jemma Purdey
Indonesia at Melbourne, 9 June 2022

3. Indonesia shifts G-20 focus to energy security
Straits Times, 9 June 2022

4. Manuver Koalisi Partai Menjelang Pemilu Presiden: Motivasi dan Resiliensi [Manoeuvre of Party Coalition Ahead of Presidential Election: Motivation and Resilience]
[3-page PDF document]
Edbert Gani Suryahudaya and Arya Fernandes
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Indonesia), 8 June 2022

5. Indonesian ministries clash over clean power export plan
Fadhil Haidar Sulaeman
Jakarta Post, 8 June 2022

6. Call for Indonesian government to leave cooking oil price to market forces
Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja
Straits Times, 8 June 2022


7. CNA Explains: Why Malaysia is considering to reintroduce the GST and are businesses receptive?
Vincent Tan
Channel News Asia, 9 June 2022

8. Who gains from the minimum wage hike in Malaysia?
Kevin Zhang and Tham Siew Yean, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute
East Asia Forum, 9 June 2022

9. How agriculture policy led M’sia down path of food insecurity
S Vinothaa
Malaysiakini, 9 June 2022

10. How Malaysian Politics Shaped Chinese Real Estate Deals and Economic Development
Guanie Lim, Keng Khoon Ng
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 8 June 2022

11. Big names among 70 vying for PKR’s central leadership council positions
Free Malaysia Today, 8 June 2022

12. Tengku Zafrul’s political ambitions distract from ministerial duties
Ibrahim M Ahmad
Free Malaysia Today, 8 June 2022

13. Umno-PAS cooperation unlikely in Selangor
Free Malaysia Today, 8 June 2022

14. Malaysia’s Ongoing Tussle With Democracy
Halmie Azrie Abdul Halim
Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, 8 June 2022

15. Jais will not oppose Bon Odori festival
Malaysian Insight, 8 June 2022

16. Many Muslims want ban on alcohol, gambling and bars, poll shows
Malaysian Insight, 8 June 2022

17. Menuju PRU15: Antara mudarat kecil dan mudarat besar [Towards GE15: Between a rock and a hard place]
Kamarul Khairy
Malaysian Insight, 8 June 2022

18. Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the prime minister for life
Mariam Mokhtar
Sinchew 星洲网, 8 June 2022


19. Myanmar: UN experts condemn military’s “digital dictatorship”
OHCHR, 7 June 2022


20. Ensuring food security
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 9 June 2022

21. PH foreign policy made more dynamic under Duterte admin – analyst
ABS-CBN News, 8 June 2022

22. Marcos Will Have to Steer the Philippines Through Turbulent Waters
Don McLain Gill
Diplomat, 8 June 2022

23. The Options for Duterte’s Post-Presidency
Mong Palatino
Diplomat, 8 June 2022

24. Bongbong Marcos: PH-China friendship to continue for benefit of people
Neil Arwin Mercado
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 8 June 2022

25. Optimism Tempered with Reasonable Caution: The State of Philippine Cryptocurrency Regulations
Professor Amparo Pamela Fabe
Stratsea, 8 June 2022


26. Steps to spur clean energy adoption
Yuthana Praiwan & Lamonphet Apisitniran
Bangkok Post, 9 June 2022

27. Unfair laws in tourism need overhaul
Khemmapat Trisadikoon
Bangkok Post, 9 June 2022

28. Thailand seeking to profit from a global food crisis
Craig Keating
Interpreter, 9 June 2022


29. Timor-Leste, China and Australia, and the influence contest
Andrea Fahey
Interpreter, 8 June 2022


30. Where is the Vietnamese economy on the world map?
VietNamNet, 8 June 2022

31. Vietnam and India seek stronger defence ties
Voice of Vietnam, 8 June 2022

32. Vietnam Modernizes Its Military With a Wary Eye on China
Richard A. Bitzinger
World Politics Review, 7 June 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

33. Stemming the tide of piracy in Southeast Asia
Interpreter, 9 June 2022

34. Southeast Asia is the ICC’s most elusive target
Southeast Asia Globe, 9 June 2022

35. US must accept Southeast Asia wants China to play a central Indo-Pacific role
Peter T. C. Chang
South China Morning Post, 8 June 2022

36. Southeast Asia’s power generation has tripled in 20 years. But is it running out of energy options?
Douglas Broom
World Economic Forum, 8 June 2022

Asia Pacific

37. US confrontation or Chinese cooperation? As the Asia-Pacific contemplates its future security, the choice is obvious
Zhao Xiaozhuo
South China Morning Post, 9 June 2022

38. Thucydides or Isocrates? The choice before the Asia-Pacific
Tan See Seng
Straits Times, 9 June 2022

39. Can RCEP overcome obstacles to trade reform?
Deasy Pane, Bappenas and Krisna Gupta, CIPS
East Asia Forum, 8 June 2022

East/South China Sea

40. The US-ASEAN summit and the South China Sea Code of Conduct
Aristyo Rizka Darmawan is a lecturer and senior researcher at the Center for Sustainable Ocean Policy at the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Law
Asia & the Pacific Policy Society, 8 June 2022


41. World growth to slump to 2.9% in 2022, warns WB report
[Link to the report “Global Economic Prospects, June 2022“]
Manoj Mathew
Khmer Times, 9 June 2022

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