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1. Cambodia’s Embattled Opposition Hopes For Revival
Andrew Haffner
ASEAN Post, 5 June 2022

2. Cambodia opposition decries intimidation as ruling party claims local election sweep
Radio Free Asia, 5 June 2022

3. Riding on domestic tourism to tide over slow international arrivals
Sangeetha Amarthalingam
Phnom Penh Post, 2 June 2022


4. 2024 election rules still at a stalemate, one week before deadline
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 6 June 2022

5. Masalah Bila Madrasah Dihapus [Problems with the elimination of madrasah]
Republika, 5 June 2022

6. The Albanese visit: What does it take to fall in love with Indonesia?
Rob Goodfellow
Jakarta Post, 4 June 2022

7. Albanese’s trip to Jakarta a chance to strengthen Australia–Indonesia ties
David Engel
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 3 June 2022


8. Food prices double in Laos as inflation grips economy
Radio Free Asia, 3 June 2022


9. Commentary: By not rushing Malaysia election, Ismail Sabri charts his own course
[This commentary first appeared in the Institute’s blog The Fulcrum.]
Norshahril Saat
Channel News Asia, 6 June 2022

10. BN perlu formula hadapi ‘wajah baharu’ PKR, gabungan PN [BN needs a formula to confront the ‘new face’ of PKR and the PN alliance]
Zanariah Abd Mutalib
Berita Harian (Malaysia), 5 June 2022

11. Big tent approach won’t provide durable governing alliance
Ronald Benjamin
Free Malaysia Today, 5 June 2022

12. Lifting the veil on politicians’ biggest fears
Clement Stanley
Free Malaysia Today, 5 June 2022

13. Muhyiddin denies claiming majority support to be PM again
Free Malaysia Today, 5 June 2022

14. US ban on Malaysian products not just about forced labour, says DAP man
Free Malaysia Today, 5 June 2022

15. Ismail Sabri could gain from snap election if he plays his cards right
Kenneth Cheng Chee Kin
Malaysian Insight, 5 June 2022

16. Pejuang open for cooperation with professionals, NGO
Bernama, 4 June 2022

17. Why Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional is pushing for a snap election
Ömer Faruk Yildiz
East Asia Forum, 4 June 2022

18. Growing Champions: Opportunities for Malaysia with an interconnected Asean grid
Marko Lackovic and Kar Min Lim
Edge Markets, 4 June 2022

19. 10 reasons why PM should not call for early GE15
P Ramasamy
Malaysiakini, 4 June 2022

20. Wake-up call: brain drain is only a symptom
Dr. Rais Hussin is the CEO of EMIR Research
Sinchew 星洲网, 4 June 2022

21. Opposition takes aim at PM
Joceline Tan
Star, 4 June 2022

22. Inflation politics a game of chicken in Malaysia
Nile Bowie
Asia Times, 3 June 2022

23. ‘Banyak kerja’ perlu dibereskan jika BN mahu menang PRU-15 [‘Much work’ needed if BN is to win GE-15]
Datuk Dr Wan Hashim Wan Teh adalah Profesor Emeritus di Fakulti Pengajian dan Pengurusan Pertahanan Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)
Berita Harian (Malaysia), 3 June 2022

24. Government focuses on four key areas in 2023 Budget
Free Malaysia Today, 3 June 2022

25. Govt looks into 15% minimum tax on digital economy
Free Malaysia Today, 3 June 2022

26. Sarawak parties in talks for collaboration against GPS
Sinchew 星洲网, 3 June 2022


27. Myanmar’s Junta to Execute Pro-Democracy Activists; Generals ignore global condemnation
Nava Thakuria
Asia Sentinel, 6 June 2022

28. Myanmar classrooms become latest battleground as junta opens schools
Mizzima, 4 June 2022

29. 500 days of spring: The Kalay protesters who never quit
Frontier Myanmar, 3 June 2022

30. “Wa” demand for autonomous state agreed in principle: SAC spokesman
Eleven Myanmar, 2 June 2022

31. Pro-military death squad rallies openly on social media
Frontier Myanmar, 2 June 2022

32. US report on international religious freedom cites genocides in China and Myanmar
Roseanne Gerin and Alim Seytoff
Radio Free Asia, 2 June 2022


33. Why Is RCEP Important To The Philippines?
Anna Malindog-Uy
ASEAN Post, 5 June 2022

34. Bongbong Marcos and the Challenge Ahead – New president faces a suspicious nation
Viswa Nathan
Asia Sentinel, 3 June 2022

35. Bullets and ballots: violent politics and extremism in southern Philippines
Mathew L Bukit
New Mandala, 3 June 2022


36. People split over Prayut’s chance of serving out his 4-year term: poll
Bangkok Post, 5 June 2022


37. China’s Wang Yi pens agreements in Timor-Leste on final Pacific stop
Straits Times, 3 June 2022

38. Political Maneuvering Could Be Leading Timor-Leste Down a Dead End
Damien Kingsbury
World Politics Review, 3 June 2022


39. Slow equitization of State-owned enterprises
VietNamNet, 5 June 2022

40. Vietnam approves strategy on foreign investment cooperation by 2030
VietNamNet, 4 June 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

41. 东南亚已成长视频平台主战场 [Southeast Asia has grown into the main battlefield for video platforms]
Huanqiu 环球网, 6 June 2022

42. Proceed with caution:
high-speed rail for Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur

Wu Shang-Su
Interpreter, 6 June 2022

43. Asean reopening: aviation, travel approach shows the grouping is far from flying high
[This article first appeared on fulcrum.sg as ASEAN Re-opening: When the Whole is Less than the Sum of its Parts]
Joanne Lin
South China Morning Post, 6 June 2022

44. Leveraging Fintech to Expand Digital Health in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore: Lessons for Asia and the Pacific
Asian Development Bank, 5 June 2022

45. Plugging Singapore into the ASEAN Power Grid
Joel Chong
Cambodianess, 5 June 2022

46. Timor Leste’s ASEAN membership is too strategic to delay
Kornelius Purba
Jakarta Post, 4 June 2022

47. What China Gets Wrong About Southeast Asia
Arrizal Jaknanihan is a research coordinator assistant at the Institute of International Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.
Diplomat, 3 June 2022

48. INTERVIEW-Watchdog’s new chief says high prices can support greener palm oil
Michael Taylor
Reuters, 2 June 2022

East/South China Sea

49. Faceoff in the South China Sea Grows More Tense – China’s growing military budget belies its intention
BA Hamzah
Asia Sentinel, 3 June 2022


50. Food security now top priority for G20 cooperation
Peter Timmer, Harvard University
East Asia Forum, 5 June 2022

51. The ‘Third Space’ gains traction
Chan Heng Chee
Straits Times, 5 June 2022

52. How can Indonesia improve the quality of its internet services and universalize access?
Putu Sanjiwacika WibisanaUtz PapeSailesh TiwariNatasha Beschorner
World Bank, 3 June 2022

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