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1. In Cambodia, Local Elections Hold Out a Glimmer of Progress
Andrew Nachemson
Diplomat, 2 June 2022

2. Cambodia needs democracy, not another electoral charade
Kasit Piromya is a board member of Asean Parliamentarians for Human Rights and former Thai foreign minister.
Malaysian Insight, 1 June 2022

3. Russia remains an indispensable partner of Cambodia and ASEAN
Chun Sovannarith
Phnom Penh Post, 1 June 2022


4. Understanding The Role Of Social Capital In Developing Indonesia’s Post-disaster Population Recovery
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Indonesia), 2 June 2022

5. Indonesia’s G20 Summit Dilemma
Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat
Asia Sentinel, 30 May 2022


6. ‘Most people are complaining’: With food inflation higher at 4.1%, Malaysian consumers are feeling the pinch
Rashvinjeet S Bedi
Channel News Asia, 2 June 2022

7. Malaysia government to stop subsidising chicken breeders from Jul 1, says PM Ismail Sabri
Rashvinjeet S Bedi
Channel News Asia, 1 June 2022

8. Umno’s Top 5 discussed GE15 many times, says Zahid
Jason Thomas & Nora Mahpar
Free Malaysia Today, 1 June 2022

9. BN willing to seek new alliances to secure two-thirds majority in GE15, Zahid says
Rex Tan
Malay Mail Online, 1 June 2022

10. PM says won’t reshuffle Cabinet as Umno, Bersatu tussle for post after Zuraida steps down
Shahrin Aizat Noorshahrizam
Malay Mail Online, 1 June 2022

11. Najib warns PM against delaying general election
Mohd Farhan Darwis
Malaysian Insight, 1 June 2022

12. What Do Straits Do – Separate or Connect? [Part One]
Ooi Kee Beng, Visiting Senior Fellow, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
Penang Monthly, 1 June 2022

13. Anwar, Muhyiddin’s parties suffer blows; split votes likely for opposition at Malaysia’s next GE
Shannon Teoh
Straits Times, 1 June 2022

14. Chicken prices remain high in Malaysia despite supply stabilising after export ban
Nadirah H. Rodzi
Straits Times, 1 June 2022

15. 2021 Open Budget Survey (OBS) result points to the importance of greater institutional reforms
[Link to Open Budget Survey 2021]
Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), 31 May 2022


16. New Delhi to Exclude Myanmar Junta From Upcoming India-ASEAN Meeting
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 2 June 2022

17. Myanmar Military Carries Out Atrocities in the East, Too
[Link to 53-page report: “Bullets Rained From The Sky” – War Crimes And Displacement In Eastern Myanmar]
Mary Yang
Foreign Policy, 1 June 2022

18. Myanmar’s NUG, Allied EAOs Urge ASEAN, UN Not to Work With Junta on Aid
Irrawaddy, 1 June 2022

19. Military carried out ‘collective punishment’ on ethnic civilians in eastern Myanmar
Joshua Lipes
Radio Free Asia, 1 June 2022

20. Resumption of conflict would put millions at risk in Myanmar’s Rakhine state: report
Radio Free Asia, 1 June 2022


21. Marcos win exposes weakness of democratic processes
Kalinga Seneviratne
Manila Times, 2 June 2022

22. Russia and the Philippines: past and present
Manila Times, 2 June 2022

23. Will Marcos Jr really let bygones be bygones?
Jason Castaneda
Asia Times, 1 June 2022

24. President-elect Bongbong Marcos asks SC to dismiss DQ case ‘for lack of merit’
Rey Panaligan
Manila Bulletin, 1 June 2022

25. Philippines to fix weak spots in US$500 billion economy plan – targets farming and industry
South China Morning Post, 1 June 2022


26. Commentary: Chicken and other food export bans create a lose-lose scenario for everyone
Selena Ling is the Chief Economist and Head of Treasury Research and Strategy at OCBC Bank.
Channel News Asia, 2 June 2022


27. In the end, economic theories prevail
Chartchai Parasuk
Bangkok Post, 2 June 2022

28. Thamanat playing ‘high-risk’ game
Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 2 June 2022

29. Thailand’s Ruling Coalition Rift Puts USD93 Billion Budget at Risk
Patpicha Tanakasempipat & Suttinee Yuvejwattana
Bloomberg, 2 June 2022

30. India is the Key to Boosting Thailand’s Post-Pandemic Recovery
Diplomat, 2 June 2022

31. What Thailand should do to keep pace with a changing world
Nation, 1 June 2022

32. Thailand seeks stricter controls over nonprofit groups
Jack Brook
Southeast Asia Globe, 1 June 2022


33. What’s Behind Vietnam’s Latest Anti-Corruption Fight
Philip Heijmans
Bloomberg, 1 June 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

34. Prayut, Lao PM agree to partnership
Bangkok Post, 2 June 2022

35. What Does ASEAN Centrality Mean to China?
Zhuoran Li
Diplomat, 2 June 2022

36. Priorities of ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ meeting not diluted by Russia-Ukraine and Myanmar issues
Khmer Times, 2 June 2022

37. Blockchain in Southeast Asia: Striking a Balance Between Innovation and Protection
Sean Tan
Diplomat, 1 June 2022

38. A flexible Asean is a very good thing
Ei Sun Oh
Manila Times, 1 June 2022

39. People’s power and resistance in Southeast Asia in comparison: a roundtable
Nhu Truong
New Mandala, 1 June 2022

Asia Pacific

40. More than cold war brewing between India and China?
Neo Chai Chin
Channel News Asia, 2 June 2022

41. How to engage with China
Paola Subacchi
Free Malaysia Today, 2 June 2022

42. The Quad and AUKUS strengthen Australia’s hand in a contested Indo-Pacific
Thomas Wilkins
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 1 June 2022

43. What Are the Key Strengths of the China-Russia Relationship?
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (United States), 1 June 2022

44. China should give up ‘illusion’ of avoiding US rivalry, Beijing think tank says
Teddy Ng
South China Morning Post, 1 June 2022

45. US to be joined by other Quad members, South China Sea nations for Rimpac war games
Laura Zhou
South China Morning Post, 1 June 2022

46. The Pacific Islands Emerge as the Next Theater for Great Power Competition
Stratfor Worldview, 1 June 2022

47. Biden Sends China a Message – The Quad & the Objects of its Affection
David Brown
Asia Sentinel, 31 May 2022

48. Why is the agriculture sector against RCEP?
Leonardo Montemayor
Manila Bulletin, 31 May 2022

East/South China Sea

49. Chinese forces step up exercises around Taiwan, South China Sea
Radio Free Asia, 1 June 2022

Climate Change/Environment

50. Do more for environment or risk planet becoming ‘human sacrifice zone’: UN experts
Khmer Times, 2 June 2022


51. A Conversation With Antony Blinken: The U.S. Secretary of State Discusses the Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy
Foreign Affairs, 1 June 2022

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