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1. CPP tells critics party chose Manet to be future PM candidate
Khmer Times, 31 May 2022

2. Cambodia – Vietnam Border Demarcation 90 Percent Complete
Thun Senghong and Sam Sopich
Cambodianess, 30 May 2022

3. From Chinese detainee to Cambodian diplomat: the radical rebirth of Wang Yaohui
Jack Adamović Davies
Radio Free Asia, 30 May 2022


4. How big data matters for public policy in Indonesia
Setia Pramana
Jakarta Post, 31 May 2022

5. Zelensky tries to charm pro – Russian Indonesians
John McBeth
Asia Times, 30 May 2022

6. Ancaman Kenaikan Harga Pangan di Indonesia [The Threat of Rising Food Prices in Indonesia]
[A 3-page PDF document]
Adinova Fauri, Fajar B. Hirawan and Deni Friawan
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Indonesia), 30 May 2022


7. Perfect storm of turbulence for indebted little Laos
Asia Times, 31 May 2022


Nurqalby Mohd Reda
Bernama, 31 May 2022

9. Expect more politicians to do the triple jump as GE15 looms
K. Parkaran
Free Malaysia Today, 31 May 2022

10. Manufacturers concerned over export of skilled workers to Japan
Free Malaysia Today, 31 May 2022

11. Analysts: Rafizi’s deputy presidency win a catalyst for PKR’s rejuvenation, reflects grassroots’ wish for rebuild ahead of GE15
Kenneth Tee
Malay Mail Online, 31 May 2022

12. PM Ismail Sabri wants to ‘wait for right time’ to call GE15 as inflation squeezes Malaysia
Ashley Yeong
Malay Mail Online, 31 May 2022

13. PKR Youth looks back on party polls, need for ‘drastic internal changes
Alena Nadia
Malaysiakini, 31 May 2022

14. Undi18 and AVR: How do these affect your vote value?
Ng Xiang Yi
Malaysiakini, 31 May 2022

15. PBM needs major ally ahead of next election, say analysts
Chan Kok Leong
Malaysian Insight, 31 May 2022

16. Will Nusantara affect Straits of Malacca?
New Straits Times, 31 May 2022

17. 治标不治本的”反跳槽”法 [Anti-hopping law addresses symptoms, not the root cause]
Sinchew 星洲网, 31 May 2022

18. As Malaysia mulls snap election, is Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR heading in a new direction?
Hadi Azmi
South China Morning Post, 31 May 2022

19. Court nod for vernacular schools
Star, 31 May 2022

20. Reconciliation must follow in PKR after Rafizi’s victory – analysts
Hariz Mohd
Malaysiakini, 30 May 2022

21. Goodbye, Bersatu!
Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor at a local university.
Sinchew 星洲网, 30 May 2022

22. 慕尤丁的橄榄枝变烫手山芋?[Has Muhyiddin’s olive branch become a hot potato?]
Sinchew 星洲网, 30 May 2022


23. Is Myanmar’s military starting to lose the war?
Anthony Davis
Asia Times, 30 May 2022

24. Is fmr. Yangon Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein above the law?
Eleven Myanmar, 30 May 2022

25. “We Have to Escalate the Fighting”: Myanmar Civilian Acting President
Irrawaddy, 30 May 2022

26. Look at Myanmar’s Illusory ‘Peace Process’
Irrawaddy, 30 May 2022


27. A firm voice to China
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 May 2022

28. Doing a Vietnam
Cielito F. Habito
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 31 May 2022


29. The Somad Affair and Singapore’s Battle Against Religious Extremism
Bilveer Singh
Diplomat, 31 May 2022


30. Boosting Thai – US ties in an age of crisis
Kavi Chongkittavorn
Bangkok Post, 31 May 2022

31. Budget debate kicks off
Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 31 May 2022

32. The new Bangkok governor and his 214 policies
Nation, 31 May 2022

33. Every cloud has a silver lining
The Thai government wants to promote long-stay visits and retirement living to the over 60 crowd.
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022


34. Vietnam’s Growing Strategic Partnerships with European Countries
Hai Hong Nguyen
Diplomat, 30 May 2022

35. Globe faces high inflation, Vietnam deals with challenges
VietNamNet, 30 May 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

36. The New Face of the Islamic State in Southeast Asia
Zam Yusa
Diplomat, 31 May 2022

37. Lancang – Mekong ‘soft connectivity’
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022

38. Prediction Errors of Macroeconomic Indicators and Economic Shocks for ASEAN Member States, 1990 ‒ 2021
Masahito Ambashi, Fusanori Iwasaki, Keita Oikawa
Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), 30 May 2022

39. Indonesia looks to ASEAN to offload excess electricity
Fadhil Haidar Sulaeman
Jakarta Post, 30 May 2022

40. Thai, Vietnam rice price hike plan ‘impossible’, Thai export body says
Panarat Thepgumpanat and Rajendra Jadhav
Reuters, 30 May 2022

Asia Pacific

41. Whirlwind round of US diplomacy leaves China relations in unknown territory
Nong Hong
South China Morning Post, 31 May 2022

42. IPEF agreement is the right trade deal at the right time
Robert Holleyman
Straits Times, 31 May 2022

43. IPEF introduces institutional reality to Indo – Pacific region
Rahul Mishra and Peter Brian M Wang
Asia Times, 30 May 2022

44. Biden’s Economic Plan Leaves Asian Leaders Wanting More
Tobias Harris and Trevor Sutton
Foreign Policy, 27 May 2022

East/South China Sea

45. China’s Maritime Militia in the South China Sea: Myths and Realities
Hu Bo
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 30 May 2022

Climate Change/Environment

46. State mulls incentives to drive green push
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022

47. Dismantling the Fossil – Fuel Economy at Stockholm + 50
Project Syndicate, 30 May 2022

Global Economy

48. How Global Food Crises Work
Project Syndicate, 30 May 2022

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