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No. 13: Made Supriatma, Visiting Fellow
No. 50: Jayant Menon, Senior Fellow
No. 56: William Choong and Sharon Seah, Senior Fellows
No. 58: Jayant Menon, Senior Fellow and Aaron Rabena, Visiting Fellow

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1. Cambodia’s Microloan Sector Under Scrutiny
Phorn Bopha
ASEAN Post, 29 May 2022


2. Erratic policies exacerbate uncertainties in palm oil industry
Edi Suhardi is a sustainable palm oil analyst.
Jakarta Post, 30 May 2022

3. Govt faces mounting criticism for tapping senior TNI official as interim regent
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 30 May 2022

4. Indonesia invites foreign investors to invest in energy sector
Antara, 29 May 2022

5. Widodo gives a nod to his preferred successor
John McBeth
Asia Times, 29 May 2022

6. Maraknya generasi sandwich: refleksi perlunya reformasi sistem pensiun di Indonesia [The rise of the sandwich generation: a reflection of the need for reform of the pension system in Indonesia]
Darmawan Prasetya, Social Policy Officer, The Prakarsa
Conversation, 29 May 2022

7. Nasionalisme Pancasila [The nationalism of Pancasila]
Republika, 28 May 2022

8. Rise of social media preachers
Wahyudi Soeriaatmadja
Straits Times, 28 May 2022

9. RI kirim nota diplomatik terkait penolakan Abdul Somad, bukti kuatnya pengaruh Islam terhadap kebijakan luar negeri [RI sent diplomatic note regarding Abdul Somad’s rejection, proof of the strong influence of Islam on foreign policy]
Wendy Andhika Prajuli, Lecturer in International Relations, Binus University
Conversation, 27 May 2022

10. Emerging markets in trouble, but Indonesia not so much: Moody’s Analytics
Mark Lempp
Jakarta Post, 27 May 2022

11. Indonesia’s pluralism icon Ahmad Syafii Maarif dies at 86
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 27 May 2022

12. Strategi Pengembangan Unit Usaha Pondok Pesantren [Strategy for the development of business units in pesantren]
Republika, 27 May 2022

13. Indonesia plan to add eastern provinces not viable, says Papua governor
Stanley Widianto
Reuters, 27 May 2022

14. Preacher and Protests: Islam’s Conservative Shift in Indonesia
Barry Desker
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 27 May 2022


15. Alternative Views: Chicken export ban is only a band-aid
M Shanmugam
Edge Markets, 30 May 2022

16. Nik Nazmi: Anwar-Rafizi best ‘ticket’ for PKR to take on GE15
Malaysiakini, 30 May 2022

17. Possibly, a last chance for Anwar to be PM
Francis Paul Siah
Malaysiakini, 30 May 2022

18. Think economics, geopolitics before signing up with Starlink
Ameen Kamal
New Straits Times, 30 May 2022

19. Be clear on Bahasa Malaysia usage, government urged
Star, 30 May 2022

20. PKR election: More voters but low turnout in percentage terms, says Fahmi Fadzil
Malay Mail Online, 29 May 2022

21. What’s next for Malaysia’s plantation industry?
Malay Mail Online, 29 May 2022

22. Youth participation in politics, post-Undi18
Kenneth Cheng Chee Kin
Malaysian Insight, 29 May 2022

23. PM Ismail Sabri assures govt will not interfere with media freedom
Adib Povera
New Straits Times, 29 May 2022

24. A jump too far?
On Thursday, Ampang MP Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin trailblazed a new political path when she quit Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) to join Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM). In 26 months, the Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister has been with PKR, Bersatu, and a fledging party, once her application to join it is accepted.
Philip Golingai
Star, 29 May 2022

25. Malaysia, Japan agree to more comprehensive ties, continue with Look East Policy
Bernama, 28 May 2022

26. One step forward and two steps back
Whoever said Malaysians who want change for the better are dejected or defeated is wrong. The truth is far from it. Of course, those who want a better and more responsible government might have felt defeated when Pakatan Harapan (PH) was ousted through the nefarious Sheraton Move in February 2020.
P Ramasamy
Free Malaysia Today, 28 May 2022

27. Past mistakes made Sabah depend on ‘outsiders’, says Kitingan
Willie Jude
Free Malaysia Today, 28 May 2022

28. Putrajaya, Tokyo ink deal to send skilled Malaysians to work in Japan
Free Malaysia Today, 28 May 2022

29. GRS outlines 4 pillars
Izwan Abdullah
New Straits Times, 28 May 2022

30. Tengku Zafrul identified as ‘poster boy’
Joceline Tan
Star, 28 May 2022

31. Bahasa Melayu bantu perkukuh persahabatan China-Malaysia [Bahasa Melayu helps strengthen China-Malaysia friendship]
Prof Dr Su Yingying dan Dr Han Xiao
Berita Harian (Malaysia), 26 May 2022


32. SAC’s peace negotiation team signs agreements with KNU/KNLA (PC) after 3 days of talks
Eleven Myanmar, 29 May 2022

33. Can Myanmar be the next Sri Lanka?
Mizzima, 29 May 2022

34. Russia and China block UN statement on Myanmar crisis
AP News, 28 May 2022

35. Myanmar Central Bank Orders Government Agencies to Stop Using Foreign Currencies
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 27 May 2022


36. ‘Delikado’: Saving Palawan from the Chainsaws
[A 25-minute interview]
Luke Hunt
Diplomat, 30 May 2022

37. Philippines President-elect Marcos Jnr chooses stability in naming new cabinet to revive economy and restore family name
Raissa Robles
South China Morning Post, 29 May 2022

38. Health reform, pay hike: Wish list for Bongbong Marcos grows
Julie M. Aurelio, Kathleen de Villa & Nestor Corrales
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 28 May 2022

39. COVID-19 Lockdown Policy and Heterogeneous Responses of Urban Mobility: Evidence from the Philippines
Yi Jiang , Jade R. Laranjo, and Milan Thomas
Asian Development Bank, 27 May 2022

40. In the Philippines, Civil Society Grows Amid Democratic Backsliding
Ronald Castillo
Diplomat, 27 May 2022

41. Protect the truth’: A Marcos return in Philippines triggers fear for history
Karen Lema
Reuters, 27 May 2022


42. Creating the ideal city
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022

43. Don’t turn off the tap just yet
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022

44. PM set to back B3tn budget
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022

45. Majority unsurprised by Chadchart’s win, predict impact on govt: Poll
Nation, 29 May 2022


46. José Ramos-Horta accuses Alexander Downer of ‘distorting’ issues around 2004 Timor-Leste bugging
Christopher Knaus
Guardian, 27 May 2022


47. Economic co-operation seen as main pillar of comprehensive ties with Laos
Voice of Vietnam, 30 May 2022

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

48. Robust and risky Asean
Bangkok Post, 30 May 2022

49. Sokhonn stresses Asean FPC ahead of next Myanmar visit
Khmer Times, 30 May 2022

50. 分析:“核心”地位不受影响 柬老缅不加入IPEF不会撕裂亚细安 [Analysis: “core” status will not be affected; Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar will not divide ASEAN if they do not join the IPEF]
Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报, 30 May 2022

51. NST Leader: UNSC fails, again
New Straits Times, 30 May 2022

52. Asean economies shine as Covid-19 forces China to step back
Jeffrey Hutton
Straits Times, 30 May 2022

53. Davos shows Southeast Asia must increasingly look out for its own interests
Karim Raslan
South China Morning Post, 29 May 2022

54. US-ASEAN’s inclusive prosperity overlooks the region’s homophobia
Rio Tuasikal, Dina Listiorini
Jakarta Post, 28 May 2022

55. Asean should deal with food security concerns
Jose M.L. Montesclaros, Mely Caballero-Anthony
Straits Times, 28 May 2022

56. Will Washington Invest in Its Neighborhood?
Catherine Osborn
Foreign Policy, 27 May 2022

57. Leaders of least-developed Cambodia, Laos play down concerns of a China debt trap
Radio Free Asia, 27 May 2022

58. From Singapore to Malaysia and Philippines, Asean’s interest in Biden’s IPEF a signal to China it wants better ‘balance of power’ in region
Maria Siow
South China Morning Post, 27 May 2022

Asia Pacific

59. 认清“新冷战”陷阱,亚太才有未来 [Asia-Pacific will only have a future if it recognises the trap of a “new cold war”]
Huanqiu 环球网, 30 May 2022

60. Biden’s new trade-pact offer is almost a laughingstock
Kornelius Purba
Jakarta Post, 30 May 2022

61. China is not worried about the IPEF – but it should be
Danson Cheong
Straits Times, 30 May 2022

62. ASEAN committed to Asia’s bright future
Khmer Times, 28 May 2022

East/South China Sea

63. What is driving China’s ‘assertiveness’ in the South China Sea?
Mark J. Valencia
South China Morning Post, 30 May 2022

Climate Change/Environment

64. How voluntary carbon markets can help Indonesia meet its climate goals
Martin Santoso, Vivek Lath, and Vishal Agarwal
Jakarta Post, 30 May 2022

65. Rush for ‘forest carbon credits’ will not address climate change
Meenakshi Raman is Sahabat Alam Malaysia president.
Malaysian Insight, 27 May 2022

Media, Technology and Society

66. Battle hots up between US and Chinese firms for slice of Asean’s data centre market
Danson Cheong and Charissa Yong
Straits Times, 30 May 2022

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