Webinar on “The Asia Pacific Economies: Challenges and Prospects in 2024”


In this webinar, Mr Carlos Kuriyama and Mr Foo Cher How unpacked the outcomes of the recent APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and their implications for the region in 2024.


Digging Deeper with DEFA


As the first round of negotiations for the ASEAN Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA) approaches, Kristina Fong discusses critical aspects to consider that will make the DEFA successful in bridging the digital divide and facilitating more meaningful digital integration.

GVC Reconfiguration: Risks and Opportunities for ASEAN Members (Trends in Southeast Asia Issue 4 / 2023)


The Trends in Southeast Asia series serves as in-depth analysis of contemporary geopolitical and socio-economic forces in the region.

In Issue 4 / 2023, ASC researchers Sithanonxay Suvannaphakdy and Pham Thi Phuong Thao gauge the position of ASEAN in global value chains (GVCs) and assess the risks and opportunities of GVC reconfiguration, amidst the backdrop of different global disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions and US-China trade disputes, and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Panorama: Insights into Asian and European 2022 Issue 1: New Insights into Multilateralism


This issue of Panorama: Insights into Asian and European Affairs addresses multilateral cooperation of global interest, looking at the COVID-19 pandemic and country studies in Asia and Europe with implications for regional and international security as well as assessing challenging multilateral collaborations in both regions on a case-by-case basis. ASEAN Studies Centre Researchers Joanne Lin and Melinda Martinus contribute a chapter on ASEAN in Health Crisis Mode, to examine what the regional body can do to enhance health coordination across sectors and pillars.

The Courteous Charmer: A Hard Look at Japan’s Soft Power in Southeast Asia


Indira Zahra Aridati examines the rise of Japanese soft power across Southeast Asia and its many facets.

Is Laos Able to Make a Difference in the Myanmar Crisis?


Joanne Lin looks at the crisis in Myanmar and recommends possible strategies for Laos to move the needle on the issue, ahead of its ASEAN Chairmanship next year.

The Rise of the Live Music Industry in Southeast Asia


Neo Hui Yun Rebecca analyses the rising demand for live music shows in Southeast Asia and how regional countries can tap into this opportunity.

A New Chapter in ASEAN-Japan Relations


ASEANFocus is privileged to feature the Secretary-General of the ASEAN-Japan Centre, Dr Kunihiko Hirabayashi. He provides a perspective on the ASEAN-Japan relationship after 50 years, and how Japan intends to substantiate the new Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with ASEAN.

Changing Political Landscapes and Leadership Transitions in Southeast Asia


Electoral politics have been heating up in Southeast Asia after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Philippines and Malaysia elected new leaders in 2022. Vietnam underwent a major leadership change after President Nguyen Xuan Phuc tendered his resignation. Voters in Thailand and Cambodia, headed to the ballot box to elect their representatives, while Singapore voted for a new president this year. 2024 will be a fascinating year for Indonesia as the largest democracy in the region will hold its presidential election. ASEANFocus invites experts to assess the changing political landscape and leadership transitions in Southeast Asia, and its implications for society and regional stability.

Rise of Unicorns in Southeast Asia


Tham Siew Yean examines the state of startup developments across Southeast Asia, delving deeper into the success of unicorns in Singapore and the newest unicorn hub of Indonesia.