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NSC Working Papers

The Nalanda-Sriwijaya Centre (NSC) Working Paper Series is an online publication series which provides an avenue for swift publication and wide dissemination of research conducted or presented within the Centre, and of studies engaging fields of enquiry of relevance to the Centre.


Maritime Museums: Who Needs Them? by Stephen Davies



Locating Singapore on the Maritime Silk Road: Evidence from Maritime Archaeology, Ninth to Early Nineteenth Centuries by Kwa Chong Guan



Provenance Research on 14th-Century Greenwares found in Singapore by Roeland Stulemeijer



Engineering Expansion: Irrigation, Population and the State in Pre-modern South India by Tilman Frasch



Exploring the Role of Language in Early State Formation of Southeast Asia by Thomas M. Hunter, Jr



Mt. Sumeru 須彌山: Source Manual for Iconographic Research on the Buddhist Universe by Ataru Sotomura



Rock-cut Chambers on the East Coast of Sumatra: A Translation and Review of G.L. Tichelman’s Felsengänge an Sumatras Ostküste, with Additions and Amendments by E. Edwards McKinnon (with translation by Dieter Bartels)



Boni in Chinese Sources: Translations of Relevant Texts from the Song to Qing Dynasties by Johannes L. Kurz



“That Great Ocean of Idealism”: Calcutta, the Tagore Circle and the Idea of Asia, 1900 – 1920 by Mark R. Frost



Tagore Looks East by Sukanta Chaudhuri