Vietnam and Social Media: The Clock Is Ticking on Tiktok


A lawsuit filed against TikTok by a Vietnamese firm portends a tightening of controls on social media by the authorities.



Fighting Covid-19 in Vietnam: Striking a Delicate Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy


The relative success of Vietnam’s Covid-19 contact tracing app has sparked concerns about the privacy of users. Currently, however, app users are wont to give the government the benefit of the doubt.



Industrial Parks in Vietnam


Regional Economic Studies Programme Webinar

About the Webinar

Development of industrial parks (IPs) is regarded as an important policy instrument to foster socio-economic growth in Vietnam by attracting foreign direct investment, generating jobs, restructuring regional economy and enhancing the capacity of domestic firms through inter-firm linkages and technology spillovers. For the past two decades the number of IPs has increased five-fold, reflecting the country’s commitment to further facilitate investment and boost business competitiveness. In the context of increasing global uncertainty, the resulting disruption in global value chain and FDI relocation trend, how can the country prepare itself to overcome challenges and grab new opportunities? What role does IPs development policy play?

This webinar will provide an update and evaluation of the state of IPs in Vietnam, as well as discuss current government policies regarding IPs – their strengths, weaknesses and the way forward, taking into account recent developments in the global economy.

About the Speaker

Dr Doan Thi Thanh Ha is an Economist at the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) in Jakarta. Her research interests include industrial organization, international trade, labor market and income distribution. She is involved in various research-based policy development projects at ERIA, focusing on trade facilitation and economic integration; globalization and firms’ behaviour; participation in global value chains and labour market outcome; technology exposure and employment; productivity improvement of the private sector in selected East Asian countries, among others. She is coordinating a capacity building program, in collaboration with UNCTAD experts, for ASEAN government officials on non-tariff measures.

Before joining ERIA, Dr Doan was a Research Associate at the Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo. She was also a short-term consultant for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.


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Vietnam’s Energy Future: Assessing the Nuclear Option


Vietnam has recently floated plans to revive the nuclear power option. However, Vietnam does not need to develop nuclear power at all cost. Instead, it should focus efforts on developing renewable energy and gas-fired power plants, which are safer, more affordable and less controversial.



Vietnam: Managing Chinese Pressures around Vanguard Bank


As Vietnam’s recent decision to cancel deals for oil and gas activities in waters around Vanguard Bank caused significant financial and reputational damage, Hanoi should rethink its strategy to avoid similar incidents in the future.



Vietnam’s Ageing Challenge: Getting Old Before Getting Rich?


Vietnam is encouraging young people to get married earlier and have more kids to deal with the consequences of a rapidly ageing population. However, without proper measures to upgrade the skills of the workforce and enhance its productivity, Vietnam will not be able to find a sustainable solution to the problem.



Foreign Investors Exiting China: Vietnam Milks the Gains


Vietnam stands to benefit from MNCs’ efforts to diversify their production base beyond China. How much it will actually benefit, however, depends on how fast it can roll out measures to further improve its infrastructure and business environment.



Nguyen Phu Trong’s Rare Appearances: Holding Up?


Speculation about the health of Vietnam’s top leader Nguyen Phu Trong has been rife. The question is whether he will hold up till the upcoming Party Congress in January 2021.



Assessing the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on ASEAN


The effects of COVID-19 are hitting ASEAN economies at a time when other risk factors such as a global growth slowdown were already rising. Any assessment of impacts must recognise that the spread of the virus is evolving in unpredictable ways



USS Theodore Roosevelt’s Vietnam Visit: Low Key, High Touch


Hanoi’s decision to host the visit of the USS Theodore Roosevelt underscores its determination to pursue better relations with the US