Dr Nguyen Dinh Cung

Nguyen Dinh Cung is former President and now Senior Advisor of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), Vietnam. He obtained his B.A in Economics of Trade from Prague School of Economics, Czech Republic, in 1982, his Master’s degree in Development Economics from University of Manchester, United Kingdom, in 1996, and Ph.D. in Development Economics at the CIEM in 2009. He was Acting President and then President of the CIEM from 2013 to August 2019. Having worked more than 35 years at the CIEM, he has made great contributions to economic reform and development in Vietnam. He has been a key drafter of important laws such as Law on Company and Law on Private Enterprise (1990), Law on Enterprise (1999, 2005 and 2014), Law on Investment (2005, 2014), Law on Bankruptcy (1991) and many guiding documents. He participated in policy making processes related to institutional reform, economic restructuring, state owned enterprise reform, business environment reform, competitiveness improvement, investment, public investment and fair competition. He was also assigned to directly draft the annual Government’s resolutions on improving the business environment and enhancing national competitiveness from 2014 to present times. Currently, he is a member of the Prime Minister’s Public Administration Reform Advisory Council and member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Group.

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