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ISEAS in the News: "Regional Outlook Forum 2020"

ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute hosted its annual flagship event, Regional Outlook Forum 2020 on 9 January.

More than 700 participants from the academic, government, diplomatic and private sectors attended the one-day conference at Raffles City Convention Centre, which covered issues such as US-China rivalry and its impact on the world especially Southeast Asia, close looks at what are happening in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar and the immediate and mid-term outlook for this region. 13 prominent speakers and experts in their respective areas shared their candid insight and left us with much food for thought for 2020. 

Media Coverage

  1. Malay Mail, 10 January 2020 - Rafizi: For Pakatan to retain power, Dr M must hand over the reins willingly
  2. The Straits Times, 10 January 2020 - Navigating the divide: South-east Asia between the US and China
  3. Lianhe Zaobao, 10 January 2020 - 沈大伟:如同置身中美博弈“震中” 东南亚国家应更积极向华盛顿发声
  4. DW News, 10 January 2020 - 东南亚国家无可避免倒向北京 美专家揭其背后矛盾心理
  5. Malaysia Chronicles, 10 January 2020 - Old & selfish – does Mahathir want to force his own coalition to impose a retirement date on him? Rafizi sees Anwar 8th pm by 2021 – ‘the numbers are there for Anwar … But no one wants to rock the boat yet’
  6. VOA Chinese, 10 January 2020 - 中美专家质疑两国第二阶段经贸谈判能否上路
  7. Lianhe Zaobao, 9 January 2020 - 拉菲兹预计马哈迪将在明年上半年交棒
  8. South China Morning Post, 9 January 2020 - Mahathir, set a retirement date or we’ll do it for you: Anwar ally Rafizi on Malaysia’s power transition
  9. South China Morning Post, 9 January 2020 - Doubts over phase one trade deal as US-China ties ‘still in deep trouble’
  10. Malaysiakini, 9 January 2020 - Retirement date may be imposed if Dr M doesn't commit to a timeline - Rafizi
  11. Mothership, 9 January 2020 - How can Pakatan Harapan win the next election? It’s the economy, Anwar.
  12. Channel Newsasia, 9 January 2020 (Time 1:52:00) - Interview with Prof Mari Pangestu Asia First: Thu 9 Jan 2020
  13. PhoenixTV, 9 January 2020 - 區域經濟展望論壇在新加坡開幕 討論東盟國家發展
  14. Vietnam News, 9 January 2020 (Time 36.20) - Bản tin thời sự 18h ngày 09/01/2020