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Indonesia and ASEAN's Changing Dynamics

Wednesday, 4 October 2017 - Dr Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa, Distinguished Fellow of Asia Society Policy Institute and former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia delivered the ASEAN Lecture on the topic of ‘Indonesia and ASEAN’s Changing Dynamics’. Sharing his personal reflections, he underscored the need for coherence in responding to the constantly changing dynamics of the region. He emphasised ASEAN's role as a vehicle of constructive engagement, which had been instrumental in encouraging Myanmar’s opening up and democratic transformation process. He shared his view that ASEAN needs to continue this role in engaging Myanmar today. Dr Natalegawa also stressed the importance of continuous efforts to "shape and mold" change in the region, to ensure that ASEAN maintains an atmosphere of connectivity, synergy, and mutual understanding among its members as well as its external partners.

Over 100 people, including diplomats, government officials, business leaders, academics, students and members of the media attended the lecture.

The ASEAN Lecture Series features high-level policy-makers, eminent scholars, public intellectuals and business leaders discussing transformative ideas that will shape the development of the region, in addition to fostering a better understanding of ASEAN, and its relations with the international community.