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Subscribed Resources

Since 2013, ISEAS Library has started to subscribe to a number of electronic resources in support of the research needs of our researchers and staff. To date, library members have online access to nearly 10,000 e-journals, e-newspapers, e-magazines through 7 databases. 
To facilitate the discovery of all the subscribed e-journals & e-newspapers through a single access gateway and further improve on the searching experience, users may use the publication discovery platform that the Library has subscribed (since Nov 2014) to locate a particular e-journal or e-newspaper.
In using these resources which the Library does not own, users should abide with Copyright and Usage Rules imposed by the content owners.

E-journals via IP Access (Full-text Accessible within ISEAS)

American Economic Review (1999-)

American Economic Journal. Applied Economics(2009-)

American Economic Journal. Economic policy(2009-)

American Economic Journal. Macroeconomics (2009-)

American Economic Journal. Microeconomics (2009-)

American Political Science Review (2010-)

American Sociological Review (2004-)

Asian Affairs : An American Review (1997-)

Asian Affairs – London (1997-)

Asia Pacific Viewpoint (1997-)

Asian Economic Journal (2012-)

Asian Economic Papers (2002-)

Asian Economic Policy Review(2012-)

Asian Journal of Political Science (1997-)

Asian Journal of Social Science (1973-)

Asian Pacific Economic Literature  (1997-)

Asian Studies Review (1997-)

Asian Survey (1961-)

Asia-Pacific Review (1997-)

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (1965-)

China Quarterly (1960-2009)

China Quarterly (2010-)

Chinese Journal of International Politics (2006-)

Comparative Political Studies (2012-) 

Comparative Politics (2007-)

Critical Asian Studies (2001-)

Current History (Only Current Issue)

Development Policy Review (1997-) 

Diaspora Studies (2008-)

East Asian History (1991-)

East Asian Policy: An International Quarterly (2012-)

Economic Development and Cultural Change (1952-)

Ethnic and Racial Studies (1997-)

Indonesia (1966-)

Indonesia and the Malay World (1997-)

Indonesia Project (2008-)

International Journal of Asian Studies (2010-)

International Migration - Oxford (1997-)

International Migration Review (2001-)

International Political Sociology (2007-2013)

International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (2001-)

International Studies Perspective, (2000-2013)

International Studies Quarterly (1967-2012)

International Studies Review (1997-2013)

ISIS Focus (2008-2010)

Journal of Asian Economics (1995-)

Journal of Asian Studies (2004-)

Journal of Chinese Overseas (2005-)

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs (2009-)

Journal of Contemporary Asia (1997-)

Journal of Developing Societies (2002-)

Journal of East Asian Studies (2011-)

Journal of Economic Literature (1999-)

Journal of Economic Perspective (1987-)

Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs (1997-)

Journal of Political Economy (Full access from 1892-2011, Partial access from 2012-)

Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (1997-) (formerly known as ASEAN Economic Bulletin) 

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (2001-)

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (1997-)

Journal of Vietnamese Studies (2006-)

Military Balance (1997-)

Modern Asian Studies (1997-)

Nations and Nationalism (1997-)

Pacific Affairs (2005-)

Pacific Review (2005-)

Perspectives on Politics (2003-2012)

Philippine Studies : Historical & Ethnographic Viewpoints (1953-)  

Political Science Quarterly (1886-2013)

Population Studies (1985-)

PS: Political Science and Politics (2000-2012)

South East Asia Research (2000-)

Strategic Comments (2005-2013)

Strategic Survey (1997-)

Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (2001-)

The Singapore Economic Review (2001-)

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy (1997-)

The Polar Journal (2011-)

Third World Quarterly (1995-)

World Economic Outlook (1999-)

World Policy Journal (2006-)

World Politics (2009-2014)


Newspapers & Magazines

Business Times (Both online & hardcopy available)

The Diplomat (Only online available)

The Edge Markets (Both online & hardcopy available)

Malaysiakini (Only online available)

The New York Times (Only online available)

The Star (Only online available)

Straits Times (Both online & hardcopy available)

Time (Both online & hardcopy available)

The Wall Street Journal (Only online available)

Zaobao (Only online available)



Bibliography of Asian Studies

CEIC Data (onsite login)



Project Muse