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Collection Building

The ISEAS Library was established in 1968 to serve the research needs of ISEAS researchers as well as scholars interested in the study of the Southeast Asian region. The Library monitors 92 electronic news resources on a daily basis. Extracted articles and commentaries as collated in the form of Daily News Alert to our subscribers.
On 12 August 2015, ISEAS was renamed ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute as part of the Singapore Government's initiative to honour the Republic’s first President, Yusof Ishak. The Library monitors 60 journals and websites of think tanks on a weekly basis and extracts relevant articles to send to our users and subscribers.

Collection Access

As of May 2020, ISEAS researchers may borrow a maximum of 100 books for a period of up to 2 months. The Library releases newly acquired books twice a month as part of the acquisition cycle. As of July 2016, the Library has a total of 1,340 registered members, 2/3 are external users.
Nitrogen Fumigation Chamber 13.6  - The Library operates a fumigation chamber to treat infested materials before adding them to the collection. Each fumigation cycle uses two cylinders of Nitrogen gas, consuming 13.6 cubic metres of Nitrogen gas. The Heaviest Book 3.5  - The weight of the heaviest book in the Library is 3.5kg. It is a Vietnamese publication entitled “Đại Từ Điển Kinh Tế Thị Trường” (Dictionary on Market Economy).
Private Papers 33 - As of January 2021, the Library has taken custody of the private papers of 33 prominent individuals, which includes S. Rajaratnam, David Marshall, H.S. Lee and Tan Chin Tuan. These private collections provide historical perspectives on social, political and other aspects on Southeast Asia. They are available for consultation at the Library upon request. Microfilm Collections 18,046  - The Library has 18,046 reels of 35mm microfilm, the majority of them are regional newspapers. The Library has digitised close to 15,000 reels as of August 2016 for online access.
Glass Plate Negatives 75 - The ISEAS Library has in its custody 75 glass plate negatives as part of its Southeast Asian Cultural Collection. The collection also includes an estimated 30,000 35mm framed colour slides and 40,000 rolls of negatives, mostly on buildings (architecture) and village people. Microfiche Collections 59,379 - The Library has a total of 59,379 titles in its microfiche collection. 77% of these are in Indonesian language.
Loanable Materials 253,791 - As of March 2021, the volume of loanable library materials (books and journals) is 253,791. Indonesian Collections 95,063 - As of March 2021, the Library has a total of 95,063 titles in Bahasa Indonesia.