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1. Hun Sen is Cambodia’s de facto FM
David Hutt
Bangkok Post, 14 June 2024


2. Prabowo Plans to Raise Indonesia’s Debt-to-GDP Ratio Toward 50%
Faris Mokhtar and Grace Sihombing
Bloomberg, 14 June 2024
3. ‘Do they need it?’ Influencer scholarships in Indonesia spark concerns about use of student aid
South China Morning Post
CNA, 14 June 2024
4. Neta, Wuling, Chery, and Sokon to Make Indonesia an EV Export Hub
Jakarta Globe, 14 June 2024
5. Jakarta election shaping up as race between Anies, Ridwan
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 14 June 2024
6. Demokrat dan Kekhawatiran Terhadap Anies [Democrats and Concerns About Anies]
Republika, 14 June 2024
7. Germany Faces a Balancing Act in Engaging with Prabowo’s Indonesia
Tim Hildebrandt and Christopher J. Godwin
Diplomat, 13 June 2024
8. Court orders revote, vote recount in legislative elections in over a dozen regions
News Desk (The Jakarta Post)
Jakarta Post, 13 June 2024
9. PKB teases potential Anies-Kaesang pairing in Jakarta election
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 13 June 2024
10. PAN to back Gerindra’s Bobby in North Sumatra gubernatorial election
Apriadi Gunawan
Jakarta Post, 13 June 2024


11. ‘We feel frustration’: Singapore drivers face roadblocks in securing Malaysia’s VEP
Amir Yusof
CNA, 14 June 2024
12. More Singaporeans opting to retire in Malaysia
Natasha Busst
Free Malaysia Today, 14 June 2024
13. What does it take for Malaysians to care more about local issues? Being Malay and well-off for a start, report suggests
Malay Mail Online, 14 June 2024
14. Measuring the ‘rakyat’: Towards evidence-based political discourse
Benjamin YH Loh and Munira Mustaffa
Malay Mail Online, 14 June 2024
15. Awaiting ‘campaign synergy’ in Sg Bakap
N Faizal Ghazali
Malaysiakini, 14 June 2024
16. Malaysia to build port near Kuala Lumpur amid supply chain shift
Hakimie Amrie
Nikkei Asia, 14 June 2024
17. US returns US$156 million in looted 1MDB funds to Malaysia
Joseph Sipalan
South China Morning Post, 14 June 2024
18. Educators blame govt for decline in English proficiency
Ravin Palanisamy
The Malaysian Insight, 14 June 2024
19. Chinese in Malaysia: Proud of China’s rise, yet fiercely Malaysian
[Originally published here on Fulcrum]
Peter T.C. Chang, Deputy Director, Institute of China Studies, University of Malaya
ThinkChina, 14 June 2024
20. Proton unveils made-in-Malaysia EV brand
Bloomberg News
Bangkok Post, 13 June 2024
21. Inflation Monitor: What do Malaysians think about our current inflation and economic situation?
Ipsos, 13 June 2024
22. Malaysia’s diesel smugglers lament subsidy cut hurting profit – ‘not worth the trouble’
Hadi Azmi
South China Morning Post, 13 June 2024
23. Explainer: Diesel pump prices in M’sia surge 56% after PM Anwar’s subsidy reforms. Will this affect prices in S’pore?
Deborah Lau
Today, 13 June 2024


24. Learning from Myanmar’s rebels, junta builds new Chinese drone fleet
Asahi Shimbun (AJW), 13 June 2024
25. ‘We can’t afford to treat them equally’: Non-CDM students enter the revolutionary fold
Frontier Myanmar, 13 June 2024
26. Myanmar Junta Delegation Attends Russian Economic Forum
Irrawaddy, 13 June 2024
27. Dozens of officials carrying out Myanmar’s draft have been killed
Radio Free Asia, 13 June 2024


28. Why Is the Philippines Blocking ‘Miracle Crops’?
Nick Aspinwall
Foreign Policy, 13 June 2024


29. Two tigers of digital age
China Daily, 12 June 2024


30. 20-baht rail network cap ‘by 2026’
Bangkok Post, 14 June 2024
31. Thaksin sets out to reunite political ‘big names and major families
The Nation, 14 June 2024
32. Political Turmoil in Thailand with Thitinan Pongsudhirak
[30-minute Podcast]
Gregory B. Poling, Japhet Quitzon, and Lauren Mai
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 13 June 2024
33. The four factions vying in Thailand’s Senate race
The Nation, 13 June 2024
34. Is the Ban Pa legacy coming to an end?
The Nation, 13 June 2024
35. Thailand sits on 44.41 quadrillion baht worth of rare minerals
The Nation, 13 June 2024
36. Experts: Thailand’s bid to join BRICS is mostly symbolic
Wasamon Audjarint
VOA, 13 June 2024


37. Vietnam plans to raise special consumption tax on alcoholic drinks to 100% by 2030
CNA, 14 June 2024
38. Task assignments for Vietnam’s four Deputy Prime Ministers
VietNamNet, 14 June 2024
39. Police and military seen gaining power amid Vietnamese political upheaval
VOA, 13 June 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

40. PPRP seeks ruling on MoU with Cambodia
Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 14 June 2024
41. Bitcoin miners pivot to Southeast Asia after China crackdown
Bloomberg News
Bangkok Post, 14 June 2024
[An 11-min podcast interview]
Thomas Daniel
BFM 89.9, 13 June 2024
43. ASEAN chief: Bloc won’t pick sides in US-China rivalry
Alex Willemyns
Radio Free Asia, 13 June 2024

Asia Pacific

44. Two Decades of the Quad: Diplomacy and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific
Satu Limaye, Vivek Mishra, Lilah Connell, Amy Namur, Robin McCoy, and Aryan D’Rozario
ORF, 14 June 2024
45. A Global South with Chinese characteristics
Niva Yau
Atlantic Council, 13 June 2024
46. Is China Exporting Its Political Model To The World? A New Report Says Yes.
[Link to the report “A Global South with Chinese characteristics“]
Reid Standish
RFE/RL, 13 June 2024
47. Talks on China-Japan-South Korea FTA merely ‘symbolic’ given US and public opposition
Maria Siow
South China Morning Post, 13 June 2024
48. [Big read] Will the Chinese Navy or the US Navy rule the waves?
Yang Jing
ThinkChina, 13 June 2024

East/South China Sea

49. China’s new maritime rule to take effect; Filipinos at risk, experts say
Nikkei Asia, 14 June 2024
50. 菲律宾操弄二次仲裁不会得逞 [The Philippines’ attempt to manipulate the “second arbitration” will not succeed]
环球网, 14 June 2024
51. China’s maritime militia: the shadowy armada whose existence Beijing rarely acknowledges
Helen Davidson
Guardian, 13 June 2024
52. ASEAN aims to conclude South China Sea code of conduct by 2026
Nike Ching
VOA, 12 June 2024

Climate Change/Environment

53. Is Asean ready to abandon coal?
Chaedar Indra & Pramana Suwanto & Shania Esmeralda Manaloe & Beni Suryadi
Bangkok Post, 14 June 2024
54. Singapore to offer carbon tax rebates up to 76% for refiners, petrochemical firms, sources say
South China Morning Post, 14 June 2024
55. Prabowo must move with care in pursuit of biofuel leadership
Ahmad Munawir Siregar and Akhmad Hanan
Nikkei Asia, 13 June 2024
56. The Economic Implications of Global Water Stress
Rane Worldview, 13 June 2024

Media, Technology & Society

57. PacNet#39 – Lavender’s impact: time for an arms control agreement for AI?
Manoj Harjani
Pacific Forum, 13 June 2024
58. AI: Hope or Hype?
Project Syndicate, 13 June 2024
59. Curbing Falsehoods on WhatsApp and Telegram
Shantanu Sharma, Ken Chen
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 13 June 2024


60. “Bending” the Architecture: Reimagining the G7
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 12 June 2024

Global Affairs
61. Five Lessons from 2020
Gaurav Dalmia is Chairman of Dalmia Group Holdings
ORF, 13 June 2024

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