Daily News on Southeast Asia – 13 Jun 2024 

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Today’s issue includes the following commentaries and citations attributed to ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and its researchers. You can click on the links to go to the articles directly.

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1. South Korea is still Indonesia’s best partner for defence-technology cooperation
Yokie Rahmad Isjchwansyah
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 13 June 2024
2. Textile Industry Crisis: Factory Closures and Nearly 14,000 Layoffs Due to Imported Goods
Leonard AL Cahyoputra
Jakarta Globe, 13 June 2024
3. IDEAS Report: Growing Economic Disparity Reflected in Indonesia’s Qurban Economy
Alfida Rizky Febrianna
Jakarta Globe, 13 June 2024
4. Government greenlights TNI, Police law revisions
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 13 June 2024
5. Govt readies 1,000 ha of land to build Penajam Eco-City project near Nusantara
Yohana Belinda
Jakarta Post, 13 June 2024
6. Prabowo, US top diplomat discuss permanent ceasefire in Gaza
Pizaro Gozali Idrus
Benar News, 12 June 2024
7. Indonesian ministry pilots four-day work week to test impact on productivity, well-being
CNA, 12 June 2024
8. Envoy Says Indonesia-US Economic Ties Still Thrive Even Without GSP
Jayanty Nada Shofa
Jakarta Globe, 12 June 2024
9. Political SOE appointments raise eyebrows
Dio Suhenda
Jakarta Post, 12 June 2024
10. Ministry pitches Bandung, Nusantara urban railway to Chinese investors
Jakarta Post, 12 June 2024
11. Alasan DPW PKB DKI Jakarta Deklarasikan Dukungan untuk Anies untuk Pilgub Jakarta [Why DPW PKB DKI Jakarta Declared Support for Anies for the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election]
Bayu Adji P, Antara
Republika, 12 June 2024
12. China-Indonesia economic relations to strengthen in seven areas
Wu Chongbo
ThinkChina, 12 June 2024
13. Prabowo’s shifting stance on China and Chinese Indonesians
Leo Suryadinata
ThinkChina, 12 June 2024
14. Why Indonesia Courts China For AI Collaboration and How to Make the Most of It
Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat is the Director of the China-Indonesia Desk at the Center of Economic and Law Studies (CELIOS).
China Global South Project, 10 June 2024


15. China, Laos vow to steer clear of disruptions, oppose camp confrontation
Star, 13 June 2024
16. Laos’ falling currency has made debt payments challenging, ADB expert says
Radio Free Asia, 12 June 2024


17. PKR names retired educator, Joohari Ariffin, as Sungai Bakap by-election candidate
Opalyn Mok
Malay Mail Online, 13 June 2024
18. Analysis: Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road leaves Malaysia with a ‘ghost’ island
Nikkei Asia, 13 June 2024
19. 土团与伊党关系走向尴尬阶段 [The relationship between Bersatu and PAS has reached an awkward stage]
联合早报, 13 June 2024
20. Bersih slams Putrajaya’s RM17.8m aid, Aidiladha allocation for mosques in Sg Bakap ahead of by-election
Malay Mail Online, 12 June 2024
21. Good Malaysia-China relations: Better lives for Chinese Malaysians?
Michael Tai
ThinkChina, 12 June 2024
22. Majoriti pengundi India akan sokong calon Kerajaan Perpaduan – Kumaresan [A majority of Indian voters will support the Unity Government candidate]
Safina Ramli
Utusan Malaysia, 12 June 2024
23. JB-S’pore RTS Link project reports steady progress, nears 80% completion
Remar Nordin
Star, 11 June 2024


24. Bridge built by Yokogawa, Sumitomo handed to Myanmar regime
Nikkei Asia, 13 June 2024
25. Myanmar’s economy in crisis as civil strife disrupts trade and livelihoods
[Link to 54-page pdf report “Myanmar economic monitor: Livelihoods under threat“]
AP News, 12 June 2024
26. A revolutionary bridge too far in Myanmar
David Scott Mathieson
Asia Times, 12 June 2024
27. World Bank Paints Its Grimmest Picture Yet For Myanmar’s Future
[Link to the June 2024: Myanmar Economic Monitor]
Irrawaddy, 12 June 2024
28. China Gives Six Patrol Boats to Myanmar Junta
Irrawaddy, 12 June 2024
29. AA held discussions with China about Chinese investments in Rakhine State
Mizzima, 12 June 2024


30. VP Duterte on Uniteam alliance: ‘We are not candidates anymore’
Raymund Antonio
Manila Bulletin, 13 June 2024
31. The ‘external threat’ that Marcos has brought us
Ricardo Saludo
Manila Times, 13 June 2024
32. Which flashpoint should give us more sleepless nights?
Francisco S. Tatad
Manila Times, 12 June 2024


33. Srettha won’t parachute adviser into BoT
Mongkol Bangprapa
Bangkok Post, 13 June 2024
34. Digital wallet scheme hits another snag
Chartchai Parasuk
Bangkok Post, 13 June 2024
35. What fuels Thai ex-PM Thaksin’s drive to broker peace in Myanmar?
Nikkei Asia, 13 June 2024
36. Which political faction will secure control of the Senate?
The Nation, 12 June 2024
37. Srettha’s written defence raises 3 key points
The Nation, 12 June 2024
38. 泰国三大案件618日审理 或引发政局动荡 [Three major cases in Thailand to be heard on June 18, may cause political turmoil]
联合早报, 12 June 2024

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

39. Commentary: As Johor-Singapore SEZ plans accelerate, who stands to benefit?
Lim Lay Wah and Tay Xiaohan
CNA, 13 June 2024
40. U.S. tops China as ASEAN’s largest export destination
Nikkei Asia, 13 June 2024
41. Continuity in Singapore-Malaysia ties with opportunities for new areas of cooperation: PM Wong
Fabian Koh
CNA, 12 June 2024
42. CARI Asean: Asean must be bold and strategic in post-2025 plan
Munir Majid
Edge Markets, 12 June 2024
43. Meraikan 100 Tahun Ketersambungan SG-Johor [Celebrating 100 Years of SG-Johor Connectivity]
Berita Mediacorp, 9 June 2024

Asia Pacific

44. How Demographics Impact Security in the Indo-Pacific
[37-minute Podcast]
Michael J. Green and Jude Blanchette
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (United States), 12 June 2024

East/South China Sea

45. Rethinking the South China Sea in Indian Maritime Security Strategy
Araudra Singh
Diplomat, 12 June 2024
46. Vietnam president stresses rule of law in South China Sea
Radio Free Asia, 12 June 2024
47. Will Philippines’ new defence deals with New Zealand, Japan provoke China?
Jeoffrey Maitem
South China Morning Post, 12 June 2024

Climate Change/Environment

48. Hydrogen’s Role in the Asia Pacific’s Energy Transition
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 13 June 2024
49. Air Pollution in the Philippines – Solutions
Eric Koons
Energy Tracker Asia, 13 June 2024
50. Enhancing Energy Security And Sustainability: ASEAN-Bangladesh Energy Cooperation
Syed Raiyan Amir
Eurasia Review, 13 June 2024
51. The Renewable Energy Policy in Vietnam Risks Deterring Investors
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
52. Malaysia’s Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
53. Global Energy Transition Index – Quantifying Progress
[Link to the report “Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2023“]
Eric Koons
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
54. South Korea’s Energy Mix and Its 10th Basic Energy Plan
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
55. Southeast Asia’s New Gas Projects Hit Record High, Report Shows
Tim Daiss
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
56. Battery Energy Storage Systems Development – ASEAN Members Fall Behind
Tim Daiss
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
57. Wind Energy in Malaysia – Potential for Growth
Eric Koons
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024
58. Ammonia Coal Co-firing: Solution Or Distraction?
Eric Koons
Energy Tracker Asia, 12 June 2024

Media, Technology & Society

59. Indonesia’s threat to ban X for allowing porn may hurt digital economy and prove ineffective: Experts
Hariz Baharudin
Straits Times, 13 June 2024


Global Economy
60. Global economic outlook is a glass half full, half empty
Manu Bhaskaran
Edge Markets, 13 June 2024
61. A Requiem for Hyperglobalization: Why the World Will Miss History’s Greatest Economic Miracle
Dev Patel, Justin Sandefur, and Arvind Subramanian
Foreign Affairs, 12 June 2024
62. Government Role in Tackling Disruptions in Global Value Chains
Iman Pambagyo is a former Director General for Trade Negotiations and an Indonesian Ambassador in charge of the WTO.
Jakarta Globe, 12 June 2024
63. Global Gender Gap Report 2024
[383-page PDF Report]
World Economics Forum, 12 June 2024

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