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1. Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base Upgrade and Implications for Thailand
Tita Sanglee
Diplomat, 27 September 2023
2. Ream base allegations must end, urges official
Ry Sochan and Samban Chandara
Phnom Penh Post, 25 September 2023


3. Jokowi flexes political muscle to ensure future of clan
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 27 September 2023
4. Indonesia to import 1 million tonnes of rice from China
Jakarta Post, 27 September 2023
5. Govt sees common ground between investors, locals in Rempang
Deni Ghifari
Jakarta Post, 27 September 2023
6. Prabowo gains support of retired generals
Nur Janti
Jakarta Post, 26 September 2023
7. Rempang sheds light on Jokowi’s ‘land hungry’ national projects
Dio Suhenda
Jakarta Post, 26 September 2023
8. Ganjar, Prabowo, Anies: Sengkarut Gagasan Poros Koalisi dan Negosiasi Politik [Ganjar, Prabowo, Anies: Confusion in the Axis Coalition and Political Negotiations]
Dr Verdy Firmantoro, Pengajar di Departemen Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP Universitas Brawijaya; Peneliti di Pusat Studi Peradaban; dan Analis Komunikasi Politik Indopol
Republika, 26 September 2023


9. ‘High-growth, high-value’: Malaysia’s rare earths industry getting a push, but splitting public opinion too
Rashvinjeet S Bedi
Channel News Asia, 27 September 2023
10. CNA Correspondent – CNA’s interview with Anwar Ibrahim: What’s next for Malaysia and its leader?
[A 20-minute interview]
Channel News Asia, 27 September 2023
11. Unequal treatment breeds secessionist ideas in Sabah
Joe Samad
Free Malaysia Today, 27 September 2023
12. Malaysia relies more on individuals to fill coffers than neighbours, but taxes still a minor source of income
R. Loheswar
Malay Mail Online, 27 September 2023
13. New Cabinet before Budget 2024?
Rahimy Rahim & Arfa Yunus
Star, 27 September 2023
14. Memaknai reformasi di era Malaysia Baharu [Making sense of reform in the era of New Malaysia]
Fakhrurrazi Rashid
The Malaysian Insight, 27 September 2023
15. Rombak Kabinet: Apa misi Anwar? [Cabinet reshuffle: what is Anwar’s mission?]
Utusan Malaysia, 27 September 2023
16. Felda masih kubu kuat BN atau sudah beralih ke PN? [Is Felda still a strong fortress for BN or has it shifted to PN?]
Juani Munir Abu Bakar
Utusan Malaysia, 27 September 2023
17. 新政权未摆脱旧国家 [New regime has not broken away from the old country]
联合早报, 27 September 2023
18. Pelangai polls: Felda native Amizar capable of securing victory for BN, says Ismail Sabri
Malay Mail Online, 26 September 2023
19. Will the Malaysian Government Make Use of its Good Fortune?
Shahril Sufian Bin Hamdan
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 26 September 2023


20. Is Myanmar about to go nuclear?
Andrew Selth
Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 27 September 2023


21. VP sought additional P403M for remainder of 2022
Julio M. Aurelio
Inquirer Net, 27 September 2023
22. House to reallocate confidential, intelligence funds to counter ‘escalating threats’ in WPS
Ellson Quismorio
Manila Bulletin, 27 September 2023
23. PH, Fujian sign 24 cooperation projects
Manila Bulletin, 26 September 2023


24. Phuket banks on Chinese tourism
Achadthaya Chuenniran
Bangkok Post, 27 September 2023
25. Thai govt greenlights 500 billion baht boost for state-owned enterprises in 2024 budget bonanza
Alex Morgan
Thaiger, 27 September 2023
26. No early end seen for Deep South emergency decree
Wassana Nanuam
Bangkok Post, 26 September 2023
27. Thai PM’s Call to Regulate Weed Worries Some Cannabis Advocates
Tommy Walker
VOA, 26 September 2023


28. China-Vietnam party-to-party ties: A tie that binds
This article originally appeared on the ISEAS–Yusof Ishak Institute’s Fulcrum
Lye Liang Fook, Senior Fellow, ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute
ThinkChina, 26 September 2023
29. Hanoi Faces Balancing Act With China as Vietnam-US Ties Tighten
Le Nguyen & Khanh An
VOA, 26 September 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

30. Romance of the three kingdoms: China, Indonesia and the US
Phar Kim Beng
Jakarta Post, 27 September 2023
31. At UN, South-east Asia nations push for peace in Myanmar, South China Sea, Ukraine
Mara Cepeda
Straits Times, 27 September 2023
32. Assessing Thailand’s Pursuit of Myanmar: Analysing ASEAN Approaches and Potential Threats
Prem Singh Gill
The Nation, 27 September 2023

Asia Pacific

33. 10 years on, China’s Belt and Road goals shift with Beijing’s ambitions
Huang Yiyi
Benar News, 26 September 2023
34. Does the US really want a Biden-Xi APEC summit and better relations with China?
South China Morning Post, 26 September 2023

East/South China Sea

35. Invasion in plain sight: China spits at PH, continues island-building, harassment
Kurt Dela Peña
Inquirer Net, 27 September 2023
36. Tensions With China Cross a New Line in the South China Sea
Sui-Lee Wee
New York Times, 26 September 2023
37. China tells Philippines not to ’cause trouble’ in South China Sea
Ramon Royandoyan
Nikkei Asia, 26 September 2023
38. South China Sea: Philippines aims to ‘take control again’ of shoal from China amid rising tensions
South China Morning Post, 26 September 2023
39. China’s Decision to Escalate the 2012 Scarborough Shoal Standoff
[Link to 190-page report ‘China’s Military Decision-making in Times of Crisis and Conflict’] Shuxian Luo
The National Bureau of Asian Research,26 September 2023

Climate Change/Environment

40. ASEAN Countries Need to Prioritise Renewable Energy Not Ammonia, Hydrogen and CCS
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 27 September 2023
41. The Environmental Issues Surrounding San Miguel Corporation Are Deterring Investors
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 27 September 2023
42. Malaysia creates national auto champion, targeting EV pivot
Fumika Sato, Kenya Akama
Nikkei Asia, 27 September 2023
43. Indonesia Asks Where the Money Is for Green Transition
Joseph Rachman,
Foreign Policy, 26 September 2023
44. Coal power plants under no pressure to use new carbon exchange
Yohana Belinda
Jakarta Post, 26 September 2023
45. Climate Resilience Along the Mekong River: Economic Development and Sustainable Utilisation of Water in Riparian Southeast Asia
Aaron Chan, Jitsai Santaputra, Tasia Matthews
Observer Research Foundation, 26 September 2023
46. Indonesia launches carbon trading in bid to tame coal
Bloomberg & Reuters
Straits Times, 26 September 2023

Media, Technology & Society

47. TikTok Live and the rise of digital neo-mercantilism
Ahmad Mudhofarul Baqi
Jakarta Post, 27 September 2023
48. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos to foster ties in digital economy
Sreekanth Ravindran
Khmer Times, 27 September 2023
49. “Social commerce”: peluang atau ancaman bagi UMKM? [“Social commerce”: opportunity or threat for MSMEs?]
The Conversation, 21 September 2023

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