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1. Prime Minister Hun Manet says Cambodia targets high-income country status by 2050
Khmer Times, 25 September 2023
2. New Cambodia PM debuts at U.N. amid crackdown on opponents
Shaun Turton
Nikkei Asia, 23 September 2023


3. Commentary: Why the next decade is not simply about getting rich for Indonesia
[This commentary first appeared on ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute’s blog, Fulcrum.]
Maria Monica Wihardja
Channel News Asia, 25 September 2023
4. Indonesia’s long-term geostrategic ambition: What’s missing?
Fakhridho SBP Susilo, Jaysa Rafi Prana
Interpreter, 25 September 2023
5. Analysis: Tale of two Islam-based parties in Team Anies
Tenggara Strategics
Jakarta Post, 25 September 2023
6. Jokowi, PDI-P relations hit a new low
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 25 September 2023
7. Democrats go all in with Prabowo in 2024
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 24 September 2023
8. Indonesia walks geopolitical tightrope with Asean maritime drills and F-15 purchases
Lim Min Zhang and Hariz Baharudin
Straits Times, 22 September 2023


9. Commentary: Malaysia opposition party PAS needs more than a Mahathir
[This commentary first appeared on the Institute’s blog, Fulcrum.]
Norshahril Saat
Channel News Asia, 25 September 2023
10. No mood for change of govt in Pahang, say observers
K. Parkaran
Free Malaysia Today, 25 September 2023
11. Muda lacks vision, say analysts
Arfa Yunus, Teh Athira Yusof
Star, 25 September 2023
12. ANALISIS: Pengundi Cina, India pilih siapa? [Analysis: who will Chinese, Indian voters pick?]
Juani Munir Abu Bakar
Utusan Malaysia, 25 September 2023
13. PH-BN berpeluang cerah pertahan DUN Pelangai [PH-BN has a good chance of defending the Pelangai state assembly seat]
Mujibu Abd Muis adalah Pensyarah Kanan Sains Politik dan Felo Penyelidik ILHAM Centre, Fakulti Sains Pentadbiran & Pengajian Polisi (FSPPP), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Berita Harian, 24 September 2023
14. Wee Ka Siong Retains MCA President’s Post
Bernama, 24 September 2023
15. Commentary: What will it take for Malaysia to woo wealthy investors?
Shankaran Nambiar
Channel News Asia, 24 September 2023
16. Pakatan may skip Jepak by-election, say analysts
Desmond Davidson
The Malaysian Insight, 24 September 2023
17. Tiada parti tunggal mampu kuasai Sabah pada PRN akan datang – PBS [No single party can control Sabah in the next state elections – PBS]
Izwan Abdullah
Berita Harian, 23 September 2023
18. 3-cornered fight in Pelangai by-election
Free Malaysia Today, 23 September 2023
19. Asean ministers endorses fake news and disinformation guidelines at 16th AMRI
Malay Mail Online, 23 September 2023
20. Making ringgit and sense of Malaysian lawmakers
Mustafa K. Anuar
Malaysian Insight, 23 September 2023
21. Sarawak draws returning locals with rejuvenated city, development policies
Zunaira Saieed
Straits Times, 23 September 2023
22. 倒计时:马华党选、下届大选、党的千秋 [Countdown: MCA election, next general election, and the future of the party]
星洲网, 23 September 2023
23. Major cabinet reshuffle on the horizon – source
B Nantha Kumar
Malaysiakini, 22 September 2023
24. Malaysian pension fund KWAP launches $107m investment vehicle
Keertan Ayamany
Nikkei Asia, 22 September 2023
25. 分析:安华要实现经济转型 须先改革体制提高部门效率 [Analysis: If Anwar wants to achieve economic transformation, he must first reform the system and improve departmental efficiency]
联合早报, 22 September 2023


26. Myanmar Civilian Government’s UN Ambassador Retains Seat
Irrawaddy, 22 September 2023


27. State of the Philippine Nation under Marcos 2.0
Antonio M La Vina, Ronald U Mendoza and Philip Arnold P Tuano, Ateneo de Manila University
East Asia Forum, 23 September 2023


28. Charter panel may change rewrite rules
Wassana Nanuam
Bangkok Post, 25 September 2023
29. Finding Thailand’s political model
Bangkok Post, 25 September 2023
30. Land bridge megaproject still on the burner
Supoj Wancharoen
Bangkok Post, 25 September 2023
31. Focusing on foreigners
Molpasorn Shoowong
Bangkok Post, 25 September 2023
32. Thailand’s Srettha focuses on economic gains in foreign policy
Francesca Regalado, Gwen Robinson
Nikkei Asia, 25 September 2023
33. Majority of state employees in debt: poll
Bangkok Post, 24 September 2023
34. Govt eyes bigger world stage role
Aekarach Sattaburuth, Poramet Tangsathaporn
Bangkok Post, 24 September 2023
35. Thailand’s opposition Move Forward Party names new leader
Reuters, 23 September 2023
36. Trade conflicts, worsening climate, spread of fake news will impact Thai economy, warns NESDC
The Nation, 23 September 2023
37. Pita named adviser to Move Forward’s new leader, as many expect his return
The Nation, 23 September 2023
38. Pheu Thai, Democrats remain leaderless, months after bitter election
Chanapat Komlongharn
The Nation, 23 September 2023
39. Srettha clarifies controversial remarks about advice from Thaksin
The Nation, 23 September 2023


40. China, resource-rich East Timor upgrade bilateral ties
Reuters, 24 September 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

41. China’s big belt and road plans for Southeast Asia hit a 10-year speed bump as ‘political side effects’ mount
Maria Siow
Straits Times, 24 September 2023
42. New Leaders Challenged by US-China Rivalry
(This article is extracted from Comparative Connections: A Triannual E-Journal of Bilateral Relations in the Indo-Pacific, Vol. 25, No. 2, September 2023.]
Catharin Dalpino
Others, 23 September 2023
43. China-US Rivalry Very Much ‘in Play’: Outcome Uncertain

[This article is extracted from Comparative Connections: A Triannual E-Journal of Bilateral Relations in the Indo-Pacific, Vol. 25, No. 2, September 2023.]
Robert G. Sutter and Chin-Hao Huang
Others, 23 September 2023
44. Is the ASEAN–Japan relationship fit for the times?
Vannarith Chheang, NTU
East Asia Forum, 22 September 2023

Asia Pacific

45. Regional Overview: Building Partnerships Amidst Major Power Competition
[This article is extracted from Comparative Connections: A Triannual E-Journal of Bilateral Relations in the Indo-Pacific, Vol. 25, No. 2, September 2023. ]
Ralph A. Cossa and Brad Glosserman
Others, 23 September 2023

46. Strategy 2030 Social Protection Directional Guide Summary: Inclusive and Resilient Social Protection for Asia and the Pacific
Asian Development Bank, 1 September 2023

East/South China Sea

47. Philippines Protests China’s Installation of Submerged Barrier at Disputed Shoal
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 25 September 2023
48. U.S. seeks military access in Philippine eastern seaboard
Ryo Nakamura
Nikkei Asia, 23 September 2023
49. Malaysia PM says China gave reassurance after map stirred South China Sea dispute
Reuters, 23 September 2023

Climate Change/Environment

50. Future of rivers in PM’s hands
Pianporn Deetes
Bangkok Post, 25 September 2023
51. Asian companies need to start counting suppliers’ carbon emissions
Terence Jeyaretnam and Mads Lauritzen
Nikkei Asia, 25 September 2023
52. Oil and Gas Security During the Energy Transition – APEC Oil and Gas Security Studies Series 19
[Contains link to a 80-page PDF document]
APEC, 23 September 2023
53. Supporting Offshore Wind Deployment and Grid Connection in APEC Region
[Contains link to a 185-page PDF document]
APEC, 23 September 2023
54. Dark clouds ahead as Indonesia’s emissions surge from Asia’s need for data centres, Singapore’s offshore push
Amy Sood
South China Morning Post, 23 September 2023
55. ANALYSIS-Indonesia’s rainforest seen at risk from 2024 election handouts
Michael Taylor
Reuters, 22 September 2023
56. Support for fossil fuel subsidy cuts and coal phase-out gains momentum among Southeast Asians: survey
Ng Wai Mun
Eco-Business, 21 September 2023
57. Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative on the brink of a green shift?
You Xiaoying
China Dialogue, 19 September 2023

Media, Technology & Society

58. Malaysian memes stump Beyoncé’s team
Malaysiakini, 24 September 2023
59. Imitators are adopting Chinese tactics to quash online critics
Sam Rainsy
Nikkei Asia, 22 September 2023


World Economy
60. No, the World Is Not Multipolar
Jo Inge Bekkevold
Foreign Policy, 22 September 2023

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