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1. A leader of Cambodia’s main opposition party jailed for 18 months for bouncing checks
Sopheng Cheang
AP News, 21 September 2023


2. New poll schedule revives two-horse scenario
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 22 September 2023
3. Jakarta’s motorists say ‘outrageous’ plan to punish high-emissions vehicles hurts the poor
Johannes Nugroho
South China Morning Post, 22 September 2023
4. Indonesia Needs Reform to Reap Democratic Dividend
Maria Monica Wihadja
Asia Link, 21 September 2023
5. Rising Tide of Collective Violence Incidents : Insights from the January-June 2023 data of the CVEW Dataset
[A 14-page report] Lina Alexandra, Farhan Julianto, and Alif Satria
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (Indonesia), 21 September 2023
6. Govt to allow equity over 50 percent for contractors in new oil, gas blocks
Jakarta Post, 21 September 2023
7. Ganjar-Prabowo pairing possible, says Puan
Jakarta Post, 21 September 2023
8. Indonesian consortium launches $1.3bn project at new capital site
Ismi Damayanti
Nikkei Asia, 21 September 2023
9. Leveraging Indonesia’s demographic dividend
Ridha Wirakusumah
Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, 21 September 2023
10. Economist Sees Indonesia Has Fallen into China’s Debt Trap
Moh. Khory Alfarizi
Tempo, 21 September 2023


11. Laos debt at ‘critical level’ with China payments still opaque
Alastair Mccready
Nikkei Asia, 22 September 2023
12. In Laos, a New Railway Signals a Future in China’s Orbit
Cai Yiwen
Sixth Tone, 22 September 2023


13. PM Anwar Woos Global Investors, Assures Necessary Reforms Being Taken To Provide Better Business Environment
Bernama, 22 September 2023
14. Special Economic Zone, Financial Hub To Boost Johor’S Global Presence
Bernama, 22 September 2023
15. Bersih rejects call to do away with by-elections
Tan Chin Tung
Free Malaysia Today, 22 September 2023
16. Harmonising ESG practices — Liew Chin Tong
Malay Mail Online, 22 September 2023
17. Not all MPs on board with getting EPF instead of pensions
Isabelle Leong & Yasmin Ramlan
Malaysiakini, 22 September 2023
18. Malay support for PN ‘just begun’, says ex-DAP leader
MalaysiaNOW, 22 September 2023
19. 柏朗埃是巫统向绿潮反扑的开始? [Is Pelangai the beginning of UMNO’s counterattack against the Green Wave?]
MySinchew, 22 September 2023
20. Salleh Keruak: Muhyiddin losing top role in PN to Dr M
Adib Povera
New Straits Times, 22 September 2023
21. GST will boost country’s finances, but timing must be right
John Antony Xavier
New Straits Times, 22 September 2023
22. The Power Lies With The People
Star, 22 September 2023
23. Don warns of resistance to proposed Penang special financial zone
Angie Tan
The Malaysian Insight, 22 September 2023
24. Political scientist decodes Anwar and the liberals’ dilemma
Tan Hong Kai
Malaysiakini, 21 September 2023
25. COMMENT | ‘I give you face, you give me face’
Francis Paul Siah
Malaysiakini, 21 September 2023
26. A whole new realm in economic development, but are we ready for it?
MySinchew, 21 September 2023
27. China-Sabah trade recorded RM6.56bil for first half of 2023, says Hajiji
Kristy Inus
Star, 21 September 2023
28. Perpecahan ideologi dan alarm bagi pemerintahan Anwar Ibrahim – refleksi Pemilu regional Malaysia [Ideological divisions and alarm for Anwar Ibrahim’s government – reflections on Malaysia’s regional elections]
Aniello Iannone, Lecturer | Researcher, Universitas Diponegoro
The Conversation, 21 September 2023


29. The Myanmar junta’s census heralds a totalitarian nightmare
Frontier Myanmar, 21 September 2023
30. Myanmar Junta Boss Unlikely to Get BRI Forum Invite He Craves From China
Irrawaddy, 21 September 2023


31. PH ‘learning poverty’ still among region’s worst
Ronnel W. Domingo
Inquirer Net, 22 September 2023


32. Focus on economy first
Bangkok Post, 22 September 2023
33. Srettha confronts myriad of challenges
Bangkok Post, 22 September 2023
34. Thailand ranked 10th Apac nation in World Talent Ranking – IMD
[Link to 2023 World Talent Ranking (WTR)]
Nation, 22 September 2023
35. New Thai Leader Says He Wants to Catch Vietnam, Attract Tesla
Patpicha Tanakasempipat and Suttinee Yuvejwattana
Bloomberg, 21 September 2023
36. More power to the family — how Shinawatra loyalists are back in corridors of power after 9 years
The Nation, 21 September 2023


37. Vietnam, key piece of America’s Indo-Pacific puzzle
Harsh V. Pant, Vivek Mishra
Observer Research Foundation, 21 September 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

38. Climate resilience in Southeast Asia: Adapt and mitigate before it’s too late
[This article was first published by ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute as a Fulcrum commentary] Vinod Thomas
Eco Business, 22 September 2023
39. ASEAN Summit, EAS Summit, and U.S.-Vietnam Relations with Aaron Connelly
[32-minute Podcast]
Gregory B. Poling and Japhet Quitzon
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (United States), 21 September 2023
40. my Say: Southeast Asia learns to cope with Big Power contention
Manu Bhaskaran
Edge Markets, 21 September 2023
41. Russia’s Influence in Southeast Asia Is Fading
Joshua Kurlantzick
World Politics Review, 21 September 2023

Asia Pacific

42. Asian economies are investing more in the neighbourhood
Economist, 21 September 2023
43. Belt and Road at 10: A Paradigm Shift in Development Finance?
Zachary Fillingham
Geopolitical Monitor, 21 September 2023
44. Big Read: What is the US’s next move as China breaks through the chip blockade?
Edwin Ong
ThinkChina, 21 September 2023

East/South China Sea

45. Will China ever follow the South China Sea doctrine?
Ralph A. Cossa
Jakarta Post, 22 September 2023
46. China to PH: ‘Stop polluting waters, remove rusting ship’
Bernadette E. Tamayo
Manila Times, 22 September 2023
47. China’s claim to the South China Sea gets even odder
Economist, 21 September 2023
48. When China’s safety concerns meet US hegemony in South, East China Seas
Global Times, 21 September 2023

Climate Change/Environment

49. Record-breaking El Nino could hurt South-east Asia’s growth
Yanbin Xu, Benjamin P. Horton, Wenjun Zhu
Business Times, 22 September 2023
50. China climate envoy says phasing out fossil fuels ‘unrealistic’
Channel News Asia, 22 September 2023
51. US climate chief rails at Asian coal as geopolitical tensions shadow UN summit
Aime Williams
Financial Times, 22 September 2023
52. 调查:东南亚人对气候威胁紧迫性认知下降 [Survey: Southeast Asians’ perception of climate threat’s urgency declines]
联合早报, 22 September 2023
53. Less than half of respondents in Southeast Asia believe climate change poses ‘serious threat’ to region: Survey
Rhea Yasmine Alis Haizan
Channel News Asia, 21 September 2023
54. Support for fossil fuel subsidy cuts and immediate coal phase-out gains momentum among Southeast Asians, says survey
Ng Wai Mun
Eco-Business, 21 September 2023
55. The urgent need to rejuvenate public green spaces in Jakarta
Paulus Bagus Sugiyono and Neo Hui Yun Rebecca
Eco-Business, 21 September 2023
56. NTS Bulletin September 2023: Securing Clean Energy from Nuclear Power for Climate Change Mitigation
S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, 21 September 2023
57. 调查:近15%新加坡人能接受核能为替代能源 东南亚居首 [Survey: Nearly 15% of Singaporeans can accept nuclear energy as alternative energy, ranking first in Southeast Asia]
联合早报, 21 September 2023

Media, Technology & Society

58. TikTok’s rise in ASEAN spells trouble for U.S. rival Snapchat
Dylan Loh
Nikkei Asia, 22 September 2023

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