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1. Cambodia’s Thin-Skinned Princelings Are Forcing Newspapers Out Of The Country. It Isn’t All Bad.
David Hutt
Diplomat, 20 September 2023
2. Cambodia’s Hun Sen: The Tiger That Rules the Mountain
Sebastian Strangio
Diplomat, 19 September 2023
3. How Small States Navigate U.S.-China Rivalry: The Case of Cambodia
Charadine Pich; Chhengpor Aun
United States Institute of Peace, 19 September 2023


4. Analysis: Govt ‘flood the market’ strategy insufficient to curb rice prices
Tenggara Strategics
Jakarta Post, 20 September 2023
5. Govt to scale back Rempang relocations, for time being
A. Muh. Ibnu Aqil and Fadli
Jakarta Post, 20 September 2023
6. Reviving Bandung 1955 spirit: G77 journey to equitable South
Febrian Ruddyard
Jakarta Post, 20 September 2023
7. Saving our GenDebt
Jakarta Post, 20 September 2023
8. Anies, Wakanda dan Fenomena Ketakutan Berekspresi di Indonesia [Anies, Wakanda and the Phenomenon of Fear of Expression in Indonesia]
Republika, 20 September 2023
9. Indonesia’s Jokowi warns successor against ‘changing the vision’ on infrastructure, minerals for future growth
South China Morning Post, 20 September 2023
10. 印尼加入金砖组织的战略考量 [Indonesia’s strategic considerations for joining BRICS]
廖建裕是新加坡尤素夫伊萨东南亚研究院资深访问研究员, 南洋理工大学拉惹勒南国际研究院兼任教授
联合早报, 20 September 2023
11. Govt to form regional council for Jakarta Special Region: VP
Antara, 19 September 2023
12. MRT, HSR, LRT: Indonesia’s Alphabet Soup Approach to Public Transit
James Guild
Diplomat, 19 September 2023
13. VP talks intensify as three-way race takes shape
Yerica Lai
Jakarta Post, 19 September 2023
14. Govt allows state budget to guarantee loans for high-speed rail project
Aditya Hadi
Jakarta Post, 19 September 2023
15. Prabowo dan Anies Bersaing Ketat di Peta Preferensi Pemilih NU dan Muhammadiyah [Fierce Competition for Prabowo and Anies on NU and Muhammadiyah Voter Preference Maps]
Wahyu Suryana, Wilda Fizriyani, Antara
Republika, 19 September 2023
16. Indonesia election 2024: Jokowi accused of ‘abuse of power’ after he claims to spy on political parties
Resty Woro Yuniar
South China Morning Post, 19 September 2023
17. What Indonesia’s retail approach to defence modernisation means
Evan A. Laksamana
IISS, 18 September 2023


18. Will New Legislation Help Malaysia’s Fiscal Deficit?
[An 11-minute podcast]
Sri Murniati Yusuf
BFM 89.10, 20 September 2023
19. School barred our wearing other cultures’ traditional attire, says student
Elill Easwaran
Free Malaysia Today, 20 September 2023
20. What can Johor by-elections tell us about Pelangai?
Andrew Ong & Ooi Choon Nam
Malaysiakini, 20 September 2023
21. Perikatan has peaked, says Chin Tong
Ravin Palanisamy
Malaysian Insight, 20 September 2023
22. Look at tax policies holistically
Emmanuel Joseph
Malaysian Insight, 20 September 2023
23. Analysts: SG4 meant to show a united opposition front
Teh Athira Yusof
Star, 20 September 2023
24. Prosecution gaffes in Umno graft trials cast pall on Anwar’s anti-corruption drive
Shannon Teoh
Straits Times, 20 September 2023
25. 90% rakyat Kelantan makan beras Siam seludup [90% of Kelantan people eat smuggled Siamese rice]
Yatimin Abdullah
Utusan Malaysia, 20 September 2023
26. ‘Perkauman jalan mudah tarik sokongan Melayu’ [‘Racism an easy way to attract Malay support’]
Maisarah Sheikh Rahim Dan Mohamad Hafiz Yusoff Bakri
Utusan Malaysia, 20 September 2023
27. Continuity Over Change In China-Malaysia Ties
[A 10-minute podcast]
Angeline Tan
BFM 89.9, 19 September 2023
28. Mixed-race Sarawakians can apply to register as natives from Nov 1
Free Malaysia Today, 19 September 2023
29. Azmin made S’gor opposition leader, PN forms shadow exco
Free Malaysia Today, 19 September 2023
30. Pelangai by-election testing ground for coups in Perak, Pahang?
Malaysiakini, 19 September 2023


31. How credible are the casualty figures coming out of Myanmar?
Andrew Selth
Interpreter, 20 September 2023
32. Myanmar’s Closing
[A 45-minute Podcast]
Jude Blanchette , Michael J. Green , and Erin L. Murphy
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (United States), 19 September 2023
33. The Indian Trilateral Highway Project and Myanmar’s Spring Revolution
TT Lian
Diplomat, 19 September 2023
34. People’s Development Party one night party The UEC member said that the membership lists of the National Political Democratic Party and the Federal Democratic Party include party members who do not meet the criteria, as well as employees.
Eleven Myanmar, 19 September 2023
35. Myanmar Junta Seeks Chinese Help Acquiring Nuclear Technology
Irrawaddy, 19 September 2023
36. Junta threatens businesses to stock military-made products amid boycotts
Sa Tun Aung
Myanmar NOW, 19 September 2023


37. How China sees its conflict with the Philippines
Cherry Hitkari
Interpreter, 20 September 2023
38. Resilience in rice: More than just big harvests
Manila Times, 20 September 2023
39. Address Maharlika fund anxiety
Philippine Daily Inquirer, 20 September 2023


40. Phumtham sees 4-year time frame
Aekarach Sattaburuth
Bangkok Post, 20 September 2023
41. Chaithawat likely to take the helm of Move Forward
Nation, 20 September 2023
42. US-Thailand relations: Washington spots a rare chance for a reset under new PM Srettha Thavisin
South China Morning Post, 20 September 2023
43. Paetongtarn ‘ready’ to lead Pheu Thai
Aekarach Sattaburuth
Bangkok Post, 19 September 2023
44. Thai king’s son urges open discussion of royal insult law
Agence France-Presse
South China Morning Post, 19 September 2023
45. Thailand eyes SEC’s potential as global halal food export hub
The Nation, 19 September 2023
46. Thai market capitalisation the highest in Asean this year
The Nation, 18 September 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

47. China, Mekong states boost data sharing to close ‘gap of uncertainty’: ‘the Mekong shouldn’t be a place for rivalry’
Maria Siow
South China Morning Post, 20 September 2023

Asia Pacific

48. Strategic Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: U.S. and Indian Perspectives
[Link to 70-page report] Paul Kapur and Harsh V. Pant
Observer Research Foundation, 20 September 2023
49. BRICS: An Inconvenient, Hard Truth
Dr. Nand C. Bardouille
Geopolitical Monitor, 19 September 2023
50. China and India are not playing a zero-sum game in the global south
Zhu Zhiqun
ThinkChina, 19 September 2023

East/South China Sea

51. PH likely to lose vs China before UN assembly’
Manila Times, 19 September 2023

Climate Change/Environment

52. G20 Summit 2023 in India: Leaders Fail on Fossil Fuel Phase-out and Emissions Cuts
Viktor Tachev
Energy Tracker Asia, 20 September 2023
53. Govt targets 40pct nuclear tech usage, RM2.4b investment value by 2030
Isabelle Leong
Malaysiakini, 20 September 2023
54. Singapore energy appetite fuels ASEAN’s renewable power grid
Yuji Nitta
Nikkei Asia, 20 September 2023
55. U.N.’s 2030 Agenda needs a reboot
Sujan Chinoy and Tetsushi Sonobe
Nikkei Asia, 20 September 2023
56. Benchmarking Asia’s Climate Action
[Link to 48-page report]
Asia Society, 18 September 2023

Media, Technology & Society

57. Cyber Mercenaries: A Call to Action for the Quad
Trisha Ray, Antara Vats
Observer Research Foundation, 20 September 2023
58. The United States & Japan: Allied Against Disinformation — Next Generation Voices Speak
[A 38-page PDF document]
Pacific Forum, 20 September 2023

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