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1. Cambodian PM Hun Manet heads to China in early diplomatic push
Shaun Turton
Nikkei Asia, 14 September 2023
2. 中柬铁杆关系还会更” [The “iron-clad” relationship between China and Cambodia will become even more solid]
环球网, 14 September 2023
3. Hun Sen’s Successor Must Keep Up His Chess Game
Lindsey Kennedy and Nathan Paul Southern
Foreign Policy, 13 September 2023


4. Can Indonesian democracy keep up with urbanization?
Amalinda Savirani
Jakarta Post, 14 September 2023
5. Fears of abuse as ministers allowed to campaign ‘on leave’
Yvette Tanamal
Jakarta Post, 14 September 2023
6. Rempang riot: Between land acquisition and human rights
Mhd Zakiul Fikri
Jakarta Post, 14 September 2023
7. Indonesian companies show fresh interest in new capital project
Nana Shibata
Nikkei Asia, 14 September 2023
8. Constitutional Court set to rule on presidential age minimum
Yvette Tanamal
Jakarta Post, 13 September 2023
9. RI hands early years of high-speed rail operation to China Railway
Aditya Hadi
Jakarta Post, 13 September 2023
10. As Indonesia Courts Chinese Infrastructure Investments, Locals Are Pushing Back
Koh Ewe
Time, 13 September 2023


11. Malaysia and Singapore to finalise ToR for special economic zone in October, says Johor MB
Ben Tan
Malay Mail Online, 14 September 2023
12. Johor might introduce carbon credit tax to increase revenue
Ben Tan
Malay Mail Online, 14 September 2023
13. ‘Seeing is believing’: Country Garden’s Malaysia project in spotlight
Malay Mail Online, 14 September 2023
14. Survey: Gen-Z most likely to report experiencing ethnicity-related discrimination
Zarrah Morden
Malay Mail Online, 14 September 2023
15. Zahid’s hold on Umno presidency still not safe despite DNAA, analysts say
John Bunyan and Soo Wern Jun
Malay Mail Online, 14 September 2023
16. COMMENT | Hadi has poor understanding of DNAA verdict
Mohamed Hanipa Maidin
Malaysiakini, 14 September 2023
17. Patahnya gelombang Perikatan Nasional [The breaking of the Perikatan Nasional wave]
Mohd Azizi Jaeh
The Malaysian Insight, 14 September 2023
18. MUDA能否取代火箭代言中庸政治 [Can MUDA replace DAP in endorsing moderate politics?]
星洲网, 14 September 2023
19. ‘Contrary to public interest’: Malaysia bans film showing Muslim exploring other religions
Minderjeet Kaur and Ili Shazwani
Benar News, 13 September 2023
20. Govt needs to reduce subsidies on rich before reintroducing GST – Anwar
Bernama, 13 September 2023
21. Malaysia not ‘some banana republic’, will go ‘very far’ to recover stolen 1MDB funds: PM Anwar
Aqil Haziq Mahmud
Channel News Asia, 13 September 2023
22. Malaysia PM Anwar says time needed to reform governance and economy, blames previous leaders for ‘systemic corruption’
Aqil Haziq Mahmud
Channel News Asia, 13 September 2023
23. Green wave’: Is Malaysia heading towards renewed Islamisation or de-Islamisation?
Marzuki Mohamad – ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute Seminar Series “Malaysia’s ‘Perceived’ Green Wave: The Electorate and Youth Behaviour” on Sept 12, 2023.
Malaysia NOW, 13 September 2023
24. 行动党能否继续稳霸?国盟是关键 [Can DAP continue its dominance? PN is the key]
星洲网, 13 September 2023


25. Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party says Myanmar junta depriving her of medical care
Channel News Asia, 14 September 2023
26. Myanmar junta orders all workers abroad to remit 25%
Bangkok Post, 13 September 2023
27. Myanmar receives foreign investment worth over US$484 m till Aug in 2023-2024 FY
Eleven Myanmar, 13 September 2023
28. Myanmar junta, Russia agree on election ‘cooperation’
Myanmar NOW, 13 September 2023


29. Fewer Filipinos believe PH in right direction — OCTA
Ellalyn de Vera-Ruiz
Manila Bulletin, 14 September 2023
30. US, PH officials inspect Edca sites in Cagayan, Pampanga
John Eric Mendoza
Inquirer net, 13 September 2023
31. Philippines ‘open for business’ as Marcos Jnr says sovereign wealth fund will be run by professionals
Su-Lin Tan
South China Morning Post, 13 September 2023


32. Singapore invokes fake news law for Australia-based academic website article on ‘spate of scandals’
Ng Hong Siang
Channel News Asia, 14 September 2023
33. Singapore stands out in survey linking national identity to ethnicity and religion
Tan Hui Yee
Straits Times, 14 September 2023


34. Officials criticise government’s bi-monthly salary plan
Assawin Pakawan and Chakrapan Natanri
Bangkok Post, 14 September 2023
35. Chinese visa waiver scrutinised
Narumon Kasemsuk and Molpasorn Shoowong
Bangkok Post, 14 September 2023
36. Commentary: Thailand’s reconfigured government is old wine in new bottles
Napon Jatusripitak
Channel News Asia, 14 September 2023
37. Thai voters complain of betrayal after Thaksin Shinawatra’s return
Michael Peel
Financial Times, 14 September 2023
38. Parallel paths: Military political intervention and constitutionality in Pakistan and Thailand
Prem Singh Gill
Nation, 14 September 2023
39. Digital wallet scheme could take a decade to pay off, economists warn
Nongluck Ajanapanya
The Nation, 14 September 2023
40. A Role Reversal for Bangkok’s Middle Class
Jason Johnson
Diplomat, 13 September 2023
41. Court rejects petition to disband 3 parties over their stance on deep South
The Nation, 13 September 2023
42. Experts: Thailand’s New Government Aims for Balance Amid US-China Rivalry
Wasamon Audjarint
VOA, 13 September 2023


43. There will be no stopping Vietnam – if it can avoid the mistakes of other Asian tigers
Nick Ferres
Business Times, 14 September 2023
44. Agent Orange Victims in Vietnam: Their Numbers, Experiences, Needs, and Sources of Support
Phan Xuân Dũng
US Institute of Peace, 13 September 2023
45. Vietnam Electricity and the conundrum of establishing a competitive market
VnExpress International, 12 September 2023

ASEAN/Southeast Asia

46. ASEAN maritime security and what next week’s navy exercises mean
Tom Barber
Interpreter, 14 September 2023
47. Economic diplomacy: ASEAN bound, but words are not enough
Greg Earl
Interpreter, 14 September 2023
48. The ASEAN Summit and ASEAN’s future
Jusuf Wanandi
Jakarta Post, 14 September 2023
49. Future is bright for PH, Singapore—Marcos
Betheena Unite
Manila Bulletin, 14 September 2023
50. Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone among the topics of Anwar and Lee’s meeting
Bernama, 13 September 2023
51. Official: US pushing Laos to press Myanmar junta
Alex Willemyns
Radio Free Asia, 13 September 2023
52. Chinese FM Wang Yi’s Southeast Asia visit: Did China achieve its objectives?
Lye Liang Fook
ThinkChina, 13 September 2023
53. Laos-Vietnam railway to be operational in 2028
VietNamNet, 13 September 2023

Asia Pacific

54. Multilateral development banks play key role in ‘very fractured world’: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank CFO
Fabian Koh
Channel News Asia, 14 September 2023
55. More than just rice: Asia’s food supply anxieties
Genevieve Donnellon-May
Interpreter, 14 September 2023
56. China’s global governance proposal: Uphold countries’ territorial integrity
[Link to Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning’s Regular Press Conference on September 13, 2023]
Manila Bulletin, 14 September 2023
57. De-dollarization Dreams: Why the US Dollar Won’t Bow Out
Shaoyu Yuan
Diplomat, 13 September 2023
58. In Global Battle for Hearts and Minds, China and Russia Have Edge Over US
Aqil Haziq Mahmud
Diplomat, 13 September 2023
59. China issues proposal on reform, devt of global governance
Yang Sheng and Zhang Yuying
Global Times, 13 September 2023
60. Australia’s Unique Opportunity in Regional Trade: The RCEP
Dr Daniel Borer and Dr Ronald Kumar
International Affairs, 13 September 2023

East/South China Sea

61. Heightened swarming activities of Chinese fishing vessels monitored in 3 WPS key areas
Aaron Recuenco
Manila Bulletin, 14 September 2023

Climate Change/Environment

62. The EV car crash is a warning for Europe’s industrial transition
Helen Thomas
Business Times, 13 September 2023
63. Extreme heat and flooding could cost Asian apparel manufacturing hubs US$65 billion in earnings: study
Robin Hicks
Eco-Business, 13 September 2023
64. Indonesia needs a better power network for itself and ASEAN
Ahmad Munawir Siregar and Michael Suryaprawira
Nikkei Asia, 13 September 2023
65. New E.U. Law Requires 70% of Aviation Fuel To Be Sustainable By 2050
Associated Press
Time, 13 September 2023
66. Vietnam among world’s top 10 cheapest countries for EV charging
Voice of Vietnam, 12 September 2023

Media, Technology & Society

67. Keeping Taiwan Online
Jason Hsu and Richard Y.K.Chen
Project Syndicate, 14 September 2023


68. G20 summit showcases India’s fence-sitting foreign policy
Steven Borowiec and Kiran Sharma
Nikkei Asia, 13 September 2023

Global Economy
69. Roads To Prosperity: The global economy’s real enemy is geopolitics, not protectionism
Dani Rodrik
Edge Markets, 14 September 2023
70. China’s Slowing Growth Won’t Be All Bad News for the Global Economy
Michael Pettis
World Politics Review, 13 September 2023

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