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Key Events

Workshop on Economic Update for the Riau Islands

Johor: An Oasis of Stability in a (Dis)Orderly World?

Wrestling for Control? -- Thailand's political regime under the new reign

Bridging the Belt and Road Divide: Promoting Inclusive Development through Disability Cooperation in Southeast Asia

The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement: Advancing Economic Security and Openness in Southeast Asia

Soft But Spiky Power: Can the Durian Go Global?

Facilitation of Investment for ASEAN Participation in Global Value Chains (GVCs)

Indonesian Military Reforms: A Reflection 20 Years Later

Echoes of the Cold War: National Struggles in Vietnam and Cambodia

Dispossession and Perpetual Mobility amidst Agrarian Change in Myanmar Today

Religious Mobilisation in 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election: Empirical Study of Identity Politics

An Absent Elephant? The US in Southeast Asia

The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Future of Work in the ASEAN Economic Community

China’s Investment in ASEAN – Belt & Road and Supply Chain Shifts

Malaysia and UMNO following the 14th General Elections

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