Enhancing ASEAN’s Connectivity

Editor: Sanchita Basu Das
ASEAN has set itself the goal to create an economic community by 2015. To achieve this, connectivity among the member states needs to be given due importance. In 2010, ASEAN adopted a Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity, which looks at the physical, institutional, and people-to-people aspects of the issue. 15 priority projects have the potential to transform the region, providing the conditions for a single market and production base. But this will be an expensive endeavour, and funding remains a challenge. The private sector needs to be actively involved, especially for the infrastructure projects that lack substantial investment. This book looks at the current state of ASEAN’s physical connectivity and the challenges in building better infrastructure. The chapters discuss specific issues pertaining to the types of infrastructure challenges. The book concludes with recommendations on steps to be taken in implementing the various plans.  

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