ASEAN: Life After the Charter

Editor: S Tiwari

With the completion of the ASEAN Charter, ASEAN needs to fully appreciate and work out the issues connected with its implementation.  It is also important for ASEAN and its business sector to understand and implement two key integration instruments – the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement and the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement, and the business enhancing initiatives under them.  These take on an added urgency in view of the commitment to achieve the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015. This is the first book to examine these issues, the problems related to them and the possible solutions.  Edited by Mr S Tiwari, the ASEAN Studies Centre’s former Lead Researcher for ASEAN-related legal affairs,  the book compiles analyses and insights by representatives of policy, business, and research communities, and ASEAN Secretariat officers, shared at a workshop organised at ISEAS in July 2009.  Various stakeholders of ASEAN will each find topics of relevance in the miscellany of trade and policy issues discussed, and in the succinct summaries of each chapter.

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