AEC Scorecard: Performance and Perception

Editor: Sanchita Basu Das

The official AEC Scorecard tracks the implementation of measures and the achievement of milestones to which ASEAN member states have committed in the AEC Strategic Schedule. However, the AEC Scorecard in its current form, conveys little information to ASEAN citizens. This book aims to fill the information gap and evaluate the current state of progress towards accomplishing the AEC Blueprint priorities. The overall message of this book is that although some of the goals set for regional economic integration will be missed by December 2015, ASEAN can certainly deliver some of the key AEC initiatives, including tariff elimination; establishing the ASEAN Single Window; laying the foundation for the regional investment initiative; advancing ASEAN tourism services; moving ahead with ASEAN connectivity; and realisation of ASEAN’s +1 FTAs. The AEC goal of forming an equitable and competitive regional economic community will continue to be a work in progress.  

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