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Key Projects

The ASEAN Roundtable
The ASEAN Roundtable is a flagship event of the Centre, and is held annually around a theme pertinent to ASEAN integration efforts. ASEAN Roundtable themes focus on issues and challenges that confront ASEAN member states in accomplishing the ASEAN Community. Past Roundtables to date have addressed the following topics; summaries of findings and recommendations have been issued as reports and monographs by the Centre.

ASEAN Roundtable 2014: “Moving Towards a People-Centred ASEAN”
ASEAN Roundtable 2013: “Mid-Term Review of the ASEAN Political Security Blueprint, and Political
Cooperation beyond 2015″ 
ASEAN Roundtable 2012: “Examining the ASEAN Economic Community Scorecard”
ASEAN Roundtable 2011: “Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Challenges for
Member Countries” 
ASEAN Roundtable 2009: “The Global Economic Crisis: Implications for ASEAN”
ASEAN Roundtable 2008: “ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint”