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Happenings in Library


Visit by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand, 21 January 2018

ISEAS Library Statistics (Oct-Dec 2017)

The ISEAS Library Statistics for Oct-Dec 2017 has been completed. Click on the link to view.

Visit by Singapore Management University (SMU) Librarians, 18 December 2017

Visit by Librarians from National Library of China, 22 November 2017

ISEAS Library Statistics (Jul-Sep 2017)

The ISEAS Library Statistics for Jul-Sep 2017 has been completed. Click on the link to view.

ISEAS Library Statistics (Apr-Jun 2017)

The ISEAS Library Statistics for Apr-Jun 2017 has been completed. Click on the link to view.

Thai Librarian from Library of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre, Thailand

ISEAS Library is pleased to have Ms Janya Youthapolnavee from Library of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre, Thailand, visiting us for a short internship in April/June this year, during which we shared with her how the Library build up and manage collections. She also took the opportunity to collate a bibliography on selected Thai titles.

ISEAS Library Statistics (Jan-Mar 2017)

The ISEAS Library Statistics for Jan-Mar 2017 has been completed. Click on the link to view.

New ISEAS Library E-Bibliography on “Islam and Its Impact on Muslim Community in Southeast Asian Societies”(March 2017)

PDF is available. To order please contact ISEAS Publishing Online Bookshop at: https://bookshop.iseas.edu.sg/

Visit by Dr Koji Nakajima, Visiting Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan, 7-8 March 2017

Visit by Centre for Asia Legal Exchange, Nagoya University, Japan, 13 February 2017

Visit by King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Thailand, 9 February 2017

ISEAS Library Statistics (15 Aug-31 Dec 2016)

The ISEAS Library Statistics for 15 Aug-31 Dec 2016 has been completed. Click on the link to view.

ISEAS Library @ Regional Outlook Forum 2017, 9 January 2017

In support of ISEAS’ flagship conference Regional Outlook Forum 2017 held at Raffles City Convention Centre, the Library set up a small display corner to allow participants get to know our  Southeast Asian-focused collections and range of information services available.  Based on the themes of the conference, the Library selected 78 titles (including 15 journals) for display, of which 10 titles were loaned out at the end of the event.

A total of 140 conference participants visited the booth, representing close to 25% of the total number of participants. 24 of them registered on the spot as new users members. About half came from public sector – government/statutory boards.   16 new users also subscribed to the Library’s free Info-Alert services – Daily News Alert and Weekly News Articles.

Work Experience Programme for Raffles Girls’ School, 21 November-2 December 2016

The ISEAS Library has concluded its 4th run of internship programme for 5 Raffles Girls School (RGS) students from 21 November-2 December 2016. The students assisted in the processing private papers of Dr K. G. Tregonning and Professor Chan Heng Chee, RFID tagging, stocktaking using RFID scanner and microfilm scanning.

Visit by Research School of Southeast Asian Studies Library, Xiamen University, 18 August 2016

Dr Zhang Changhong, Chief Librarian from Research School of Southeast Asian Studies Library, Xiamen University and her 3 colleagues Mr Zhang Dayong, Ms Yao Xiaojing and Ms Zhu Hongjie visited ISEAS Library with the accompany of Dr Lye Soo Choon, Senior Oral History Specialist, National Archives of Singapore.

Mr Pitt Kuan Wah, Head of ISEAS Library met the delegation in the Library and Ms Liang Shuang, Manager of Reference & Circulation gave the briefing on Library collection and management, in particular on Private Paper and Photograph collections. Dr Zhang also provided an overview of Research School of Southeast Asian Studies Library’s history and collection. During the visit, they also exchanged views on the library’s accessing policy to public users as well as acquisition of library materials.

The delegation then viewed Library Reference and Journal collections, and toured Library Galleries. Both sides expressed an interest to strengthen relationship for further cooperation in addition to the current journal exchange programme.

Myanmar Parliamentary Team visit, 5 August 2016

Students Visit from S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies,  NTU,  22 July 2016

NUS Asia Research Institute Graduate Students Visit, 25 May 2016

National Library Team Visit, 17 Mar 2016

National Library Team Visit

National Library Team Visit

Opening of the NSC Archaeology Unit Gallery, 14 Mar 2016

Opening of the NSC Archaeology Unit Gallery

Visit by H.E. Say Samal, Cambodian Minister of Environment
29 Jan 2016

Visit by H.E. Say Samal, Cambodian Minister of Environment Head, ISEAS Library, briefing H.E. Cambodian Minister of Environment, Say Samal, at the Yusof Ishak Gallery

Visit by H.E. Say Samal, Cambodian Minister of EnvironmentHead, ISEAS Library, highlighting books on Cambodia to H.E. Cambodian Minister of Environment, Say Samal

Visit by H.E. Say Samal, Cambodian Minister of Environment

H.E. Cambodian Minister of Environment, Say Samal, showing his library membership card, with Head, ISEAS Library

Library @ Regional Outlook Forum 2016, 12 January 2016

Regional Outlook Forum 1  Regional Outlook Forum 2

NSC’s Trainees Visit, 21 December 2015

Library NSC Visit

Work Experience Programme for Raffles Girls’ School, 16-27 November 2015



Yusof Ishak Gallery


Yusof Ishak in Pictures: Life and Times of Singapore’s First President

The exhibition gallery “Yusof Ishak in Pictures: Life and Times of Singapore’s First President” was officially opened by Puan Noor Aishah on 12 August 2015 as  part of the Institute’s renaming ceremony.  The exhibition traces the various aspects of the late President’s life through the many photographs from mainly the  archives of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH) and other published sources, from his school days with the Raffles Institution, to his venture into journalism and establishing the Utusan Melayu and his brief career in the public service before he became the Head of State when Singapore became a Self-government in 1959 and later an Independent country in 1965. The exhibition ends with a section on “Remembering Yusof Ishak”, highlighting his legacies and the various commemorative efforts taken to remember his lifetime achievements, leading to the renaming of ISEAS in his honour. 

You may click on the images to view more photos. 


Visitors (2015/2016)

Visitors (2016/2017)


Data & Statistics



ASEAN Statistics Statistical information on ASEAN’s economic conditions and future developments.


For other sources of statistics on Brunei, please visit the following link:
Global Edge: Brunei statistics


National Institute of Statistics National statistical organisation responsible for the collection, processing, and dissemination of national official statistics on Population, Consumer Price index, Economic, Health and Labour statistics.


Central Bureau of Statistics provides statistical information on Indonesia.

Bank Indonesia provides financial statistics and other indicators. 


Lao Statistical Bureau Official Website offers quick statistical figures at a glance which also include statistical information on population census, economics, transport, agriculture, investment, etc. over the years.


Bank Negara Malaysia: Central Bank of Malaysia
Bank Negara Malaysia publishes daily rates and trading volumes from the Kuala Lumpur foreign exchange market, interbank money market, and government bond market, as well as other statistical data on a regular basis for information purposes only.

Department of Statistics Malaysia
The website provides real time statistics in the monitoring of national economic performance and social development of Malaysia.

MATRADE: The Official Portal of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation
MATRADE publishes Malaysia’s monthly, quarterly and annual trade statistics covering Malaysia’s export and imports by commodities or countries.


Ministry of Hotels & Tourism Myanmar 
Tourism statistics feature fast facts about Myanmar, licenced tour companies and transportation, star-rated hotels, investments and much more. 

Myanmar Statistical Information Service
The Myanmar Information System is a web-based national database of statistics about Myanmar developed by the Central Statistical Organization.

Myanmar Information Management Unit
The Myanmar Information Management Unit, or MIMU, provides information management services to strengthen analysis and decision-making of the humanitarian and development community in Myanmar. It maintains a common data and information repository with data from various sources on all sectors, countrywide, at the lowest administrative unit for which it is available.


National Statistical Authority Press releases and summaries of population, manufacturing, and trade data. Catalog of printed publications.


Singapore Department of Statistics
Free access to over 2,200 data tables from 70 public sector agencies with over 90,000 data series, providing a comprehensive statistical view of Singapore’s economic and socio-demographic domains.

Statlink Statlink generates reports on Singapore’s trade with markets, products or commodities. Figures are updated monthly upon the release of Singapore’s trade figures.

Tourism statistics Singapore tourism statistics available in fact sheet.

Timor Leste

The National Statistics Directorate (Direcção Nacional de Estatística – DNE) is the state department under the General-Directorate of Analysis and Research of the Ministry of Finance responsible for the co-ordination of the National Statistical System and for the collection, production, analysis and dissemination of official statistics on the demographic, social, environmental and economic domains.


Bank of Thailand Provides economic data.

Department of International Trade Promotion (formerly known as Department of Export Promotion) Provides Thailand’s export performance.

National Statistics Office Statistical information center for the whole country while provincial offices also exist and act as information centers the provinces. Data available in the centers consists not only of data produced by the NSO but that those produced by other government agencies as well.

Thailand Tourism Statistics

Thailand Board of Investment


The General Statistics Office of Vietnam Provides monthly statistical information and statistical data on land, climate, population, employment, National Accounts, Agriculture, Industry, Investment, trade, tourism, transport, telecommunications, education and others.


Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organisation of Pacific Rim nations promoting business development.

CIA World Factbook Provides brief information about a country’s population, ethnicity, politics, and economics.

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001.

Human Development Report (UNDP) Web version summarizes regional and country statistics on economic, social, and educational development. Each annual version focuses on an individual topic.

International Labour Organisation

International Statistical Institute

International Data Base Summary vital statistics data for all countries, 1996 and 2000 as well as mid-year estimates, 1950-2020. Additional data on marital status, ethnic origin, religion, literacy, labor force, income and poverty. Data may be downloaded directly or viewed via a spreadsheet.

Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development

Poverty & Equity Data (World Bank) World Bank Social Indicators provides poverty data that is region and country specific.

Progress of Nations (UNICEF) Annual report with country statistics on social indicators for women and children.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Provides statistical reports on refugees by country.

World Competitiveness Yearbook Web-sites provides summary rankings only.

World Development Report Provides detailed country economic data and trends.

World Population Prospects Historical and world population growth.


Library Info Alerts



Archives of ISEAS Annual Reports










Photographs, Glass Plates and Slides


This collection contains visual documentation of anthropological activities and cultural traditions across Southeast Asia. The collection is augmented by deposits of images collected on field trips in the region by researchers, as well as through acquisitions and donations. Selected collections have been digitized and are available on SEALionPLUS. These key cultural records include the collections of: 

Cecilia Ng Siew Hua, Academic

Cecilia Ng Siew Hua was a Visiting Associate at ISEAS. Her research covered the material culture of the Minangkabau of Sumatra, Indonesia. The focus was on textiles and costumes and, their symbolic uses in kinship relationship. Her colour slides and B/W photographs documented these costumes during her field trip there in 1980-1981. 

Dorothy Pelzer, Architect

Dorothy Pelzer travelled extensively, under difficult conditions, in nine Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines. She had assembled some  31,000 black and white photographs and 7,000 colour slides. The materials documented the people and traditional architecture of Southeast Asia.

Frederic Mason, Educator

Frederic Mason was Professor of Education at the University of Malaya in Singapore (now National University of Singapore). He had a life time interest in the people and places where he lived and worked. The Frederic Mason collection consists of 880 colour slides including images of Malaysian tin dredging and rice plantations, Singapore scenes of Pulau Tekong Schools and the Siglap Orthopaedic hospital. Also in the collection are 217 slides on Japan and Hong Kong.

Lai Ah Eng, Academic

Lai Ah Eng was a Research Fellow at ISEAS. Her collection consists of photographs taken during her field research on ethnic relations in Singapore. Some of the photographs in this collection have appeared in the book Meanings of Multiethnicity: A Case-study of Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in Singapore

Made Wijaya, Architect

Made Wijaya (alias Michael White) was a renowned Bali-based, Australian-born, architect and landscape designer. While best known for working on international projects for celebrities such as David Bowie, he also authored seminal books on Balinese vernacular architecture. Just before passing away in August 2016, he donated his entire photographic collection on architecture and garden design to the ISEAS Library. The collection while centring on the vernacular architecture of the archipelago also covers other parts of the world and includes his own designs.

Sharon Siddique, Academic

Sharon Siddique was a Senior Fellow and Acting Director of ISEAS from 1992-1993. The colour slides she deposited with the Library documented the Serangoon Road area in 1981-83, in a study which is part of a larger research project on socio-religious change of the Indian community in Singapore. The materials have appeared in the book Singapore’s Little India: Past, Present and Future, that she co-authored with Nirmala Puru Shotam.


Microform Collection


The ISEAS Library microform collection comprises about 118,000 sheets of 105mm microfiche and 18,000 microfilm reels. The collection includes regional newspapers, journals, theses, rare and antiquarian books and press clippings.

Microform readers are available in the Library for users to view, print and scan images from microfilm/fiche.

User Manual: How to use the Microfilm Reader

ISEAS Library Microfilm Listing 

Please click here for the full list of Microfilm

Annex A Reel 1084 Title ListAnnex B Reel 1085 Title List
Annex C Reel 1086 Title ListAnnex D Reel 1088 Title List
Annex E Reel 1089 Title ListAnnex F Reel 1090 Title List
Annex G Reel 1091 Title ListAnnex H Reel 1092 Title List
Annex I Reel 1093 Title ListAnnex J Reel 1095 Title List
Annex K Reel 1096 Title List


Private Papers


The ISEAS Library is home to over 30 private papers collections, including papers of prominent individuals mainly from Singapore and Malaysia such as David Marshall, S. Rajaratnam, Tan Cheng Lock, Tan Chin Tuan and Lee Hau Shik (HS Lee). The main strength of these papers lies in the historical perspectives that they provide on the political, social and economic environment in Southeast Asia in the period between the 1940s and the 1960s.

To consult these papers, please register with the Library as a member by filling in the online registration form and submit the Private Papers Usage Agreement form to libcir@iseas.edu.sg with details of the papers you wish to view.

As one week’s notice is necessary for processing private papers for viewing, do provide an indication of your date of visit in your email to us.

In order to reduce the risk of damage to the originals, the Library is progressively digitising these collections. Where available, only the digital surrogates will be released for viewing.

Private Papers available for consultation at the Library are:

(Arranged in alphabetical order)

Alfred WongAlex Josey
Private Paper Index
Chan Heng Chee
David Saul Marshall
Private Paper Index
George William Skinner
Private Paper Index
Gerald de Cruz
Private Paper Index
Ian GloverIsmail Abdul Rahman
Private Paper Index
Ivan Polunin
James Puller Hannah
(J. P. Hannah)
Private Paper Index
John LeggeKennedy Gordon Phillip Tregonning
(K. G. Tregonning)
Private Paper Index
Kernial Singh Sandhu
(K. S. Sandhu)
Lee Hau Shik (H. S. Lee)
Private Paper Index
Lim Keong Lay
Lim Kim San
Private Paper Index
Lim Phaik Gan (P. G. Lim)
Private Paper Index
Lim Swee Aun
Private Paper Index
Loke Wan Tho
Private Paper Index
Mary Somers Heidhues
Private Paper Index
Maurice Baker
Ronald David HillSinnathamby Rajaratnam
(S. Rajaratnam)
Private Paper Index
Syed Hussein Alatas
Private Paper Index
Tan Cheng Lock
Private Paper Index
Tan Chin Tuan
Main Private Paper Index
Personal Correspondence
Wartime Correspondence
Political Papers
Social Involvement
Tommy Koh
Law of the Sea Collection
Earth Summit Collection
Toshio Egawa
Main Collection & Private Papers
Reference Publications
Wang Gungwu
Private Paper Index
E-Catalogue (Accessible via SeaLionPLUS)
Wong Ah Fook
Private Paper Index
Wong Pow Nee
Private Paper Index
Wong Siew Qui
(S. Q. Wong)
Private Paper Index


Rules on Access and Usage


Food and Drinks

There is water dispenser for users on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Library. Food and soft drinks are not permitted in the reading area of the Library as any accidental spillage could attract pests that would harm the collections.

Handling Original Documents/Photographs in the Library

The Library seeks the users’ cooperation to wear the gloves provided when handling original documents. This includes private papers and photographs/colour slides. This is to prevent fingerprints, body oil from fingers, sweat, etc. from being transferred onto the materials while handling them with one’s bare hands. Paper-based materials are sensitive to such materials as these materials can cause physical deterioration to the fabric structure and inks on the paper.


User Registration


The ISEAS Library is open to all members of the public, who are interested in the study of the Southeast Asian region. Registration is required for all new members to access our library collections and facilities – a new user needs only to fill in the online registration form and allows our staff to verify/validate his or her identity via passport or Identity Cards (IC) upon visit.

Library Loan Card

Users who wish to borrow library materials are required to have a valid Library Loan Card (with a one-time processing fee of S$10.00). Users need to supply a passport size digital photograph for the card.