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Articles & Commentaries

2015/49 Diversity and Development: Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Asia



Retired Military Officers In Myanmar’s Parliament: An Emerging Legislative Force? by Renaud Egreteau



2015/48 Nahdlatul Ulama’s 33rd Congress: Ma’ruf Amin’s Rise and its Impact on Indonesia’s Traditionalist Islam



2015/47 Thai Junta Militarizes the Management of Natural Resources



Chinese Investment and Myanmar’s Shifting Political Landscape by u-Ann Oh and Philip Andrews-Speed



ISSUE: 2015 No. 5 (2 Sep 2015)



Torp Chey: Analysis of an Angkorian Kiln and Ceramic Industry, Cambodia by EA Darith



2015/46 Spectacle of the Scaffold? The Politics of Death Penalty in Indonesia



Establishing Contemporary Chinese Life in Myanmar by Nicholas Farrelly and Stephanie Olinga-Shannon



2015/45 The Vietnam-US-China Triangle: New Dynamics and Implications