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Articles & Commentaries

2015/36 Improving the Performance of the State Economic Enterprise Sector in Myanmar



2015/37 Can the Kokang Chinese Problem in Myanmar be Resolved?



2015/38 Online Petitions: Promoting a Public Voice in Vietnamese Politics



2015/39 Myanmar’s Tycoons: Vested Interests Resisting Reforms or Agents of Change?



2015/40 Mixed Motivations and Mixed Blessings: Chinese Investments in Southeast Asian Energy and Mineral Resources



NSC AU Archaeology Reports


NSC AU Archaeology Report Series

The Nalanda–Sriwijaya Centre Archaeology Unit (NSC AU) Archaeology Report Series has been established to provide an avenue for publishing and disseminating archaeological and related research conducted or presented within the Centre. This also includes research conducted in partnership with the Centre as well as outside submissions from fields of enquiry relevant to the Centre’s goals. The overall intent is to benefit communities of interest and augment ongoing and future research.


ASEANFocus Issue 1/2015



  • Withered Maritime Southeast Asia?
  • Do Young People Know ASEAN?
  • AEC as an Economic Strategic Project
  • Timor-Leste’s ASEAN Membership Application


The Buddhist Heavens 天: Source Manual for Iconographic Research on the Buddhist Universe, Part II by Ataru Sotomura



Exploring Cam Narrative Sources for History of the Cam Diaspora of Cambodia by Nicolas Weber



Maritime Southeast Asia: The View From Tang–Song China by Geoffrey Goble