Articles & Commentaries

The Lost Gatekeeper Statues of Candi Prambanan: A Glimpse of the VOC Beginnings of Javanese Archaeology by Roy Jordaan



Warriors Killed, Sliced as Cucumbers: Food Symbolism in the Martial Scenes of Old Javanese Kakawins by Jiri Jakl



The Śailendras Reconsidered by Anton O. Zakharov



Maritime Museums: Who Needs Them? by Stephen Davies



Locating Singapore on the Maritime Silk Road: Evidence from Maritime Archaeology, Ninth to Early Nineteenth Centuries by Kwa Chong Guan



Provenance Research on 14th-Century Greenwares found in Singapore by Roeland Stulemeijer



Engineering Expansion: Irrigation, Population and the State in Pre-modern South India by Tilman Frasch



Exploring the Role of Language in Early State Formation of Southeast Asia by Thomas M. Hunter, Jr



Mt. Sumeru 須彌山: Source Manual for Iconographic Research on the Buddhist Universe by Ataru Sotomura



Rock-cut Chambers on the East Coast of Sumatra: A Translation and Review of G.L. Tichelman’s Felsengänge an Sumatras Ostküste, with Additions and Amendments by E. Edwards McKinnon (with translation by Dieter Bartels)