Articles & Commentaries

Chinese Investment and Myanmar’s Shifting Political Landscape by u-Ann Oh and Philip Andrews-Speed



ISSUE: 2015 No. 5 (2 Sep 2015)



Torp Chey: Analysis of an Angkorian Kiln and Ceramic Industry, Cambodia by EA Darith



2015/46 Spectacle of the Scaffold? The Politics of Death Penalty in Indonesia



Establishing Contemporary Chinese Life in Myanmar by Nicholas Farrelly and Stephanie Olinga-Shannon



2015/45 The Vietnam-US-China Triangle: New Dynamics and Implications



Policy Options for Improving the Performance of the State Economic Enterprise Sector in Myanmar (24 August 2015)



2015/44 Findings from Latest Surveys from Thailand on the “Proposal to Establish Casinos for Government Revenue” and “Comparing NCPO 2014 Coup with CNS 2006 Coup”



Early Voyaging in the South China Sea: Implications on Territorial Claims by Michael Flecker



2015/43 The Politics of Widodo’s Prioritisation of Accelerated Infrastructure Construction