Dr Cassey Lee Hong Kim


Senior Fellow, and Coordinator, Regional Economic Studies Programme

Research Interests: ASEAN Economic Community, Competition Policy in ASEAN
Email: cassey_lee@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704505


Dr Francis E. Hutchinson


Senior Fellow, and Coordinator, Malaysia Studies Programme

Research Interests: Political Economy, Public Policy
Email: fhutchinson@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704500


Dr Lee Hwok Aun


Senior Fellow and Co-coordinator, Malaysia Studies Programme

Research Interests: Labour, Social Policy and Education in Malaysia

Email: lee_hwok_aun@iseas.edu.sg

Tel.: 68704528


Dr Lee Poh Onn


Senior Fellow

Research Interests: New Institutional Economics; Development Economics; Economic History; Political Economy of Growth and Development in East Malaysia
Email: polee@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704522


Dr Siwage Dharma Negara


Senior Fellow, Co-coordinator, Indonesia Studies Programme, and Coordinator, APEC Study Centre

Research Interests: Economics Studies
Email: siwage_dharma_negara@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704504


Dr Geoffrey Pakiam



Research Interests: Social and economic history of Southeast Asia
Email: geoffrey_pakiam@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704520


Dr Ow Chin Hock


Associate Fellow

Research Interest(s): Economics
Email: ow_chin_hock@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Ms Maiko Kajimura


Associate Fellow

Research Interests: Economics Studies
Email: maiko_kajimura@iseas.edu.sg 
Tel.: 68704537


Mr Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller


Associate Fellow

Research Interests: The Global Economy; Emerging Trends in EU, US and Asia
Email: jormol@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704525