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Regional Economic Studies Researchers

Mr Manggi Taruna Habir


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Digital trends in Indonesia’s financial sector
Email: manggi_taruna_habir@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Ms Erh Luo Zhen Joey


Research Associate

Research Interests: Innovation, Labour and Productivity, International Economics
Email: joey_erh@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704541


Dr Nicolas Lainez


Visiting Fellow

Research Interests: Issues relating to debt, credit, migration and sexuality in Vietnam
Email: nicolas_jose_lainez@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704541


Mr Low Jin Siang


Research Officer

Research Interests: Statistics and Econometrics
Email: low_jin_siang@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704533


Ms Divya Balakrishnan


Research Officer

Research Interests: Economics
Email: divya_balakrishnan@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704561


Dr Jayant Menon


Visiting Senior Fellow

Research Interests: Economics
Email: jayant_menon@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704530


Mr Lee Jia Juinn Kenji


Research Officer

Research Interests: Intellectual Property, Technology & Media
Email: kenji_lee@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Ms Maiko Kajimura


Associate Fellow

Research Interests: Economics Studies
Email: maiko_kajimura@iseas.edu.sg 
Tel.: 68704537


Dr Ow Chin Hock


Associate Senior Fellow

Research Interest(s): Economics
Email: ow_chin_hock@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: –


Dr Geoffrey Pakiam



Research Interests: Social and economic history of Southeast Asia
Email: geoffrey_pakiam@iseas.edu.sg
Tel.: 68704520