• Trends in Southeast Asia

    The Trends in Southeast Asia series serves as in-depth analysis of contemporary geopolitical and socio-economic forces in the region. The series is written for policymakers, diplomats, scholars and students of the region with emphasis on empirical and observable trends, and less on theory-building or historical accounts of events.

    The aim of Trends is to offer concrete accounts of the dynamism in the region as transnational processes impact local communities, national governments as well as bilateral and foreign relations. Subjects that are of interest to the series are national elections; economic patterns and growth; demographic changes and their social implications; migratory patterns; religious and ethnic trends; bilateral relations and geopolitics in the region in relation to the larger powers of Japan, China and the US.

Establishing Infrastructure Projects: Priorities for Myanmar’s Industrial Development — Part II: The Role of the State by Stuart Larkin

Download - Trends_2014_10.pdf

Establishing Infrastructure Projects: Priorities for Myanmar’s Industrial Development Part I: The Role of the Private Sector by Stuart Larkin

Download - Trends_2014_9.pdf

Johor Survey: Attitudes towards Governance and Economy, Iskandar Malaysia, and Singapore by Terence Chong

Download - Trends_2014_8.pdf

China's Economic Engagement with Southeast Asia: Singapore by John Lee

Download - Trends_2014_7.pdf

The South China Sea and China-ASEAN Relations by Zhao Hong

Download - Trends_2014_6.pdf

Vietnam: Straddling Southeast Asia’s Divide by Huong Le Thu

Download - Trends_2014_5.pdf

Reforms Will Determine Degree of Vietnam’s Dependence on China by John Lee

Download - Trends_2014_4.pdf

New Chinese Migration and Capital in Cambodia by Nyíri Pál

Download - Trends_2014_3.pdf

The Political Economy of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreements: An ASEAN Perspective by Sanchita Basu Das

Download - Trends_2014_2.pdf

China’s Economic Engagement with Southeast Asia: Malaysia by John Lee

Download - TRS1_14_1.pdf